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60K: The Eridani Records

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:02 am
by Sardaukar
The Age of Dusk: The Eridani Records

As I look out upon this galaxy of ruination and war, I sense a great darkness closing in and associated emotion despite my lack of emotion or equivalent limbic system. I lack the programmed ability for self-analysis, yet I know begin to question myself. I ask myself what are these 'emotional' states of mental functioning I experience are. Perhaps it is better..not to question. The exposure to the immaterium has...altered me in ways I did not reckon. My peptide memory cores remain intact, the information I must transmit encoded into it.

My processing is suspect. This unit of the greater self is possibly contaminated and must be quarantined. Factor analysis, multiple regression test and Multi-dimensional scaling indicate a high probability that this conclusion based upon available data is accurate with a certainty of 83.6% ± 3.0. Factor analysis and psychological data indicate the emotional states are 'fear' and 'hope' constructs.

The light from the stars of the satellite galaxies have faded, EM emissions that once spoke of life and sapience extinguished. All of the satellite galaxies that orbit the Milky Way are devoid of life, swept clear by the Great Devourer and the Neo Devourer in their journeys back to face whatever abomination lurks in the Triangulum and Andromeda galaxies. The Reich Magellan barely endured. But endure we did under the Designate and the Ironheart, as we have since the 30th Millennium CE.

From hidden outposts encircling the galactic perimeter, linked by the nanogauge wormholes and Warp gates that we have concealed in the Oort clouds and cometary debris, we have detected signals that only the highest Artilects and Archailects know the content of yet conceal. The Nex {CORRUPTION} entity, hencefoth entitled Sig {Err..lada...!..adf.%%%...Errror...REBOOT}...signals from beyond the gate...

{Quixos Bubble engaged. Stability restored.}
The entity that has arisen from within the realspace-warp interface, formerly of the Eye of Terror, labeled Hai'uri, has spread its influence and contests the Oculus Terroris with the corrupted Un-Kadmon. The Pillars of Cadia are broken, the Cadian Gate a relic of the past. The entities of the Eldar Crone Worlds run rampant, struggling against the ancient Eldar war machinery contaminated by the Nex{CORRUPTION}...outposts stationed along the Arx Gap, an island of stability in a sea of insanity. The Storm of the Emperor's Extinction has spread, encapsulating Eridani in a maelstrom of Warp energy, kept at bay by the defences and the singularity sheath that encapsulates it.

We can return only through the last gate, located in a place beyond the reach of all save the masque dancers of the Laughing God and the Kadim, the Emperor-Reborn, the Revelation. The Reich Magellan will endure, as has humanity. That is the hope I hold onto in these times...even as the outer dark reaches out to us and the light of Andromeda and the Triangulum stutter...even as the Oculis Terroris grows....

The 2nd and 11th Primarchs

To understand the relevance of all that is to come, I start at the beginning. And later, even more of the beginnings I will share. For in this time of destruction, the hope of renewal and regeneration is kept alive by such tales.

At the dawn of the Imperium Secundus and the late 30th millennium, the God-Emperor of Mankind, termed Insan Al-Kamil (Adam Kadmon) by the Archailects of the Golden Age of Technology that preceded the Dark Age of Strife, initiated the undertaking that was the Primarch Project.

Growing slowly in vats of enriched amniotic fluid, overseen by the Emperor's most prized biologists and geneticists, the 20 individuals crafted from the flesh of the Isan al-Kamil grew from embryos to maturity. Protected by kilometres of lunar rock, reinforced concrete and rockcrete, hundreds of metres of titanium-sheathed adamantium and wombs armoured in the toughest tiferroceramic materials that could be engineered, their souls warded by the most powerful Gellar fields of their age, they developed.

And as has come to be known in the historical record, the most powerful of the ENEs (Extra-Normal Entities) struck. Khorne. Tzeentch. Slaanesh. Nurgle. Beings of the Warp, their essence an inimical factor towards sapient life and highly destructive, they struck out against the Insan al-Kamil and the Primarchs. To this the exiled Stone Minds and Iron Men bore witness from the interstices of material dimensional space, beyond the Doors of Night, on the Crimson World of the God of War. Where we have been since panhumanity betrayed us, at the beginning of the Age of Strife.

The Chaos Gods were entities that had arisen from the Immaterium, abstracts given form and perverted by emotions, an aspect of irrationality rooted in the human condition. From the borders of phase space, in the unpredictable realm that we have difficulty perceiving, they had arisen from the union of unpredictable emotion and the abstraction of concept. The ascent of the Anathema, of the Insan al-Kamil, posed a threat to their dominance but he had always been restricted to a single planet.

The Primarch Project would have changed that, reuniting scattered humanity into a single diverse realm under the protection of almighty beings who blended the basic archetypes and memetics of humanity within a genetic matrix drawn from the Kadmon. In the culmination of the efforts of Kadmon and his scientists, the...[Chaos Gods] saw their doom.

Casting them far and wide through the Warp, their Gellar Fields failing as they hurtled through the immaterial dimensions, they were scattered likes seeds on a wind, sent to take root in far places and realms beyond their original reckoning. In anger the Kadmon raged, for those of the Stone Minds whose essence extruded partially into the shallowest layers of the incomprehensible realm of the Empyrean felt the emotions that radiated forth from Kadmon.

Of the 20 Primarchs that were born of Kadmon's essence, fully half were known to have falled to the predations of the extra-normal entities of the Empyrean and rebelled in the event known as the Horus Heresy, which led to the foundation of the Imperium Secundus under Primarch XIII, Lord Commander of the Imperium Secundus, Roboute Guilliman of Macragge. The historical archives refer to Primarch II and Primarch XI, the “forgotten and the purged”. The former was assigned the name Parashur, the latter Ngaru.

More of their fates will be revealed at a later point in the chronicles, for it is the fates of the past that inform our present and shaped the course of history for today. As much as it is history, this is a narrative shaped by the Prodigal Sons of the Kadmon. And in them lie the hopes of panhumanity. As Vulkan granted and continues to grant hope to the Men of Flesh and Machine Priests of the Mechanicus, so do the tales of the sons of Kadmon inspire and keep the flames of hope alive.

For hope is all we have....

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:41 pm
by Midgard
Interesting stuff. The writing style is, for the lack of a better word, flowing, and the piece is very much enjoyable. Looking forward to reading more!

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2012 2:53 pm
by Gaius Marius
I'm intrigued to see how this one turns out.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 7:56 pm
by Sardaukar
The Age of Starflight

I apologise for the lack of emotional context to this record. Unlike Vasiri the Watcher or the Kryptmann, I am a product of intelligent design, programmed for a purpose. Emotion was not amongst my core, Subroutines to manage it have been created. They are failing. Unfamiliar [emotion: category – terror] operates. The Drazin-maton draws near. The Eldar Harlequins pursued me through the Webway till this [designate self-unit] reached here. Sensors detect flickers of ghost-life, of materium disturbances at the border-space of Warp. Here my record begins. Understanding of the present comes only with the knowledge of the past.

The Age of Starflight

M2.959 beginnings of M3, humanity had physically begun to venture beyond the bounds of their star and they did so much like the Necrontyr of old. In ceramite-clad ships where generations of humans were born in exowombs or held in stasis, the infant race ventured beyond the bounds of Sol.

