Writing Market News – February 7

Boothworld Industries Anthology

This is an interesting one. The Boothworld Industries Anthology is looking for stories with a shared premise of an evil corporation called Boothworld Industries participating in all manner of nefarious activities. Genre and setting are flexible, as it’s not a shared universe, just a shared premise. The one unifying idea is Boothworld Industries, but the implementation of that idea can change from story to story.

Deadline: July 1, 2014
Words: Any (1,500 – 7,500 recommended)
Pay: $20
Reprints: No

Boroughs of the Dead II

To be published by Myth Ink Books, Boroughs of the Dead follows on from the inaugural book in the series. Desired are horror and ghost stories set in New York City. Contemporary or historical are both acceptable for the setting, but the city must play a prominent part in shaping the story.

Deadline: February 28, 2014
Words: Under 3,500 (query up to 5,000)
Pay: $25
Reprints: Yes

Lock and Load: Both Barrels Vol. 3

Straying a little from the usual fare here, Both Barrels Vol. 3 will be an anthology of crime fiction published by One Eye Press. It’s nice to know up front that there are 25 openings for stories in this anthology. They are quite concise in what they are looking for:

“We’re looking for premium crime fiction from hard luck to whodoneits. We lean towards noir and the non-salvageable protagonist, but a good story is a good story.”

Deadline: May 11, 2014 (Do not submit before March 2)
Words: 1,500 – 4,500
Pay: $25
Reprints: Yes

Untitled Ares/Mars Anthology

Rounding out the lineup today as the non-paying market is a curious little collection being assembled by Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Intended to be a devotional anthology in honor of the gods Ares and Mars, the collection is looking for a wide range of material, including “prayers, rituals, hymns, essays, visual artwork, and short stories or plays.”

Deadline: August 1, 2014
Words: Unspecified
Pay: None
Reprints: Yes

Writing Market News – January 24

As some of you noticed, there was not a market news post last week. I apologize for that. Work has exploded for me, and I’m embarrassed to admit the slip went unnoticed by me until Wednesday of this week when someone mentioned it.

Since things are unlikely to calm down for a month or more, and I still have my own writing commitments also competing for my time, I’m making a change with these posts. From this point on, market news will be posted bi-weekly. This means the next post will be February 7, and then two weeks after that, etc. I don’t have confidence that this won’t slip again if I try sticking to a weekly schedule, so I think this adjustment is the best alternative with an eye toward consistency.

Inscription Magazine

Inscription Magazine is a young adult market looking for science fiction and fantasy stories. They have specific guidelines for what they are looking for in a young adult story, as well as some diversity themes they would enjoy seeing explored, so please read through the submission page carefully.

Deadline: Ongoing
Words: 500 – 9,000
Pay: $.05 per word
Reprints: Yes

Bastion Magazine

Bastion Magazine is a new science fiction market, with their first issue set to be released April 2014, and monthly thereafter. Many sub-genres of science fiction are accepted, including horror, but no romance or erotica. Given this is a brand new market, it’s likely to have lower submission volume than some existing markets, so this could be a good one to target if you can sling together a SF story.

Deadline: Ongoing
Words: 1,000 – 5,000
Pay: $.01 per word
Reprints: No

Phobos Two: Emergence

Issue two of Phobos Magazine is looking for weird fiction stories set to a theme of “emergence.” They describe what they are looking for as “transformation, skin-shedding, things coming together, bursting forth, surfacing from the depths, and emerging from the darkness for good or ill.”

Deadline: March 31, 2014
Words: Under 2,500 words
Pay: $.05 per word
Reprints: Unknown

Zombies in Japan

The non-paying market this time, Zombies in Japan is a new open call from Dreamscape Press. The name pretty much says it all with this one. You must have zombies, and they must be in Japan.

Note: Dreamscape also has another new open call looking for Lovecraftian horror stories.

Deadline: March 15, 2014
Words: 150 – 1,000
Pay: None
Reprints: Yes

Writing Market News – January 10

Today’s listings are almost all themed around superheroes and superpowers. The non-paying market is the one exception, instead being post-apocalyptic themed. I wanted to put that out there up front today to save people time who aren’t interested in superheroes.

Penumbra May Edition – Superheroes

Another call from Penumbra, the May edition is themed around Superheroes. It’s obvious, but no fan fiction or using existing superheroes or villains. Other than that, this call is wide open.

Deadline: March 1, 2014
Words: Under 3,500
Pay: $.05 per word
Reprints: Yes

The Good Fight

The Good Fight will be an anthology put together by Emby Press. Emby is all about monsters, and this anthology is no different. Put your hero to work fighting the evil that lurks in the shadows and preys on humanity. They are looking for grand and spectacular fights between these forces.

