Realmspheres, their paths and interactions and what not.

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Realmspheres, their paths and interactions and what not.

Postby schaferwhat‽ » Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:55 pm

So GW has finally (FINALLY!) come out with some nice maps and concise explanations over the realms and how they interact in a neat video form.

Which has got me all of a fluster because obviously the realmspheres aren't static and so I begin working out some headcanon for how this all works. So I'm going to hit you with some images detailing the paths each realmsphere takes across the void of chaos and magic that they sit upon.


Some notes, their standard speeds are as follows. (fastest to slowest)

Hysh and Uglu

Ghur keeps pace with whoever it is stalking.

What happens when Realmspheres touch, come close, overlap?

Azyr causes storms and increased levels of prophecies when it comes close to other realms.
Hysh and Uglu it is already stated influence the day/night cycles of the realms.
Aqshy will cause heatwaves, summer will come, maybe even more volcanic activity if such is needed.
Ghur will see the wildlife in the realmsphere grow more wild and hungry as Ghur stalks the realms you are in.
Shyish will see increased levels of hauntings and the dead growing disquiet in the other realms as they get closer to the realm of death.
Ghyran will promote plant growth, bumper crop yields for farmers, the forests grow a little taller. Animals are more likely to have more babies than average, people are more likely to conceive.
Chamon will cause new minerals and ores to come into being under the ground.Everytime Azyr passes over Chamon miners can go to mines thought drained of metals and find new things to mine.

Anyone got any other takes? Want me to abandon a really bad idea? Come at me bro lets work out how this all works.
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Re: Realmspheres, their paths and interactions and what not.

Postby Fenris » Fri Jan 05, 2018 7:17 pm

It's a nice idea,soi'd say go on with it ;)
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