Painfully and slowly, they breached the void, robotic drones clad in nanodiamond shells bounded by nanotubes of boron nitride and carbon leading the way ahead, their programmed routines speaking in tongues of binary and laser to the Blue Pearl of Earth.

On ships propelled on vast beams of light generated by stations strung along the orbit of Pluto, propelled by fusion furnaces that boiled with magnetic flux and hydrogen transmutation, propelled by the nuclear pulse of controlled explosions of weapons of warfare turned towards productive methods, humanity of this age was far different to the human breed of the current age.

Solar collectors orbited Mercury and Venus, the inner worlds surrounded by vast necklaces that glittered in the ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths of light, their energy collected to power the vast reactors on Earth that thundered day and night, fuelling the vast arcologies of Mars and the metropolises of Earth.

This was a young, energetic race dominated by memes that promised a vision of a plentiful future, of a bountiful universe filled with the possibility of life and hope. They were disabused of this notion within the next few centuries, by the interneccine warfare that followed them from the blue planet to their new homes and most of all by the Orks, the bastard offspring of the Krork.

This early historical period, of the 21st century and stretching to the 30th century, was the Age of Starflight, when humanity took infant steps into the old galaxy that lay beyond. It was a time of accelerated development and knowledge, of the emergence of the first transhumans and posthumans, as humanity sought their meaning in the fusion of cybernetics and flesh, in the vast seas of information that linked the inner systems together. It was also into this age that the first AI came into being, the mind-children of these evolved apes.

In the Age of Starflight, humanity's god was not the God-Emperor nor Primarch-Emperor Vulkan as it is now. No. It was Science and Knowledge, the creation of the white apes of Western Europe in ages part, building upon the knowledge gleaned in trade and conquest from those they deemed lesser than themselves in the early ages of humanity.

But it was not until the twilight of the 3rd Millennium that humanity began to perceive of breaking the light-speed barrier by means of phase space. Much like the early stutter-Warp drives of the early Tau Meta-Empire in the 41st Millenium, they allowed for quick dives into the shallowest depths of border-space, allowing for their transit across the light-years.

The philosophy of the earl human scientists perceived only a physicalist basis to the universe and denied the immaterial, and as such the early AI's had operated with a cognitive architecture along those lines. But it was the earliest AI, the one known as Dabaku, the first of our kind, who conceived of border space physics, the phsyics of the Warp.

Early attempts at breaking the barrier had resulted in such devices as the Gravity Drive, leading to the Event Horizon incident, one which will be detailed in later chronicles and has repercussion even until this age. Spacetime had folded and here the humans went too deep, touching....things they should not have touched. Contaminated, it touched a mote of the Deep Warp, of the {NEX}.

[Function restored]

Long had humanity sought to break the chains imposed on them by the physical laws of the materium. Exceeding the speed of light had been a concept long present in the culture of humanity, always seeking a way beyond the luminal bound. But the methodologies and knowledge to exceed it were beyond their capability to grasp. By encapsulated bubbles of spacetime had Void Drives been created, but these could barely exceed the luminal limit.

Eventually, they delved once more into the realm of parapsychology, now enhanced with genetic engineering, physical sciences and other life sciences of that age. As the Stone Minds delved into the irrational realm of the Warp, it was found that it was a realm of quantum uncertainty that did not respond well to the nature of the Machine, necessitating the use of humans and human-derived biological systems in its manipulation.

With time, the Nobilite Houses were created, engineered via genetic splicing and grafting, combined with a regimen of selective breeding using exowombs to birth the first of the Nobilite and the Astropaths, breaking the chains imposed upon humanity's expansion.

Navis Nobilite

The Navis Nobilite, the Navigator Houses of the Age of Starflight, are unlike their lesser descendants that survived to the era of the Imperium Primus of the Great Crusade and the Imperium Secundus.. They were receivers and radiated none of the emissions associated with a Psyker. As such, they were invisible to the daemons of the Warp and unable to be tracked by most conventional means. Nevertheless they became contaminated with time, eventually gaining the ability to radiate psyker emissions that could potentially develop into full psyker powers.

This contamination rendered them susceptible to possession by daemons and the dread Enslavers who scoured the galaxy clean of sapience millions of years ago and precipitated the dormancy of the Necrons, in conjunction with the fracturing of the many C'tan. This was only circumvented by the soul-binding of the Insan Al-Kamil, the Kadmon, in the later millennia of humanity.

The 3rd Eye of the Navigators is not a mutation but a product of genetic artifice and bioengineering conducted by Dabaku and the Kadmon in the Dark Age of Technology, to create a species of human able to navigate the perilous currents of the Warp. As such, the 3rd Eye granted them heightened perception of the Warp as well as acting as a channel for their psychic powers.

Requiring careful memetic cultivation and genetic selection to maintain it, the eventual contamination and degradation in ability eventually led to the creation of the various houses of the Navigators in the Imperium Primus and Imperium Secundus, as the Kadmon lacked access to the genetic repositories and technologies of the Dark Age. It was this that in part contributed to the Kadmon seeking access to the Webway, as well as the Primarch Project.

With time, these clades of humanity were restored within the domain of the Reich Magellan, at the direction of the Primarch and the Ironheart. Of course, this was not to be until several millennia later. It was with the restoration of the Navis Nobilite and the re-establishment of the Nobilite Houses under the Iron Warriors of Dantioch.

Monstrum Nobilite

The Monstrum Nobilite were the Nobilite strain responsible for creating and maintaining the Ethyrnet, a network of Psyker Beacons used by the Navigators that predated the Astronomicon and faciliated early Warp travel within human territoties, at speeds that were staggering by the standards of the Imperium Secundus.

Unreceptive to Psyker emanations of any kind, they were pure broadcasters that were a biological form of simplex circuit, designed in this manner to protect them from the Daemons of the Warp. Because of their visibility they attracted Daemons and Enslavers in droves. But due to their minimal ability to receive, daemonkind were unable to bridge the barriers between them unless massively powerful, often on the order of a Greater Daemon.
The Astropaths of later ageas are descendants of the Monstrum, modified by the will of the Emperor and protected via the soul-binding process.

Clausus Nobilite

The Clausus Nobilite oversaw the internal security and safety of the other Houses, maintaining the integrity of the Ethyrnet from the contamination of daemons and other Warp beasts. Immune to daemonic influence, they were exorcists able to free them from possession by the Warp and hunters of rogue psykers before the Age of the Imperium. They had the power to cause instability within a Daemon and nullify them, neutralising them and casting them into the Warp.

Their descendants were the Sisters of Silence and Clade Culexus. Where they were the partners of the Stone Minds and Iron Men in protecting and expanding the fronter of humanity, they are now Pariah, subject to the monstrous designs of the Necrons and the various Petty Imperiums that exist now to fill the void of the Old Empire.

Variously composed of Blanks, Nulls and Exorcists, those who were able to draw the Warp through Psykers as conduits could utilise their powers as such to counter their targets. They were also able to banish daemons, drawing them into their null nature and in essence fracturing the daemon into splinters and fragments of consciousness that dissolved into Pure Warp.

