Author Interview – Dan Abnett

Hi folks. My apologies for the long interlude since our last author interview, with Word Bearers expert Anthony Reynolds no less. The time has been good though because we have a great line-up ready for you guys. Starting off with a bang and some great enthusiasm is one of Black Library’s most prolific and senior authors, Dan Abnett.

Dan Abnett has written a lot on a lot of different things over the years, whether it is for Black Library alone or elsewhere. He has dabbled in a multitude of formats, whether it be comics or novels, short stories or background texts. Some of his most popular and endearing credits include the Gaunt’s Ghosts novels, several Horus Heresy titles, the Malus Darkblade novels and comics or some stand-alone stuff like Brothers of the Snake or, until only a few months ago, Gilead’s Blood.

There are a lot of interesting revelations and juicy bits of information in the interview so let’s see what we have!

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Submission Tips: Canon versus Home-brew

A new year is just around the corner and for a lot of people here on the Bolthole and a few on the other Games Workshop/Black Library fan forums, that means it is going to be time to start working on a new set of submissions, whether they be novels or short stories. Of course, some people like yours truly have already started on it.

Given that, I thought I would discuss something that I know is relevant to a lot of people out there. At the outset, I would like to say that my post here is only the tip of the iceberg and that there is more to it than just the words that are going to follow but I intend this post to be a somewhat introductory one. Hope you all enjoy!

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