Writing Market News – January 24

As some of you noticed, there was not a market news post last week. I apologize for that. Work has exploded for me, and I’m embarrassed to admit the slip went unnoticed by me until Wednesday of this week when someone mentioned it.

Since things are unlikely to calm down for a month or more, and I still have my own writing commitments also competing for my time, I’m making a change with these posts. From this point on, market news will be posted bi-weekly. This means the next post will be February 7, and then two weeks after that, etc. I don’t have confidence that this won’t slip again if I try sticking to a weekly schedule, so I think this adjustment is the best alternative with an eye toward consistency.

Inscription Magazine

Inscription Magazine is a young adult market looking for science fiction and fantasy stories. They have specific guidelines for what they are looking for in a young adult story, as well as some diversity themes they would enjoy seeing explored, so please read through the submission page carefully.

Deadline: Ongoing
Words: 500 – 9,000
Pay: $.05 per word
Reprints: Yes

Bastion Magazine

Bastion Magazine is a new science fiction market, with their first issue set to be released April 2014, and monthly thereafter. Many sub-genres of science fiction are accepted, including horror, but no romance or erotica. Given this is a brand new market, it’s likely to have lower submission volume than some existing markets, so this could be a good one to target if you can sling together a SF story.

Deadline: Ongoing
Words: 1,000 – 5,000
Pay: $.01 per word
Reprints: No

Phobos Two: Emergence

Issue two of Phobos Magazine is looking for weird fiction stories set to a theme of “emergence.” They describe what they are looking for as “transformation, skin-shedding, things coming together, bursting forth, surfacing from the depths, and emerging from the darkness for good or ill.”

Deadline: March 31, 2014
Words: Under 2,500 words
Pay: $.05 per word
Reprints: Unknown

Zombies in Japan

The non-paying market this time, Zombies in Japan is a new open call from Dreamscape Press. The name pretty much says it all with this one. You must have zombies, and they must be in Japan.

Note: Dreamscape also has another new open call looking for Lovecraftian horror stories.

Deadline: March 15, 2014
Words: 150 – 1,000
Pay: None
Reprints: Yes

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