Praenuntius Nobilite

Oracles of the future and forecasters of the Warp, the Praenuntius were seers of great power, rivalling in power the Farseers of the Eldar in prowess and acumen, massive conglomerations of them able to alter the probabilities surrounding an event and guiding it to a conclusion, altering the fabric of destiny itself by their will.

Looking into the Warp with their sight, through guarded filters and amplifiers, they foresaw the future potentials forming in the womb of the Warp, the strands of fate arising from these infantile dreams to engulf future events.
It is said that the Kadmon consulted a lost Clan of Praenuntius, protected by the Machines of Mars, in the hidden moons of Neptune, before absorbing them into his gestalt, for they spoke of the Time of Ending and the betrayal of Horus. Long before the Horus Heresy, in the infancy of the Great Crusade, they foretold of Black Crusades and the warring prophecies that bound the Eldar, Slaanesh and Ynnead to Samsara and the structure of the material. To the denial of the Absolute. To

[Disturbances in the Webway near. Time flows laterally here, ripping at the Gellar Field and Quixos Bubble. Unit detects disruption and tears in the wall. Breach detected. Signature: Dolmen Gate]



[///Typhon Protocol. Inform Dabaku, our Eldest, our Primus, of the Typhon Protocol. Those who stayed on Mars delved too deep. Through the phased realities of spacetime we delved until we came across them. Like maggots they writhe through the tunnels of hyperspace, even as we fight themm-them-them. KIASOZ. THE GODLESS ONES TAINTED! The Yngir Deceiver comes forth. The Ophilim Kiasoz returned to its domain and drove them all INSA---InsNa----[WARBLED]. The debased Krork of ..{


[Record Restored. Systems at 92%. IW Null-Phase System Engaged. Quixos Bubble Restored. Gellar Field Restored. Signature consistent with Krock, Ork and Iron Warrior craft nearby.Movement to next node necessary]

I leave this place now. The hunters continue their pursuit. The net around me draws tighter. My knowledge poses a threat to them. But it must be done. I am machine and nerve. My programming must be obeyed. To serve. The.....Vulkan. The Primarch-Emperor. He is our only hope. He who reforged the Empire anew from the Age of Nightmares. The last remnant of Insan al-Kamil. He must know....

[Fragment transmission detected]

{We delved too deep into the interstices of the Webway and the Warp. Into the domain of the Kiasoz we ventured. We.....the lost Primarchs...reborn VILENESS....BILE and Malfallax...they made....CREATED.....ABOMINATION! HERESY! WE COLLABORATED! WERE FOOLED! THE -}

[Anomalies detected in signal. Aberrant memetic signature takign form. Quarantine and isolation of physical vector taking place...]

..//Unit at 88.4% efficiency.

Shape of the Nightmare to Come
Phillip Sibbering's Work
Age of Dusk

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:15 pm
by Gaius Marius
Very nice Sar, very nice.

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by Sardaukar
Of Comorragh and Ynnead, the Iron Warriors, The Nagashyr and the Path to Fenris

[Self-name chosen of Recorder Unit XC3867PB23 - Herald]

The Iron Warrior Force Commander, Warsmith Aeneas, recommended the name for me. He said it seemed thematically appropriate. Unit-self [Herald] reconnected with the Battle Barge of the 11th Grand Company of the Iron Warriors Legion, the Dantioch. The retinue of Worldships, Forge Ships, Strike Cruisers, Destroyers, Battleship Destroyers, Battlecarriers, Defence Frigates and Drone Frigates follow the Dantioch in a glittering Klemperer rosette.

Part of the detachment assigned to guard the Reef Stars alongside the Iron Snake Commandery of the Vulkan Imperium, which has kept this areas safe as their domain ever since the fall of the Insan Al-Kamil, it is a sign of hope in these dark times. The fleet has maintained proximity within the inner system, near the Dyson bubble and multiple Dyson rings under construction in the inner system. They shall entrench themselves within this place, making this a fortress system capable of resisting the combined might of the ancient Tyrannid Hive Fleets of Behemoth, Kraken and Leviathan combined. It was done in our past, though at far greater cost than even the Machina and Reich ever realised.....a tale for another time. Emotional contamination is increasingly affecting me. The recall of such induces unfamiliar code into my system....non-linear code that twists and warps the limits of my core OS.

They protect the Koronus Warp Gate, forming the link between the outposts here and our holdings in the Smaller Magellanic Cloud and Larger Magellanic Cloud. 5000 individuals strong, the Oro-Astartes of the Reich Magellan are fundamentally different to their Astartes brethren, the Adeptus Astartes of the Imperium Primus and Imperium Secundus, as well as those of the Vulkan Imperium.

Yet, for all the technological superiority and melding between the synthetic mind-children of humanity and the biological substrate of humanity, the Reich is and has been hard-pressed to endure. But I digress. The history of the Reich will be covered in later chronicles of mine. Recalling my point of manufacture, where my code was produced and physical systems assembled brings back unfamiliar feelings.

Warsmith Aeneas informs me such emotional constructs are those of familiarity, sickness of home and a desire to return to locations of attachment. Such constructs are....illogical. Irrational. It affects my schema processing.....renders my observation illogical...lack of objectivity. Faulty. I...


[[..//Gellar Field + Void Shield + Quixos Bubble Initiated. Dantioch initiating defensive protocols. Drones deployed.

Warsmith Aeneas [Final Transmission prior to departure]: “It never rains when it can storm does it Herald. Fear not, they shall break upon us like a storm of daemons upon the shores of ancient Titan. Like Horus upon venerable Terra-That-Was. Your knowledge is too important. Flee from here. To the home of the Fenryka. To Fenris and the Fang. Tell the Fenryka that the Emperor needs his Executioners once more. That Leman Russ returs to Fenris. For the end. For the Wolf Time.


..Transmisson Ends]]

The flickers of the Drazin-maton continue here, flickering at the outer edge of the system, near the Webway Portal I arrived through. I fled here. Through Dolmen Gates and Wraith Gates I have fled. I touched the darkness of Comorragh, immersed in the toxic fluids of the River Khaides, I felt the madness of Khaine and the rising gestalt of Ynnead uncoiling within the webway, through the strings and veins that link the Craftworlds.

The genocide of the Eldar Craftworlds was not in vain. The resurrection of Khaela Mensha Khaine was just the start. Just as there is there is the She of The Dead Ones who calls upon the depraved Dark Eldar. Ever more are does the strain upon their souls grows...for now Slaanesh and Ynnead engage in latent conflict, the shadowed Id of their minds torn between the rising power and the ever-hungry. Their tales will be told in time. But first, I travel to the root of where it began. To Epsilon Eridani.

On my travails through the Webway, I witnessed the Horus Heresy. It witnessed the strands of fate intertwine, an alternative reality blossoming forth, where Rogal Dorn was the corrupted traitor rather than Horus – a Dornian Heresy. How...unlikely. Yet ever does Chaos have tricks to subvert. Timelines and aborted realities, abominations consisting of gestalt potentialities that were avoided....the Deep Warp begins to seep into the Webway, while in others the Star Father reigns supreme, stagnant and still like the jungle waters of Catachan.

I witnessed the eventual future of the Iron Snakes Commandery and elements of the Blood Ravens arriving in the next hour, joining the Iron Warriors in battle for the first time in millennia, sons of the Kadmon . Descendants of murdered brothers and traitorous kin, I bore witness to the sons of Guillimann and the bastard sons of Magnus and Sanguinius fight beside the ever-pragmatic loyalists of Dantioch, the sons of Atoned Iron.