Note: Emby has another open call ending the same time, so check out the submission page for more info.

Deadline: March 31, 2014
Words: 2,000 to 10,000 words
Pay: $25
Reprints: No

Inaccurate Realities – Superpowers

Volume 4 of Inaccurate Realities is also themed around superpowers. This is a young adult market, so bear that in mind when considering your story. Other than that, your options are again pretty wide open.

Deadline: May 15, 2014
Words: 2,000 – 5,000
Pay: $15-$25
Reprints: Yes

StoneThread SpecFic Short Story Contest III

The non-paying market this week is a contest. StoneThread Publishing is looking for speculative fiction stories set in a post-apocalyptic setting. Stories that are selected will be published in an ebook anthology. As is often the case, this is more of a semi-paying market.

Deadline: March 31, 2014
Words: 1,000 – 10,000
Pay: None (Prizes for 1 – 5 place: $60, $50, $40, $30, $20)
Reprints: No

Writing Market News – January 3

We’re back with your weekly dose of market news now that the holidays are over. This post is going up later than I would like, but better late than never, right? I trust everyone had a relaxing and/or productive holiday season. I managed to get some writing done (and submitted!), and I hope you did as well.

Let’s get right into this week’s market listings.


Aghast is a new journal of horror and dark fantasy to be published twice a year by Kraken Press. They are looking for supernatural and other strange tales, and are not interested in “serial killers, werewolves, vampires or zombies.”

Deadline: Ongoing
Words: 250 – 1,000; 1,500 – 7,000; 10,000 – 30,000
Pay: $.01 per word
Reprints: Query

Crossed Genres Magazine – Music Theme

Crossed Genres seeks to blend genres and themes monthly with their regular staples of science fiction and fantasy. The theme for February submissions is “music” (if you’re feeling ambitious, the January theme is “food). Stories should incorporate this element, as well as fall under SF or fantasy. Crossed Genres also has a lengthy description of things they would like and things they don’t really care for, so check the guidelines carefully.

Deadline: February 28, 2014 (do not submit before February 1)
Words: 1,000 – 6,000
Pay: $.05 a word
Reprints: No


Twit Publishing is assembling stories for an anthology featuring everyone’s favorite characters (those that aren’t pirate lovers at least), NINJAS! I think they put it best when listing what they are after:

Future Ninjas, past Ninjas, present Ninjas, Ninjas fighting fascist states, Ninjas in the Old West, Ninjas fighting dinosaurs, Ninjas fighting Vikings, Ninjas fighting werewolves, etc. and so on, and so forth.


In short, Ninjas being bad#@*es.

Deadline: April 18, 2014
Words: Unrestricted
Pay: Royalties
Reprints: Unknown

Ninja Novellas

If you find yourself with a novella length ninja story, Buttontapper Press is also looking for submissions. They say they are looking for “creative and humorous” ninja stories, and list an example of a good story in their guidelines.

Deadline: Unknown (to be published in 2015)
Words: Under 50,000 words
Pay: Unknown
Reprints: Unknown

Writing Market News – December 13

Due to the upcoming holidays and vacation plans, this will be my last market news post of the year. The series will resume January 3. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Do lots of reading, and writing of course.

Insert Title Here

A collection of speculative fiction stories being assembled by FableCroft Publications, Insert Title Here (yes, that’s really the name), will contain all manner of speculative fiction. The usual cautions against gore and erotica remain true for this anthology.

Deadline: February 28, 2014
Words: 2,000 – 12,000
Pay: AUD $75
Reprints: No

Penumbra eMag – Issac Asimov

The submission window has rolled over on Penumbra. Did anyone submit for the Egyptian mythology anthology? For this issue of Penumbra eMag, they are looking for stories told in the style of Issac Asimov, or that include him as a character in the story.

Deadline: February 1, 2014
Words: Under 3,500
Pay: $.05 a word
Reprints: Yes

“Astronomical Odds” Themed Anthology

Third Flatiron Publishing is collecting stories for their Spring 2014 anthology themed around “astronomical odds”. Stories should be science fiction or fantasy. Based on the theme, you’ll probably want to have a central event that is unlikely in the extreme. There’s no shortage of ideas on this one.

Deadline: January 15, 2014
Words: 1,500 – 3,000
Pay: $.03 a word ($.05 a word if chosen as the lead story)
Reprints: No


The beginning of a series of anthologies called “Short Sharp Shocks”, AMOK!, published by April Moon Publicationswill feature people, well, running amok. Any genre or time period for the setting is acceptable, but no slapstick humor (keep it dark). This is the non-paying market of the list today, but again, is not strictly non-paying.

