Rules and Guidance

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Rules and Guidance

Postby Squiggle » Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:38 pm

Rules and Guidance

Hello, and welcome to the Bolthole!

Allow me to answer some of your questions

What is the Bolthole?

With the demise of the official Black Library forums, we realised that we had a strong community of aspiring writers and readers of Black Library fiction, and we needed a place to be. And so the Bolthole was created as a temporary home on the web. Some years on, and we are still here.

As such, this is not an official Black Library forum. However we have a great relationship with the Black Library - both the staffers and authors - and they regularly visit here and answer questions and chat with us. As such we run the forum in a similar way to the original Black Library forum - it is moderated for inappropriate language and content, and what we regard as unnecessarily venomous criticism of the company and its products. This is primarily a Black Library fan site, after all!

Is the Bolthole for you?

This forum is different from some of the others in that it is not primarily to discuss the Games Workshop tabletop hobby. The Bolthole is first and foremost a Black Library forum. It was put together for writers of Black Library fan fiction and readers of BL novels to come together and discuss both. We have a certain tolerance for 'Off Topic' discussion, but these topics will be more heavily moderated and appropriate intervention will be employed if the moderators consider it necessary. If you don't like the idea of this, then there are many other appropriate fora where you can discuss things in a less 'strict' environment.

Fan-fiction is very welcome here; the other idea behind the community has always been to provide a place where people can share their works and hopefully get something positive out of feedback and advice.

We also harbour a collective desire to try and get our names into print as Black Library authors, so if you are trying your hand at submitting short stories and novels to them, them this is a great place to discuss that as well! (Please, whatever you do, don't publish your actual submissions on the Bolthole - we can’t be responsible for someone else pinching your idea! If you do decide to share it with another Bolthole member, again we offer no guarantees in regard to protecting your ownership of the idea. You have been warned.)

So, what have you got then?

It entirely depends on what you want!

We have a forum dedicated to tracking the Black Library release calendar, with discussions of new books, new art work, new audio books and opportunities to meet the authors and get books signed.

We have a forum dedicated to writing, with discussion of techniques, research materials and even writing software.

We have a forum for writing fan fiction.

We have a forum for asking the Black Library authors questions - and yes, they normally get around to answering them!

We also have an “Off Topic” forum for your non-BL needs.

What are the rules then?

We try and keep this as simple as possible. We try to keep moderation to a minimum.

- Please do not swear.
- Please do not link to anything illegal or pornographic.
- Please do not sell goods via the forum.
- Please do not harrass and abuse the BL Authors or any other forum member.
- Please do not whine unreasonably about the BL or GW.
- Please do not discuss other people's Black Library submissions publicly.
- Please do not enter into discussions which attack any country, culture, race, sex, gender or social group.
- Any attempt to use links, spoiler tags or warnings to circumvent the above rules will be treated as a direct violation and dealt with as such.

The above list is not inclusive. If you find something to do which is offensive, disruptive or illegal and not on the list, don't be surprised if the moderators take action to curtail your unpleasant behaviour. You have been warned!


- Breaking the rules above will inevitably result in moderator action
- Repeatedly ignoring moderator warnings may also result in moderator action.
- An individual moderator may edit forum posts to remove or obscure content, delete posts, lock threads or delete threads in extreme cases. Such moderation is at their discretion.
- All moderators will provide a reason for their moderation and its level to the offender or thread at large as appropriate.
- Persistent offenders will be placed under close scrutiny for two weeks and given written notice of such.
- If a persistent offender re-offends during this period, they will be banned temporarily from the forum. On a moderator team consensus, this may be extended to a permanent ban.
- If you wish to question a moderator's decision, contact them via the PM system with your concerns.

- As mentioned above, we try and keep “moderator interference” to a minimum. But we are aware that this site is visited by the Black Library staff and authors, and they do us the favour of redirecting interested fans here. We have a good relationship with the Black Library and they occasionally feed us snippets, sneak peaks and other goodies. We do not want to jeopardise or damage this relationship and our moderation policy is a direct reflection of this.

A Note on Copyright

In short, we do not seek to obtain copyright on any material published on this site. Any fiction you publish on this site that contains references to Games Workshop's Intellectual Property (IP) belongs to Games Workshop by virtue of this fact. Any original fiction that you publish on this site remains the property of you, the author. That of course, doesn't mean that others can't copy and paste it elsewhere and use it as their own. In simple terms, we have no legal right and no particular interest in stealing your work, but others may not be so scrupulous - as I have already mentioned, please do not publish anything on this site that you were intending to submit to the Black Library or any other publisher.

In addition, please don't post extracts of upcoming works without express permission from Black Library to do so, as otherwise it constitutes a direct violation of the copyright held by them. You can only link back to official sources but you cannot provide the text itself anywhere here unless it has been specifically allowed.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check out the rules.

If you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to contact one of the Bolthole Team, and we will do our utmost to help you out.

Thanks, we hope you enjoy the forum.

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