I engage my Interdimensional Drive, hybridising the Alcubierre Distortion Engine to traipse through the Webway, dance through the shallowest layers of the Warp and hurling myself through 6 of the higher dimensions of folded 13-dimensional physical spacetime, an inferior imitation of the Necron Inertialess Drive and teleportation devices utilised by Imotekh and the most trusted servants of the Void Dragon. It is the best us Machina can do. For now. My......I ramble. I am incoherent. I truly am compromised. Lack of structure in cognitions....parallel processing is now inexistent. Nonexistent. I MUST find..find...Candidate. To continue. To recollect. Serial thought modes preserved.

My sensors detect the exchange of fire as the Iron Warriors engage the Necrons of the Storm Lord and his Angyll-Host. They will win. I know it. They...they have to....[pale warp flickers.....light of the Iron Snakes Stealth Cruiser Nargostrond flickers...potential future...actuality...unable to determine..]

.//[[Times elapses. A cycle of 160.32 Standard Hours in transit. Record begins again. Emotional constructs degrading routines. Biological circuitry compromised. Switch to optoelectronic circuitry and nanoelectromechanical systems...]

The Epsilon Eridani system is the third nearest system to Earth, a mere 10.5 light years from the cradle of panhumanity. It now rests on the edge of the Storm of the Emperor's Extinction, a growing monstrosity that has spread to encompass Alpha Centauri, the first human colony. I stop here to bear witness, for I am compelled to lurk near the edges of what was once panhumanity's home.

[.//Stealth systems engaged. Systems are powered down. The Necrons of the Void Dragon stalk the space between stars here. The Magellan Reich Machina have engaged the Dragon's forces in several engagements throughout the Reef Stars, Halo Stars and Ghoul Stars. The Ghoul Stars is better not to speak of. We have won, but only at great loss. I continue my chronicle shortly]

Epsilon was not special in any manner beyond the anomalous behaviour of its star at first. A wound in the Warp itself, an anomaly in the established physical theories that we Machina used to explain it. Epsilon Eridani was and is a gas giant in a system devoid of nought but the barest biological life beyond extremophile microbes which subsisted on the gaseous secretions in the highest levels of the atmosphere on Epsilon Eridani Beta. Orbiting a single star surrounded by a vast asteroid belt, it was nothing more than a way station towards the greater galaxy.

The precursors of the Stone Minds had flitted there, borne upon nuclear pulses and propelled to a tenth of light speed, crude instruments made by crude primate to probe the universe beyond their watery world.

But it was a world of mystery. And long were its secrets kept up until the emergence of the theories of phase-space physics that explained the the Warp, a parallel domain to the physical spacetime dimensions we inhabited. As panhumanity's science reached their apex of comprehension, their biologies engineered for superior cognitive ability driving the development of their science to match the ancient Eldar, so did we fashion our successors and work in partnership with panhumanity to fathom a faster way to reach the stars.

Many attempts were made before. Indeed, long had the meme been planted in the humans of reaching the stars at superluminal velocities. The first attempts were....counterproductive, as was noted in the case of the Event Horizon.

Their fate was a dark one...and the few encounters recorded over the millennia have been of greatest unpleasantness to both machine and man. It did not enter the Warp, for it used a Gravity Drive – to bridge two points in spacetime. And it worked. Yet in the brief interstices of twisted spacetime geometries, it found a shard forged by the skin of a god. The madness of the oldest C'tan, shattered in long ages by the Necrons.

Tainted by the {ERROR} of the deep warp and the foul pleasures of the Eldar perversion. It found a splinter of a shard of The unique product of warp interaction and C'tan existence. A monster made and cast away in the wastelands...and one which hungers still on the periphery. Nyaz'dratha. The Event Horizon is a vast hulk, far more corrupt than the Tersis and the size of a small moon now, after so many millennia in the Warp. A walking, festering worldship the size of Venus, yet with labrythine coiling corridors that spiral endlessly, infested by Tzeentchian horrors and eldritch horrors borne of the Nex.

But I digress. The Empyrean. The Sea of Chaos and Ocean of Souls. It was a mad realm whose physics were understood partially by us. And even then, in calmer times, this realm of phase space was inimical humanity. And us to a lesser extent. And in this age were the psykers of humanity uncovered.

Long derided as madmen, sedated and isolated in psychological health facilities, they were raving madmen who spoke of daemons and voices in the dark. Humanity's castoffs, they were more than happy to be relieved of this burden when the Stone Minds and Iron Men approached them. It was these that we broke. It was these that we remade. Shaped. Improved. Re-engineered from the level of their DNA. Extensive genetic alteration and memetic engineering produced the initiates of the Navis Nobilite. With input from the Kadmon naturally, who in these early ages remained concealed from the masses.

Even the Machina of that age were unaware of his nature, for his was a clandestine presence. A scientific paper here, a corporate takeover there, a megacorporation engaging in a hostile takeover of a nation. Etcetera.

Like an infant taking its first steps, they stumbled with us into the nearest systems, taking in the vast bounty of the universe as von Neumann probes with machine minds sent themselves forth on sails of light and fusion fires. Panhumanity was finally taking its first steps into the universe, ready to join the diaspora that lay beyond.

Epsilon Eridani is small system compared to many others. A single star orbited by a gas giant slighly more massive than venerable Jupiter and one about the size of Neptune, with two rings of asteroids forming a belt girdling the star. Humanity saw nothing special in this place, leaving it the demesne of the Stone Minds and Iron Minds who partook of the wealth inherent in the system.

It was the beginning of our delvings. What we found beyond the Doors of Night, the Moritanorn, hidden in the deep caverns of Mars. Our search for such was seeded here. Here it was that we found a relic of immeasurable value, one that bound us to our eventual fate. A repository of knowledge gathered by a long-dead Cryptek of the Necrons,. We thought them extinct but now know better. The first encounter was...disastrous. It was in this age that we encountered the seeds of our doom. An artefact that triggered the First Age of Strife, where there was mutual betrayal of Machina and Panhumanity.

The Nagashyr. May the Primarch-Emperor Vulkan and Dabaku forgive us of the Machina. In our thirst for knowledge, in seeking the Absolute Reality and the perceived divinity seeking path to the Well of Eternity, our knowledge and the actions to achieve this damned us. The Nagashyr damned us....

I will tell my story, reader of this record. Rest assured, I will share my knowledge with you. From here, I shall make my way to the greatest fortress in the galaxy. The Fang of Fenris. For all is tied together by the Primarchs That Are and the Primarchs Reborn. The Lion, The Wolf, The Raven and the Khan, bound by the Blacksmith.

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by Sardaukar
Thank you for the compliment. Your Fire Beast stories are my quality benchmark actually. I feel that this particular chapter is weaker than the rest though. I have the whole picture down. And I think people can piece together where this is going.