Deadline: February 28, 2014
Words: 2,000 – 5,000
Pay: None (Five editors choice awards will be given out, worth $30 CAN)
Reprints: No

Writing Market News – December 6

Sorry for the interruption of service last week. Things were very busy for me with the Thanksgiving holiday, so I wasn’t able to compile a post. I didn’t want to waste space on the blog for an explanatory one either. I figured you all would understand.

Moving right along, there’s some good stuff out there this week. I didn’t intend it to be this way, but it’s mostly a horror group, with one exception.

The Grotesquerie: An Anthology of Women in Horror

Mocha Memoirs Press is putting together a horror anthology, The Grotesquerie, written by women. They say, “Your submission must be written to frighten or disturb to be considered.” No slasher stories or splatterpunk. They are also quite clear on who qualifies as a woman:

For the purposes of this anthology, a person claiming to be a female author must have been born female or be a transgendered, hermaphrodite or intersex person living publicly as a female.

Deadline: December 31, 2013
Words: 1,500 – 6,000
Pay: $10
Reprints: No

Fear’s Accomplice

Not to leave out the guys, Noodle Doodle Publications has an open call for their debut anthology, Fear’s Accomplice. This is pretty wide open horror, with the caution that gore should be there for a reason, as is most often the case. Being a brand new publisher, your mileage may vary on this one, but it could also mean you don’t have a slew of competition. They also claim they will offer feedback on rejected pieces. You don’t see that every day.

Deadline: February 28, 2014
Words: 2,000 – 8,000
Pay: Profit Sharing
Reprints: Yes

V.F.W. – Veterans of the Future Wars

V.F.W will be a collection put together by Martinus Publishing, focusing on wars to be fought in the future. Entries should be stories that respectfully portray soldiers and warriors doing what they do in a science fiction setting. It’s somewhat rare to find a collection dedicated to military science fiction, so this is a good opportunity for those of you who appreciate that aspect of Black Library’s books.

As you’ll note if you check out the submission page, Martinus also has several other interesting open calls running right now. Check them all out if this doesn’t sound right for you.

Deadline: December 31, 2013
Words: 2,000 – 6,000
Pay: Royalties
Reprints: Yes

A Merry Little Apex Christmas Flash Fiction Contest

Apex Publications is currently running a holiday flash fiction contest. I am tossing this in as this week’s unpaid market, but oddly, it’s actually more guaranteed pay than most. All entrants will receive their choice of one edition of Apex Magazine. Stories should be holiday themed, but with a dark fantasy or horror twist.

One winner will be selected, and, among other things, that winner will earn a story critique (up to 5,000 words).

Deadline: December, 16, 2013
Words: Under 250
Pay: None (Winner will receive $.05 a word, a one year subscription to Apex Magazine, and a story critique)
Reprints: No

Writing Market News – November 22

Strange Horizons Magazine

Strange Horizons is a weekly speculative fiction magazine. The magazine is run by a non-profit agency that is dedicated to providing authors a well paying market for their work. They want broadly defined speculative fiction stories, but note that they are not a horror market.

Deadline: Ongoing
Words: Under 9,000 (Under 5,000 preferred)
Pay: $.08 cents per word ($50 minimum)
Reprints: No

Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly

I’m breaking my rules here on not highlighting romance, but this market was interesting given its meld of science fiction and romance, so I thought I would offer it up. Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly is a new online magazine featuring science fiction romance stories and reviews. For the current issue, stories should have a steampunk theme, and should be prompted from a picture shown on their submission page. They also ask that stories have an upbeat ending.

Deadline: January 31
Words: 1,000 – 7,500
Pay: $25
Reprints: No

Daily Science Fiction

Daily Science Fiction is an online market for science fiction and fantasy stories. Stories are sent out daily to their mailing list (which I recommend subscribing to, there’s some very interesting stuff), and posted on their website. There is the potential that accepted works may also be used in themed anthologies. They caution against military science fiction, and don’t want horror.

Deadline: Ongoing
Words: 100 – 10,000 (special need for under 1,000)
Pay: $.08 per word
Reprints: No

713 Flash Fiction Contest

713 Flash is a rolling flash fiction contest put on by Kazka Press. Multiple winners are selected for each theme. Despite looking for flash fiction, they want stories that have a structure with a beginning and end, but say, “Our preference is for forward momentum with a middle free of too much backstory.” The theme for the current submission period is Discovery.

Deadline: December, 20
Words: 500 – 1,000
Pay: $15
Reprints: No

50 Comrades of Red

Organized by Pep Pep Publications, 50 Comrades of Red will be a collection of humorous stories centered around the idea of communism. Genre and setting are wide open, with the exception of erotica, and of course the story must be funny.

Deadline: December 16
Words: 750 – 3,216
Pay: None
Reprints: No