Author Interview – Rob Sanders

Well after that really long break in between, we have another author interview for you guys ready to go. Today we are chatting with Rob Sanders, one of the best and brightest of the authors currently writing for Black Library as he explains his writing process and his thoughts about the Warhammer 40,000 setting. Rob Sanders has had success after success since he started writing in the war-torn galaxy of the far future and the future also looks bright for him as well. Especially since his two recent releases, the Space Marine Battles novel Legion of the Damned and his novella The Serpent Beneath in The Primarchs anthology have taken off at full speed. So let’s see what he has to say.

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Black Library Live 2012

The countdown has begun folks. Starting tomorrow, and in some cases this evening itself, the Bolthole crew will begin to make its way towards Nottingham in ones and twos and threes and even fours and fives for the first official Black Library event of the year: Black Library Live, to be held on 3rd March.

Held annually at the Warhammer World GW mega-store in Nottingham, and currently in its fourth year, Black Library Live is a day-long seminar where fans can meet with their favourite authors and interact with them through Q&A sessions, various panels and book signings. This year is going to be a particularly awesome year since William King, author of the Gotrek & Felix novels for Warhammer Fantasy and the Ragnar novels for Warhammer 40,000 will be attending after a long break from all things Black Library. Additionally, this marks Sarah Cawkwell’s first year of attendance “on the other side” as she put it since she is attending as an author and not just as a fan. Several new authors have also joined Black Library since last year and many of its established authors have a great 2011 so the 2012 edition of the event is going to be big, Big, and BIG.

Authors in attendance:

  • William King
  • Graham McNeill
  • Sarah Cawkwell
  • Rob Sanders
  • Andy Chambers
  • John French
  • Andy Smillie
  • Josh Reynolds
  • Gav Thorpe
  • Nick Kyme
  • Aaron Dembski-Bowden *via the magic of the interwebz*

Artists in attendance:

  • Neil Roberts
  • Karl Richardson

Of course, being a Black Library event, it also means that fans will be able to pick up some of the latest releases as well as some upcoming titles.

  • Legion of the Damned by Rob Sanders
  • Knight of the Blazing Sun by Josh Reynolds
  • Path of the Renegade by Andy Chambers
  • Iron Warriors Omnibus by Graham McNeill
  • Know No Fear by Dan Abnett
  • The Primarchs by Various
  • Dead Winter by C. L. Werner
  • Void Stalker by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
  • Eye of Vengeance by Graham McNeill
  • Gotrek & Felix Anthology by Various
  • Architect of Fate by Various
  • Phalanx by Ben Counter

And maybe more, which I’m really hoping for personally. We shall see on the day of. I’m personally hoping that Sarah Cawkwell’s Valkia the Bloody for Warhammer Fantasy and Chris Wraight’s Wrath of Iron for Warhammer 40,000 is also available. That would be just perfect. Bad for the wallet of course, but that goes with the territory.

As I mentioned, the Bolthole crew will be in full force, arriving as we are from all points of the compass: America, Austria, Scotland, all over England, Ireland, Dubai and so many other places. It is going to be quite an excitement weekend and the excitement is already running high on twitter. You can join in on the fun by using the hashtag #BLLive2012 which is what most of us are using. #BLL2012 is also being used although nowhere near as much. I suggest the former myself.

There will be a big Bolthole pre-event meetup on Friday in Bugman’s Bar, adjoining Warhammer World where there will be geekery and nerding out aplenty. Some of us will be engaging in some gaming as well, and even RPing with Fantasy Flight Games’ excellent RPGs so do come say hi and join in if you’d like. Tentative time: throughout the evening.

On the day itself, quite a few of us will be sporting special Bolthole T-shirts, because that’s just how awesome we all are. Don’t be intimidated if you spot one of the Bolthole packs around the seminar areas or in the signing queues or in the panels or what have you. We don’t bite but there are no guarantees of mischief and harmless fun not happening.

I am reliably told there will be a Bolthole BLL drinking game happening at some point. My sources say the timing is most likely to be after the event, but no hard decision has been made I don’t think.

I am also told that our friends over at The Founding Fields who are attending -Bane of Kings, EJ Daviesm Jeff Preston and myself- may be doing live-tweeting during the event. No confirmation there either I’m afraid but all the same, come over and say hi to them, if you can spot them.

That’s really it. Everyone here is excited and hopefully you are too. See you there!

EDIT: To quote dragon-overlord Tyrant “the drinking game is technically happening throughout the day, the actual drinking will probably be afterwards! “

Copies of the game sheet as below.