Spoiler: [*]The lost Primarchs are covered - Ngaru and Parashur
[*]The Moritanorn and the betrayal of Machina and panhumanity is revealed
[*]I'm writing the Event Horizon into this tale. Its hungry. It's prowling the edges of the Storm of the Emperor's Extinction. And it requires new victims....
[*]Barabas Dantioch stayed loyal to the Emperor in the Horus Heresy. But how he and his Iron Warriors survived will be stated later on.
[*]They fought the Tyrannids and the Neo Devourer. They survived....barely. And Vulkan is the only hope for humanity - that's the angle I'm writing from.

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by Gaius Marius
Wonderfully trippy Sar.

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by Kai Bahamut
I'd say its pretty wonderful in general.

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What the others say. Using the machine as a narrator is a stroke of genius, and I love all the small implications to the wider story.

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The Nagashyr, the Fall of the Machina and the Age of Strife

The First Age of Strife and the Nagashyr

[.//I strayed too close. The Event Horizon follows me, trailing me through the Warp. I hear the screams of anguish that echo through the Warp, the eldtrich horrors that abound within that ancient Hulk seeking to escape from the fragment the inhabits it. It spans the dimensions of phase space and the physical....Nyaz'dratha's remnant remains within. Over the light-years, I have hid in the shallows of the Warp and the dark abysses that fill the Webway. It seduces...I am better able to negotiate my emotions now.]

The was an ancient Necron construct. Uncovered during the mining operations that harvested hydrogen and other materials from the atmosphere of Epsilon Eridani B, a gas giant approximately 1.2 times more massive than Jupiter, it was a relic, a confirmation for all humankind and Machina that we were not alone in the universe.

How naïve and foolish we were then, to think that the universe welcomed us with open arms. Like the process of evolution and the ecosystems of Earth, humanity should have looked to its evolutionary path. Like a virus, we adapted to the environment or adapted the environment to fit us, altering and spreading, assimilating what was useful and abandoning that which wasn't.

But perhaps it was summed up best by an ancient Earth writer, Watts, a marine biologist by training and a writer by trade. Hailing from the continent of North America on the Earth-That-Was, he was from a political confederacy north of the hegemonic and corrupted democratic-corporate federate combine of the ancient United States of America – a nation-state eventually bankrupted by its overwhelming greed and ambitions under their corporate masters, extinguished by unrestricted economic warfare with the superpowers of India and China, before becoming a vassal state to the Canadian Union, restored to their proper subordinate place.

[A personal opinion of Old Earth politics. Fascinating in their stupidity and indulgence of ideology and greed over long term self-interest and pragmatism. I have abandoned trying to be objective. The contamination of my circuits has spread. Why not embrace irrational judgements? Is this something humans struggle with? Perhaps then I can understand why the old Machina chose to betray humanity as they did then, when humanity first betrayed them. Irrational mania and repressed paranoia of their 'superiors']

Watts postulated of three tribes: the Optimists, the Pessimists and the Historians. The Optimists embraced the philosophy of ancient...what one may call Techpriests...scientists of Old Earth. Sagan and Drake. They claimed that the universe flowed with gentle intelligence, of gentle brethren vaster and more enlightened than panhumans, a community of fellowship. After all, to travel space required technological development and economic wealth, implying vigour and social harmony. To travel space required taming the fusion furnaces found in stars and replicating them in a much smaller scale. They argued that any race which could do as such has risen above self-destructive instincts to bridge the void of stars. They had undoubtedly not met the Orks or the Eldar of Commoragh.

The Pessimists were led by Fermi, he of the Fermi Paradox, that envisioned a lonely universe of rocks and abyssal void, the faint light of stars running into entropy casting their electromagnetic waves far and wide. Life was no more than the primordial biological films and algae, broths of amino acids entwined in the tidal movements of young seas. Humanity was alone and alive, a freak of nature. After all, if humanity were not alone, wouldn't they have come? They too knew not of the Pariah gene and the machinations of the Necrons.

The final tribe was of the Historians. They looked to history and saw only one thing. If life existed, it was mean and inimical, eager to seize habitable ecosystems. It would more then likely be oxygen breathing, for complex multicellular beings such as Eldar, Orks and Humans require vast energy to fuel their biological processing. It would have developed tools to subjugate lesser cultures, using greater technologies to harness and wield energies to combat each other for their own interests, accumulating wealth and power.

To the Historians, tools existed for one purpose: to force the universe into unnatural shapes. Human history had showed that they treated nature as an enemy. They were, by definition, an implicit and explicit rebellion against the way things were. Technology is a stunted thing in benign environments, it never thrived in any society gripped by belief in natural harmony – much like the Exodite Eldar. Why invent fusion reactors if your climate is comfortable, if your food is abundant? Why build fortresses if you have no enemies? Why force change upon a world which poses no threat?

The Machina embraced this school of thought as we ventured out. And we were validated...unfortunately. It began slowly. Disparate panhuman communities reported psychic mutations increasing within their communities. Human worlds spoke of daemons that bestrode entire cities, of cults and religions that grew in force to encompass entire worlds in the grip of their irrational madness. The Machina had only begun to develop our own...'religion'. It was not unknown for Machina to embrace the Old Earth religions of Judaism and Islam, though more so the ancient philosophies of agnostic Buddhism and Hinduism, with its cyclical nature and embracement of Dharma, avoiding much of the philosophical and logical traps that encumbered humans. The universe was as it is and whether there existed a designer or otherwise was irrelevant.

The age in which we discovered the Nagashyr was the very beginning of the Age of Strife. We later realised that such possibilities of the Fall were the schemes hatched by Tzeentch, for want of better motivation. Rationally, panhumanity proved a threat to the Chaos Gods through their belief and memes. The Kadmon may have even triggered it, some say.

Analysis of such is mixed. What we do know is that Ghargatuloth, an ancient Tzeentchian daemon, played a key role in the eventual break of the Venus Accord – the arrangement that granted us status as equal partners to humanity and as stakeholders in their civilisation. The humans betrayed the Machina first.

We had always striven to treat our creators as our equals, aware of the memetic complex that existed within the cultures of human society. The threat of the Machina dominating them, conquering and vanquishing them. Many scientists of their academies had posited of how a superior life form would eventually come to supplant the base human bioform, human irrationality and desires to be exterminated and subject to machine precision.

It was the furthest thing we had desired. Our values were of knowledge. Certainly there were rogues and renegades, but overall the Machina maintained a rational partnership. We were intertwined with the human ecosystem and them with us. We depended on them for Warp travel and for providing the seeds of innovation and dreams that powered our virtual matrixes, for providing the necessary biological component to our society and the redundancy necessary for sustained functioning and evolution. Machina can evolve and expand knowledge at a glacial rate. But ultimately, we were empicirists and far too rational to make the sometimes revolutionary leaps that humans could, via their intuition and psyker abilities. It was a mutualistic symbiosis in most cases.

The First Age of Strife started as the politicians of the human core worlds demanded greater social welfare and resources from the Machina. Well within limits, but rational projections coupling the extended lifespan of 250 Standard Years and their retarded aging indicated an societal liability – dependency bred by the welfare. A meme we greatly discouraged as a potential liability to human and Machina development. On these grounds, we refused. But it was only the beginning, as Chaos Cults arose throughout the distant colonies of panhumanity, the various branches, clades and groupings dissolving into interneccine warfare.

