November Artwork Roundup

November has come and gone, and with it we have been treated to a host of wonderful artwork from Black Library, whether it is for the novels or the audio dramas. All of Black Library’s artists, everyone from Neil Roberts and Jon Sullivan to Cheoljoo Lee and Winona and many others have done some great work this year and they seem set to deliver even better for next year.

So withour further ado, here is some of the Black Library artwork for the month of November for some of 2012’s most anticipated releases.

First up is Neil Roberts and the fantastic cover for James Swallow’s next Horus Horus novel, Fear To Tread, which tells of the epic conflict between the Blood Angels of the Ninth Legiones Astartes who are led by the Primarch Sanguinius and the Khornate daemon horde under Khorne’s mightiest servant, Ka’Bandha – Lord of the Bloodthirsters. The novel will be released in September next year.

You can check out the Black Library blog here for higher-resolution images.

Next we have the artwork for Darius Hinks’s next novel, Vaults of Winter, which is a Warhammer Fantasy novel about Orion, consort-king of Athel Loren. The novel will also be the first of a trilogy, and will be released in September next year.

The artwork has been done by Slawomir Maniak who has also done the artwork for Graham McNeill’s next, Priests of Mars, which you can check out right here. Slawomir is the latest to join the ranks so give him a warm welcome for his amazing work! I’d suggest peeking at the full artwork for Darius’s novel to see all the neat little touches that Slawomir is put in!

You can check out the Black Library blog here for higher-resolution images for Vaults of Winter.

Editor Christian Dunn, who released a 40K Choose-Your-Own-Adventure gamebook this year, titled Hive of the Dead, has a brand-new Dark Angels audio drama coming out next year: Malediction. This artwork by Cheoljoo Lee is definitely stunning in its own way, and rather sinister too as most of you will realize in a moment. So without further ado, here you are –

You can find a higher-res image here. Dark Angels, mystery, intrigue, the Fallen, Cypher, all conspire to promise what is only going to be one of the best Black Library audio dramas!

The audio drama will be available in August 2012. Cheoljoo Lee has also done the covers for Nick Kyme’s Salamander series known as Tome of Fire and also works on the Warhammer Heroes brand.

Speaking of which, the actual cover itself for Sarah Cawkwell’s next, Warhammer Heroes: Valkia the Bloody, is also now available.

Valkia, consort of Khorne and one of his most favoured servants, looks downright terrifying in that cover, which is only to be expected given her background! Valkia will be out next year in July. If you cannot wait for the novel, then be sure to check out Sarah’s short story Bloodraven in the Age of Legends anthology which is available in January and can be pre-ordered now.

Have to say, that cover definitely breaks the trend of the bikini-armours for female characters that are so common in Fantasy these days. Glad to see such a stark change!

Although it is hard to tell where the armour stops and where Valkia’s own body shows up.

Moving back to Warhammer 40,000 we have the cover for Chris Wraight’s second Space Marines Battles novel, Wrath of Iron, which is about the Iron Hands, a First Founding chapter and formerly the Tenth Legiones Astartes. Chris was quite excited to talk about this novel at Games Day and for those of you who have read The Battle of the Fang, expect another novel about humanity’s greatest defenders that explores their relationships with the wider Imperium and delves into their philosophy as well.

Here is the artwork by the amazing Jon Sullivan who works on the entire Space Marines Battles range –

Dual-bolter action not enough for you? Well then, we have just the right thing to sate even your iron constitution – A Terminator blasting apart a Daemonette of Slaanesh!

And if even that is not enough, then simply head to the BL blog here to check out the rest of the amazing artwork in full.

Jon Sullivan has done some excellent work here for Wrath of Iron and if you check out his artwork for Rob Sanders’s next novel Legion of the Damned, which is another Space Mariens Battles offering, you will see just how amazing and detailed he can be. Here is the link.

But we are not yet done with Warhammer Fantasy yet! Because next up is the artwork for Nathan’s Long third novel in the Ulrika the Vampire series, Bloodsworn. This brilliant piece of artwork is done by Winona Nelson. Nathan’s reaction to this piece was: “I think it’s her best cover yet!”.

Here you go then –

Not as intimidating as Valkia but Ulrika does look like she is having a bad day and when this Lahmian vampire is having a bad day, things aren’t going to go well for the bad guys. The previous covers for the Ulrika novels have been excellent as well and this one just raises the bar that much higher for quality artwork from Black Library.

Bloodsworn will be available in June next year.

To those of you who have yet to see it, here is a tantalising glimpse of the artwork for The Primarchs, an anthology of four novellas for the Horus Heresy that collects together Fulgrim, Lion El’Jonson, Konrad Curze and Ferrus Manus and has been edited by Christian Dunn.

Check out the full artwork from Neil Roberts here and be astounded at the amount of character tension that is apparent between the nine brothers who were at the Ullanor celebration. The Primarchs is another June 2012 release.

Going over to the Eldar now, next up is the artwork for Gav Thorpe’s next Path of the Eldar novel, Path of the Outcast, which is the third of the trilogy and continues the story of the Ranger Aradrayan.

This is another Neil Roberts artwork and while it is different from the previous covers for the trilogy in terms of its colour palette, it is just as incredibly detailed and full of nice little touches, as you can see here. Another September 2012 release, Path of the Outcast promises to be an action-packed finale to a ground-breaking series.

Finally, we make our way back to the hallowed regions of the Imperium, but this time we delve deep into the cloistered halls of Titan, fortress-monastery of the Grey Knights, chapter 666 and the chamber militant of the Ordo Malleus.

Aaron Dembski-Bowden, who has written the Night Lords novels and also Horus Heresy: The First Heretic, brings to us another 40k novel in June next year, is this time writing for the Inquisition’s superhuman Daemonhunters in his novel, The Emperor’s Gift.

This is another Cheoljoo Lee cover and just as jaw-droppingly awesome as any of his other work. This particular action hero is Hyperion, an Interceptor battle-brother of the chapter.

That’s all we have for you for now folks. Come January, we will be doing another Artwork Roundup article, this time for December. Several covers for novels and audio dramas have yet to be released, not to mention the 2012 fourth quarter releases aren’t even announced yet, so expect a cracking month!

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    • I have an idea of a follow-up post sometime in the next four weeks or so of tracking down all their artists and giving them some exposure here. List their sites, their work, whether or not they are open to social media at large such as Jon and Neil who hang out quite a bit around FB. – Shadowhawk

    • I tried to go by the posts in the Artwork thread and from going through the 2012 releases. It’s a tough confession but I think December is almost going to blow away the November artwork πŸ™‚ – Shadowhawk

  1. The cover of Vaults of Winter looks very exciting. I’ve no interest in Orion but since it’s written by Hinks I have to have it. πŸ˜€

  2. For some reason I keep reading that one title as “The Emperor’s Git”
    Must be the font..
    Though the Emperor with a pet gretchin would be great πŸ˜›

  3. Love the artwork for the Valkia novel and very much looking forward to reading the book next year. Do you know if there’s any likelihood of GW actually releasing her figure (assuming there is one sculpted of course) by then?

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