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Re: What Are You Reading?

Postby Xisor » Sat Feb 22, 2020 5:21 pm

Stormcast had been a very minor hell for me too. Not unbearable, but a perennial "I don't get it..." sort of vibe.

I'm still not 100% sold on them, or the takes, but the second half of Realmgate Wars have breathed a lot more life into them. Certainly, to allow their stories to be interesting, they can be truer to the conceit of themselves than Space Marines can.

(I still maintain that Space Marines should be howlingly dull characters to follow in a story. Absurdly entertaining from time to time, but never knowingly interesting. Even, *especially*, the "interesting" ones.)


Accordingly, just finished up the Josh/David Guymer Mortarch of Night "anthology" - it's surprisingly good. The anthology format for two authors telling each, say, six twelths of the same story is intriguing. I'm not sure it works amazingly, but the story's certainly agreeable, and the two write a fine wee riot too, so I'm in no position to complain.

It also introduced Hamilcar.

Earlier today we we were at a neat Comics exhibition at a local library, and amongst lots of cool, unusual and odd pieces (no 2000AD, I noted sadly, despite being well contributed by many other publishers, like DC [Dandy, Beano etc]), I was also chuckling to think that I can see the attraction of Hamilcar.

He's like a Stormcast two-thirds away from Flashheart to Desperate Dan.

It's quite endearing!


Now onto Clint's "Lord of Undeath" - the end of the series!

Already off to a very good start with a Neferata-heavy opening, and a lot more of his normal flair back.

After that, possibly jumping onto Gav's mortal/Chaos focused "Red Feast" or Clint again with "The Tainted Heart", both amongst the hally "make it all deeper and more storied" AoS stories.

Give a little bit less focus to the Stormcast and I think they'll shine all the better.

(Not to mention that the mortal Chaos stuff is damned exciting. I keep achingly, excitedly eyeing the Warcry anthology for Pyro's return!)
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Re: What Are You Reading?

Postby Rob P » Sat Feb 22, 2020 5:49 pm

You're certainly persuading me to give AOS more of a go!

Actually (slightly related) finished painting a gryph-hound today!

I agree with what you say about space marines in so far as the description in lore pulls us one way and the novels another.

I'd hope the alignment of Order and Chaos, and what factions each alignment contains, could (if it hasn't already) allow for Chaos protagonists (proper heroes) and villainous agents of order (whether it be the Dark Eldar like Idoneth Deepkin, the near immortal and everything chaos hunting Stormcast, or any other the other factions to be honest).


I actually ready Aunshi rather than Ninth Rain and i'm now part way into A Sanctuary of Worms. No comment on the latter, but Aunshi is utter madness - the Master Splinter-esque Ethereal. It was utterly weird but no less entertaining for it. Would read more, but perhaps not a full novel. I can imagine Aunshi visiting the famous names and places of 40k.
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