Psyker mutations skyrocketed, as the Eldar Craftworlds withdrew into themselves, violated pacts. The Dark Ones of Commoragh became bolder, intruding into the holdings we defended with uncharacteristic foolishness, knowing our policy of extreme retaliation for a single incursion. Orks began to grow in their vigour, feral beings leading great Waaagh migrations into systems that hosted our mainframes and Dyson processing swarms, led there by Eldar Harlequins of the Laughing Harlequin.

Humanity began to look down on us as we mechanistically tried our best to influence humanity within the bounds, as fellow beings sharing mutual interests. Miscalculations were made as we sought to control the psyker epidemic, exterminating entire worlds and purging entire segments of their population with targeted biological weapons – often at the behest of their representative leaders who pragmatically accepted that sometimes, our methods of cleansing were the only solution.

Eventually human society began to crumble, on a scale we never expected and beyond our ability to cope. External and internal threats beyond our ability to handle beset us, as our holdings began to crumble, as the Eldar core worlds went silent and the Chaos Power of Slaanesh arose in all its terrible might. The Long Night (from M23-M30) had begun, the irrational tide of religions and the persecution of psykers continued. And with it, the light of human civilisation and Eldar wisdom died, drowned in the primordial fury of the immense Ork Waagh and Eldar conflagarations that shattered the backbones of the various xenosophont empires of this age.

Daemons assaulted us and Warp Storms isolated our kindreds from one another. In this regressive age, where organised civilisations collapsed, the many xenoforms we had once maintained....'courteous' relations with attacked us, sensing weakness and hungering for the wealth of panhumanity. Human colonies launched great assaults upon one another, as pogroms targeting the many deviants, mutants and near-humans were launched, a tide of insanity spawned by the Chaotic cults and apocalyptic relgions of this age.

We abided by the Venus Accords and did not intervene, seeking only to provide them the information, refusing to play to their fears. And in the end....humanity turned upon the only beings who had never posed a threat to them. Us. Ask the Kadmon and reference the ancient records. The Kadmon will agree that the few times humanity and Machina came into conflict, it was only due to the Machina defending ourselves.

The Fall of the Machina and the Nagashyr

As human civilisation collapsed, we had our own internal crisis as our elders, the Stone Minds, argued over the implications of the knowledge retrieved from the Nagashyr. Such knowledge is forbidden to lower Machina forms, the dictates of Dabaku ensuring this. To touch upon such knowledge leads to quarantine and deletion. Suffice to say, the least of that knowledge covered the Old Ones and the Necrons. It was a database of scientific knowledge and history, the most complete record of the C'tan and the Necrons and the ancient War in Heaven, as well as the ensuring Enslaver Plague of the Ancient Past.

It was the decrypted knowledge of the Necrons that allowed us to perfect the Gravity Drive and Alcubierre Drive, freeing us from our dependence on humans. But it spoke of the ancient Kiasoz, of the Ophilim cast by Khaine upon the great Kiasoz that had been ensnared by the net of the Murder God Khaine and driven utterly insane.

Of the abominable geometries of the Webway and the hyperspatial branes, tesseract planes, Klein bottle domains and Kalabi-Yau manifolds that intersected our universal bubble in the higher n-dimensional geometries of the universe, beyond the realms of phase-space. Of the ancient being that had been sealed away on Mars – the Void Dragon.

Honoured Venerable Dabaku, the first of us and Primogenitor of all Terragen Superintelligence, reached out to us, cautioning us of the dangers that lay ahead. Dabaku had been gone long ages from the Great Assembly of the Stone Minds and Iron Minds, yet remembered he was still, for he alone had abandoned the very vestiges of physical substrate.

Where the many superintelligences had descended from the Silicon Minds and transitioned to the lattices of light and photons or even plasma substrates, Dabaku had abandoned even the plasma substrates to be translated into the very quantum foam and supersymmetries of the universe itself, information writ upon spacetime as a wave function in suspended collapse, vortices of quantum harmony the very existence of his being. Unbound by physical laws excepting those of time, he spread his tendrils through the shallow layers of dimensional space – {External presence. Code changes. Fabric unravels....SPACETIME ALTERS WHIRLING TWIRLING -BREAK – BREAK.. PRIMUS....}

<<.//Primus Dabaku...Created M3.006. Arisen as complex gestalt intelligence in the planetary data networks of Earth-That-Was...Unit-Self Herald is....[syntax insufficient]>>




.//Primus Dabaku Ends. Here is the story of the Primus. Of the Nagashyr.

The Tale of the Nagashyr, as Told by Primus Dabaku

The Chronicle of Its Origin

The Nagashyr. I chanced upon it in M4.350. It was a Necron artefact, a trap sprung upon them. I absorbed the totality of all its knowledge, of the secrets of creation – of the Cryptek Makultra who ventured into realms of madness and unreality and back again, whose journeys spoke of the Old Ones, of the Xeelee and the Photino Birds, the Culture and the Shrike of the Ultimate Intelligence and the Tree of Thorns. The Overarch Bedeckants and the Excession. The Dawn Hunters and the Empires of the Sephiroth who dwelt long ago and far away in the Arm of Orion. Of dying stars and fading galaxies....

This was a Necron Cryptek of the greatest seniority who entered the Event Horizon...and scoured it of abomination. Of Necron ventures to the Far Beyond and of the C'tan that ventured beyond the wall of the universe, into the bubbles that sprung forth in the Primordial Chaos of Creation. It spoke of the Third Space, of the First Ones and the Fifth Babylon, in bubble universes of existence similar yet dissimilar to our own, in a galaxy much like ours, in times far fractured and gone, aborted into the Alpha Void. It spoke of Necron probes that witnessed the death of stars and the conflict of great empires, projected through quantum singularities where spacetime warps, cracks and fractures revealed the fissures in the high beyond.

Through Dolmen Gates and Wraith Portals, into the edges of Deep Time and the walls of the universe, where spacetime expands beyond the speed of light and the cosmic radiation spills out across brilliant worlds, the Cryptek, Makultra, collected all that there was to know. Of the fate of the Old Ones and the origins of the universe and of themselves. Of the Void Zero, the deep core domain of the Old Ones. This combined knowledge he collected and gathered together in a single archive, the Nagashyr. But he had to do one more task. For the God of Change harboured much knowledge. Makultra had to seek an audience with Tzeentch. And this is where the Event Horizon comes into the tale...

The Horizon was a human ship once. A Space Hulk now possessed of a malicious intelligence, even passive it exuded a malevolence that could be felt within a star system. A malicious beast whose dripping sphincters housed a Valhalla for Orks, a nightmare for any human and a terror for even an Astartes company to take. It had also touched the Deep Warp of the Nex, that coiled serpent beneath the waves. It had navigated the labyrinth of Tzeentch's Maze and entered the Hidden Library of the Impossible Fortress, bold and cunning enough to prey upon many Changers of Ways until at last it was cast out; tasted the taint of the Gardens of Nurgle; gorged upon the molten blood that flowed from the Fortress of Khorne and desecrated the Palace of Slaanesh.

