December Artwork Roundup

December was a spectacular month for Black Library artwork. We have had some truly amazing art being shown for future novels as well as the Advent Calendar “quiz” which saw speculation in the fandom ramping all the way to 11 and beyond.

So let’s take a peek into just what got released for December and what we can expect in the future.

The Advent Calendar was the first artwork piece to make internet headlines. Over a period of 25 days, Black Library released a small snapshot of the larger artwork each day with attached questions to each piece that weren’t connected with the art itself but were more of a fun exercise. As it turned out, the artwork was for the previously announced Horus Heresy novel, the Shadows of Treachery anthology, that will be released this year in November. The most popular speculation, and entirely valid, was that this was the cover for a Battle for Phall System novel, which is an epic space conflict between the Imperial Fists and Iron Warriors legions during the middle stages of the Heresy. Of course, we know now that it isn’t but we can still hold high hopes for a short story yes?

You can access the full artwork by the fantastic Neil Roberts here and also get desktop wallpapers in a variety of formats, including for the iPad. I’m currently rocking it on my iPad myself and it is spectacular.

Also, is it just me or have Neil’s covers for the Horus Heresy gotten really spectacular over time? Because in all fairness, that is an absolutely gorgeous artwork.

Next up we take a trip in the dim mists of time to Warhammer Fantasy’s own Time of Legends, where we have the artwork for the Legend of Sigmar anthology. This hefty tome shall be collecting the current three Sigmar novels as well as bonus material that includes new short stories. Now previously the artwork for the Sigmar novels has been done by the amazing Jon Sullivan but in a slight departure from the norm, Black Library has enlisted Stef Kopinski for this one.

As you can see the style is completely different to that from Jon. I am an ardent fan of Jon’s work for the Time of Legends novels, but I have to say that I still absolutely love Stef’s work too. That barbarian feel is definitely there and it still screams Sigmar in my opinion. Some people I have talked to compare him to Thor while I think he looks like a noble Conan, but what the hell. This is almighty Sigmar! Hammer Time!

You can get the full artwork in all its glory from the Black Library blog here. Be sure to check out the top pic in the post to see just how detailed the armour is. The anthology will be released in August.

And then we have the mind-blowing cover for the next Limited Edition novella from Gav Thorpe, his previous being the Dark Elf-centric The Bloody Handed for Warhammer Fantasy. This one is a Jon Sullivan cover and it captures High Chaplain Cassius during the mission to Styxia Prime. More gribblies please! This is the first Space Marine Battles work to be featuring Tyranids by the way and all those hungry aliens look like they are about to chew more than they could handle.

Early details for the novella are here and artwork details, courtesy Jon himself can be found here. Catechism of Hate goes on sale less than two days from now on the 6th of January at 6pm GMT. Only 1500 copies will be available so best of luck to all of you in getting one for yourself! May the coolest and the nerdiest people get it.

Taking another jaunt into Warhammer Fantasy and the Time of Legends meta-series, our next feature this time is Nick Kyme’s first novel in a six-part trilogy series. Sound odd to you? Its not really, especially if you read Nick’s interview with us right here. But for those looking for quickies, Nick and Chris Wraight are collaborating between themselves on writing three novels each, chronicling the the War of Vengance/War of the Beard that forever changed relations between the Dwarfs and the High Elves. And The Great Betrayal will be the first novel between the two of them with the next being by Chris.

Jon just outdoes himself with every cover doesn’t he? This is spectacular. Aside from his cover for Chris’s Wrath of Iron, which we covered here, this artwork has the most detail I have seen in a Black Library cover ever. This particular Dwarf Thane really stands out thanks to Jon’s eye for detail on his armour and his face. Kudos to him for another great cover. That Elf Prince looks pretty shady to me by the way. He can’t be up to any good.

You can find the details and the art itself here. The Great Betrayal will be released in August as well and it takes place after the events of Gav Thorpe’s Sundering trilogy so be sure to catch up on that previous lore.

By the way we are not yet out of Fantasy territory yet as our next artwork shows. Until you have seen this cover, you haven’t seen anything yet I guarantee it. Be doubly sure that you view it in full because this one is a beauty. This is Ben Counter’s next project for Black Library, his explosive entry into the setting. The magnificent artwork you see below is for the next novel in the Warhammer Heroes brand: Van Horstmann.

Cheoljoo Lee’s work here is definitely out of this world and the sheer ferocity of both the Chaos sorcerer and his unique steed are captured quite well. The novel is to be released in the final quarter of this year, but we are not sure when since the October-December releases have yet to be officially announced on the Black Library site. Irrespective of that, we look forward to getting our grubby hands on Ben’s first Fantasy novel and I am sure I can coerce a one of the forumites into doing a review for this novel.

After all, what’s not to love about a two-headed dragon whose master is one of the oldest Chaos villians in the lore? Especially one who is called Baudros. Even his name translates in geek-speak to Badass! You can see the (sparse) details on the novel here.

Last month we gave you the full artwork for Darius Hinks’s Fantasy novel Orion: The Vaults of Winter. This month we give to you the actual cover art itself. Enjoy and have fun geeking out over it.

It has suddenly gotten a little cold here. I wonder why?

Continuing with the roundup of actual cover art released, we bring to you the one for the upcoming Space Marine Battles novel Wrath of Iron by the fantastic Chris Wraight. We covered the wider artwork last month in our post but here is the link for those who want to see it again.

Chris is already a series veteran with his novel Battle of the Fang which tells of the epic clash between the Space Wolves and the Thousand Sons at Fenris itself.

Finally, we have the cover art for Graham’s next, Priests of Mars. To say that it is one of 2012’s most anticipated novel from Black Library would be an understatement. Adeptus Mechanicus? Yes please. Mechanicus Explorators beyond the boundaries of known space? Hell yes!

Graham briefly talked about the novel, due out in August as well, on our blog here just this past Monday.

That’s all the artwork we have for you now.

There has been a great buzz in the warp in the last few months regarding future Horus Heresy releases. The ones of note are John French’s novella Crimson Fist, James Swallow’s next two Garro audios, John French’s Cerberus audio, Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s next novel which he recently revealed is currently titled Betrayer and Graham McNeill’s Angel Exterminatus which features Emperor’s Children and Iron Warriors.

The Immaterium has also whispered to us about a second novella anthology for the series in the last quarter of the year. While we await confirmation from the two Grand Arch-Priests of Chaos, Christian Dunn and Laurie Goulding, we speculate it might be another Primarchs anthology.

One can hope of course.

Other than that, we will keep you all updated about future releases so stay tuned to the blog!

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