2017:how did gw get my money this year

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2017:how did gw get my money this year

Postby Fenris » Mon Dec 25, 2017 4:08 pm

Got some spare time,so why not make a totally pointless thread? :P


Truth to be told,i pretty much ignored AoS.I am,and i will forever be,a Bretonnian at heart (and i really mean it.The Old World was my the first "true" fantasy setting i delved into and Bretonnia was my original love in it...To the point that when i red the charge of Rohan on the Pelennor fields years later for the first time,you can guess what my mind linked it to) so with that lost for the new game i've also lost the main drive to try it.

Not that i hate the new status quo (i'm more neutral about it than anything) but it will need a lot of work to...Work for me (didn't help that GW almost forgot about AoS thanks to the new 40k edition in 2017 so space dwarves aside there wasnt anything really new).
Maybe one day i'll really pick up the sylvaneth project i had half-started in 2016 from the ashes of my wood elves army and go with it.Maybe.

That said,the only thing i picked up was City of Secret....And having red it is the main reason i still have good hopes for the setting.It's proof that you can still do good "old times"-like stuff within it


Oh boy....

The years started with me bleeding my wallet with the Gathering Storm.
Decent stuff all in all,but these books pale compared to the End Times ones (even considering the hate some of them get...Yeah,i'm looking at you ET:Khaine).You have this feeling that things could have been explained better and not feel as forced in places with just a few more pages...
Maybe it's an unfair comparison...After all the ET where the closing of a universe so they were meant to have more weight..But still...Even from a money pov,when one ET book of 400 pages costs around as much as a 120 pages one of GS,you are kinda forced to wonder...

Then the new edition.Bye € on the rulebook (english ed.,because i'll never buy the cut down*self censoring* they try to sell as the italian one).I wont play often (still,i already played more than with 7th) but...Yeah.
Seems even this edition has its huge rules problems but at least this time it looks like they are willing to patch it around instead of letting it fester and rot.We can only hope.

And on that note,codex SM (again,Uk-version because...)and with it the primaris.Bye more €.Again,i'm pretty much neutral on the primaris lorewise (would have been better if they just made them "standard" space marine and justified the new models as moving closer to true scale?Maybe,we'll have to wait and see how they get developped in canon) but i love the models.Take away the new dreadnought (urgh..) and there isnt a bad one between them all.
And so i got a few boxes of EtB intercessors,one of EtB aggressors,some inceptors and a store anniversary captain...
Again,i wont use them anytime soon on the table but the collector in me wouldnt be stopped
The codex itself...Meh,i was pretty underwhelmed.Too much of it seems to be reashed lore-side (or not expanded upon enough for the new stuff),and the rules were less than impressive on most of the new units rulewise.The new art was quite good for my tastes,that has to be said.In addition to this,the whole mess with "we wont print rules for models that we dont sell anymore" thing that left kind of a bitter taste to it as someone that does conversions (as basic as they might be)...

Also,this pushed me into my hundredth relapse of "i must find a way to paint yellow or die trying" and...This time i succeded.I've found a way,not a really artistic one but one.
Newstockpiles of averland sunset were acquired.
Not that i painted much (new job=low time to spare) but i know how to do it now.

And then,months later,codex CWE (same as above...).Again,pretty much same reaction compared to the SM one.Plus,this time i had nothing to buy (one day GW will print new aspect warriors and get all my money...) except for the limited reprint of the bonesinger (missed it back in the days...It's kinda nostalgic getting a "new" metal miniature from GW)

Bookwise...I was pretty happy with the books i picked up back in january (Kingsblade,Asurmen and Warden of the blade),more so when i discovered that they'll all get sequels (well,Asurmen already has but i'm still late in buing Jain Zhar...) in 2018.
But after that,i didnt buy anything else(+work,-time) so...yeah,we'll see next year

And that's it.Not muuch of a closing point to offer,so i wont try.This was my 2017 in GW-land
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