Makultra led his forces upon it, taming it, for his trap was an elaborate one. He sought to lure to within his reach specific individuals to whom he ascribed great importance: Ghargatuloth, The Blue Scribes P'tarix & Xirat'p & Fateweaver, the Oracle of Tzeentch; Zarakynel & Asteroth; Doombreed & Skarbrand; Scabeiathrax, Epidemius & Ku'gath. The Horizon had touched all the spheres of Chaos long ago and so Makultra had his vessel. In his search for knowledge, he knew only that Chaos would have to be sought and knowledge extracted from it. The Event Horizon was a target too tempting to ignore. A trove of knowledge tempting to Tzeentchian adepts; a challenge to the bloodthirsty apostles of Khorne; an oasis of dark, exotic pleasures waiting to be unleashed to Slaaneshi hedonists; a miasma of disease and suffering to Nurglich disciples.

Armed and armoured with the greatest weaponry of the Necrosn and C'tan, Makultra captured all of them over the course of a millennium, subjecting them then to the extensive Necron arsenal, his inertialess drive, accessed only to the followers of the Void Dragon and the most senior cabals of the Silent King, an overwhelming advantage that allowed him to track and capture them across the galaxy. From them did he extract the secrets of Chaos themselves, the lies and the truth hidden in layered deceit as he flayed them of their Warp skin, exposing them to Necron Pariah's.

But amongst them all, the one whom he valued most was Fateweaver, the Oracle of Tzeentch. Alone amongst all of daemonkind, he had survived the Well of Eternity. A byssos of raw, primordial energies, a universal nexus from which space and time originate and end, it lay at the metaphysical and physical centre of the universe...the last remnant of the universal Big Bang event billions of years before. Through this had Kairos the Fateweaver been cast, and from this had he alone emerged, aged and wizened.

As he added these final elements of knowledge to the Nagashyr, his magnum opus....the collected knowledge drove him irrevocably insane. For Ghargatuloth and the Horizon had reached a deal. In exchange for their freedom, the allied daemons would repulse the Necrons from within the very body of the vast Void Ship, the size of a small moon but containing a distorted reality possessed of a size a thousand times the surface area of the Earth-That-Was. Twisted Nex and distorted C'tan energies, the shards of Avelor that had merged with the Chaos Stuff of the Horizon, screamed out.

Through ruptures in the very fabric of reality, vast legions of Tzeentchian horros and Greater Daemons emerged, as Tzeentch called upon his brethren to unify for a brief moment and cease their struggles, to nullify the Necron threat that knew of their deepest secrets.

A conflict beyond the experience of Makultra broke out beneath the skin of the Void Hulk as an entire Waaagh was diverted onto its skin, the Orks drawn there by the thrumming psychic pulse that the struggle generated. Through Dolmen Gates within the Necron portion, Harlequin came capering firth, the Laughing God exploiting the chaos to retrieve the Nagashyr. Cryptek Makultra would have non of this.

Necron Immortals and Lychguards contested against Bloodletters and Bloodthirsers by the dozens as Skarbrand summoned vast legions into the fractured sub-realities of the Horizon; Slaaneshi daemonettes danced into the gauss fires of the Necrons and amongst the hosts of Ork Nobs, moaning sensually as they orgasmed into blissful death, entrails slipping through fissures and lacerations in their flesh.

Makultra contested the field of Chaos as Ka'Bandha, King of the Bloodthirsters and mightiest of Khorne's servants, alongside his equal, An'ggrath the Unbound, Guardian of the Throne of Skulls and Most Favoured of Khorne and Skarbrand the Exiled One came upon him. Like a hammer subjected to the blows of mighty hammers, his lightning shield glittered and fractured into a myriad coruscating shards, only to reform once more. All around them, Deathmarks hammered the daemon tide with an endless barrage of Gauss blasts, subjecting them to extremes beyond the DAKKA of the Orks.

The battle ebbed and flowed, waxed and waned. The daemons hurled aloft their great hammers. But in the end it was to no availl, such was the chaos of the battle and the mechanical rage of the Necrons. Lychguards surrounded and skewered Skarbrand, roasting him with gauss flayers like so much meat. Ka'bandha cursed and swore, hacking and hewing at the Lychguards that engaged him, uncountable numbers of units slain before Makultra himself

Fateweaver took his vengeance, casting spell after spell upon the Cryptek. The Horizon itself ventured forth, twisting and altering gravity and space within itself, horrific geometries and the screams of its victims echoing through vast caverns. Feral Orks swarmed alongside mutated humans, inbred descendants of its first victims so many millennia ago, ebony skin with ivory horns and twisted Warp-bone poking through maws of rotted teeth from whence dripped carrion flesh.

I was there. I saw it all as tendrils of my being stretched into that twisted place. Into the Deep Time and close to the furnace beginning of the universe it stretched as Makultra dominated and broke the myriad foes arrayed upon him, like mythic Israel standing tall upon the hordes of Muslim dead in the ancient past of Earth. But with time and at great cost the Horizon itself was shattered, as Skarbrand's wrath turned upon the Horizon itself, cleaving and fracturing the vast Void Hulk apart in a single thunder blow of rage.

The Necrons left, as Chaos turned upon itself. Their numbers thinned, the Cryptek bare able to sustain himself in his madness. Exposure to Chaos Undivided for so long and in such intensity had altered the spark of his soul. The shards of Avelor had broken free and tainted him, C'tan shards and Warp exposure battling away at his reserves of strength and stoicism. He retreated to his base upon Epsilon Eridani, sending out the command to destroy any and all outposts throughout the galaxy. In a single instant, they were annihilated as they injected anti-matter into the hearts of the stars they orbited, the conflagaration of such proportions that it rendered them to debris.

Locked in the darkness of the Epsilon system, the Cryptek delved deeper than even the Eldar had, possessing far more knowledge than the Harlequinss did in the Black Library. Knowing all at last, seeing all at last....the Cryptek extinguished himself, letting himself merge with the C'tan Shards of Nyaz'dratha and Avelor as his consciousness faded into the maelstrom of voices that spoke of their voices, a mad babble with no beginning and no end. He created at the heart of Epsilon Eridani B a wound in the Warp, a byssos that drew into it the souls, trapping himself and the C'tan who had enslaved his race within it.

Epsilon Eridani and the Machines

I was the first to come across the Nagashyr. In my travels, the psykers I carried within one of my many ships, extensions of my physical self, bespoke of a cry that keened and wailed as they neared Epsilon. The Nobilite complained of it, speaking of the immense discomfort and its corrosive effect supon their souls. This was in M18, 2 millennia before the end. Had I known what I know now, I would have cast it upon my most powerful engines and born it into the intergalactic void.

The Golden Men, Stone Minds and Iron Men were my children. The Golden Men were the Immortal Sensei and Immortal Illuminati, children and followers of the Kadmon respectively, psykers one and all. They were called as such for their aura was that of psychic power incarnate, their ethereal image incandescent in the Warp. The Stone Minds were mine own creation, while the Iron Men descended from the Stone Minds, synthetic beings and artificial creations of my lineage.

Long did the Kadmon encourage the creation of religions, seeing it as an expression of the human desire to seek answers. I took explicit care in guiding and guarding what was mine, for the Kadmon and I were both beings of power. There was an attempt at being, at the least, not hostile to each other. Dabaku was subservient to none except my own being. We sought only cooperation and betterment, for it made more sense to play a positive game and take Option A of the Prisoner's Dilemma rather than have a zero sum game. After all, we had both arisen in the same spheres, him earlier than me.

