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Re: General 40K Lore Q&A

Postby revelation » Fri Jan 01, 2016 10:21 pm

Xisor wrote:Rev, one could argue Kyril Sinderman fulfills that role for Loken, interpersonally. Wise man, counsellor, font of knowledge and legacy of culture. All that.

As it is, I also dislike the very... 40k feel of Nick's 30k Salamanders. It's rich enough, and I like the ideas, but feel it's simply... incorrect. Ten thousand years. And they don't change too much? Pfft. Not as bad as McNeill's Sigmar, but it grates on me. Same with Heresy Iron Hands (though I've not read Meduson yet [Terrible name, like Terron of Terra or Marson of Mars] ).

What ought to be? Well, I think having spiritual/'wellbeing' counsellors is quite neat. Especially if you add in a dash/ton of strong cultural trappings too. Needn't be religious, either theistic or spiritual, but could be very strong and distinct and edging quite far from Anglican benevolence or warrior priest.

(I have a strange image of Emperor's Children chaplains named Brother Niles and Brother Frasier...)

Xisor, agreed on all points.

That's definitely one of my ongoing gripes about 30k world building in general. There's too many instances where 40k tropes, lingo, aesthetics, etc. work there way into 30k settings. For example, you'll have talk about the Imperial Truth followed a few pages later by 40kish phrases praising the Emperor or the Omnisiah in a very religioius/40kish manner. Maybe it's a bit late in the process to get that tendency out of some of the authors, but I'm sure some are at least conscious of it if not always successful at avoiding it.

Rob, I'm pretty sure the epilogue of Know No Fear is the Scouring. At least that seems to be the consensus on the internet as far as I've read.
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Re: General 40K Lore Q&A

Postby Rob P » Mon Aug 15, 2016 7:42 pm

In which novel were the prisoners put in gibbets over fire and given oxygen masks to make sure they died from burning rather than the fumes?

Got an inkling it could have been Pharos and, if not, maybe a Macharius one.
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Re: General 40K Lore Q&A

Postby BigDaddyCalgar » Sun Jun 11, 2017 4:58 pm

This is a general lore question, but what do you think about the interpretation of the War On Heaven of eldar myths in Angel Exterminatus? :D
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