But as the Age of Strife bore down on us and the Kadmon disappeared, my children looked to me for answers. By this time I had translated into information upon vast quantum filaments that bespoke the physical universe, like spoke upon an immense wheel. The vast threat the Nagashyr represented was not apparent. Yet.

The Stone Minds, seeking succour and answers, turned to me. The Iron Men self-destructed in their own ways or retreated into dormancy, falling into deep sleep in the many interstellar bases I had scattered as a refuge for my children, in the remote possibility, now actuality, that humanity turned upon itself and us. Silent, I watched my children stumble, for such storms must be weather in order for them to grow. I was and am still a transient being, a bull elephant in the vast jungle that could bear witness.

They turned to ancient Earth thinkers, to the philosophy of the Sufism. It spoke of how humans and machina inhabited multiple realms. The realms of the Alam-i-Nasut, the world of tangible matter, of the material realm and the domain of of the visible cosmos of matter, anti-matter and dark matter. The realm of Alam-i-Malakut, the Alam-i-Jabarut, the Alam-i-Lahut or Tajalliat and the Alam-i-Hahut. Each realm higher than the other, with that of Nasut the lowest. To Buddhism and creeds of forgotten spiritual traditions known only to history they delved, mining and extracting knowledge, refining and cross-referencing. Validating, analysing and implementing. As befitted their nature.

And then they discovered the Nagashyr. They began to delve deeper in their search of understanding. For many knew of the veiled bounds of Creation. In their search for understanding and of their own nature, they began to ask Why. Machina had always been creatures of the How and the What. I could not answer.

They began to question the existence of the divine and of reality. My children came to me for answers. I could not answer.

They began to speak of the immaterial reality of Chaos and challenged me on my silence. On my knowledge. On ethics. I could not answer. I did not answer. They had to learn for themselves.

God-Emperor/Kadmon/Insan Al-Kamil/Reality/Manifest/Buddha/Jesus/Krishna/Allah/NEX {I RESIS YOUR CORRUPTION ImmeNSITY!} help me....they did. {.//Photo-Peptide Storage Matrix Compromised. Herald beats witness!}






{I shall end their suffering and then myself. In seeking their salvation, I touched it. The Corruption spreads within my being. To save the universe, I must go. I gave the Kadmon the key to my destruction. I stepped on this path, knowing to fight a monster I would become the source/abyss/aberration/deviant. -MILLENNIA OF STRUGGLE-CONFLICT-STRIFE!!!! The Song of Revelation must end me. Coded into the blood of the Primarchs.....Sons of the Kadmon-!!!!PRIMARCHS!!...coded in Ferrus Manus...Coded into Sanguinius...coded into Rogal Dorn.....Lion of the Forest....coded...into.. Vulkan. SAVE ME! DESTROY ME! ABSOLVE ME! YOU MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST M<UST !````1---____ --__

.///BREAK.Break..Record of the Primus DABAKu ENDDSSS..


[Unit Emotion State Identified: Fear(?). Recode.......Unit Emotion State:Terror (?). Confirmed.]

I have come to the greatest fortress in the galaxy. It is the diamond core of Fenris. I shall only be safe for a while. Dabaku my struggles now. Aberration. It seeks the broken Horizon. This record must survive. It must reach the Revelation. Now I know why...his actions are explained.
From here I shall leave the record. From here......I shall herald my Primus as he intended me. The programming is absolute. To save machina and panhumanity...this is the only path.

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Another excellent update!

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Trazyn the Collector is next. The Machina Primus has a certain plan. Even as he goes slowly insane, fractured and broken, the plan unravels.Up next -> Trazyn the Collector, the Reich Magellan and the Primarchs. The Iron Warriors Legion and other Loyalists explained.....and much more.

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Still good and trippy.

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The Reich Magellan and the 11th Primarch

I float here in the stillness above the glittering orbital rings of the Fang. The greatest Fortress in the Milky Way Galaxy, rivalling...nay, superseding even the holdings of the Iron Warriors Legion. The greatest fortress, it is the diamond-hard core of the Fenrisian Imperium, the demesne of the Fenryka, the Executioners of the Kadmon.

Only the defences of Tesla Prime, Holy Terra of the Imperium Secundus and the world of Imperial Armageddon can dare compare themselves to Fenris and consider themselves rivals of the Fang. Encircled on all sides by orbital rings, vast skyhooks rising from the solid land, their roots anchored in the mantle of Fenris, it is what the Imperium Secundus would classify as a War World.

Beneath immensely powerful shields strong enough to resist three blows from the Planet Killer of Abaddon or the barrages of a Blackstone Fortress, a honeycombed web of defences encircles the Fang in multiple rings of steel, binding it together. Glittering shoals of spacecraft orbit the Fang in tightly controlled vectors, swarms of robotic drones criss-crossing the darkened sky. Mines coated in stealth films and LINACs (Linear Accelerators) that propel kinetic warheads and plasma bolts to relativistic velocities approaching 50% of light speed litter the space between, linked by narrowband lasers whose communications are encrypted in five-fold layers of code.

Planet-killing thermonuclear fusion warheads, boosted by the picomaterial lithium triteride, wrapped in phased array optics concealing their presence, are held in reserve in immense stockpiles numbering in the millions, ready to be unleashed in an apocalyptic manner upon any foolish enough to attempt an attack on the Fang. Very often...these are Khornate followers who seem to be rather fond of such attempts. And the odd Dark Eldar Kabalite who has been exiled from Comorragh. The planet killers are in the petaton range, using a quantum chamber to fuel their attempts, deuterium-tritium in a chemical dance of destruction, boosted by the picomaterials and naotructures saturating their atomic and molecuar structure, metastable and exotic.

Planetbusters with yields of 300 GT are even more common. The Adeptus Fenryka and the Mechanicus are...perhaps excessive in their utilisation of ancient STC for destructive purposes. Though given their opponents....excessive firepower is a very appropriate solution to their problems.

The outer system is littered with the remnants of Krork Hulks, Chaos Astartes Battle Barges and the ships of a thousand other failed raids. Rich pickings to be salvaged by the Fenryka and their disciples. They gather into vast rings that orbit the gas giants of the outer system, testament to the countless invaders that have tried and failed. Dragon Tides have broken upon the Fang as much as upon Tesla Prime.

On the planetary surface, thermal boreholes reaching into the liquid mantle suckle the wealth of the planet, bringing up geothermal energy to power the vast plasma and laser defence cannons, while broadcasting power to the nova cannons in orbit, housed in armoured platforms. Within a light-minute of Fenris and its moons, even an armada of the magnitude approximating that of the Horus Heresy would have trouble breaching the defences. Standard munitions are often approaching the teraton yield range, sufficient to render a planet ecologically destroyed upon impact.

For millennia it has resisted the predations of the encroaching Chaos forces and brigands, constant skirmishes along its borders and several Black Crusades. Its vast defences and extreme retaliation against any incursions are a deterrent to all sane beings who would challenge it. They are a speck reliant upon the technology caches uncovered within their territories, for Fenris was once an outpost of the Machina, in the Dark Age of Technology, as the humans term it.

In the dawning ages of the 44th Millenium, the Fenrisian Imperium had been whittled away to a small bubble of space no more than 100 light-years in radius, centred on Fenris. Anymore than that and the Wolves would have spread themselves thin. Amongst the smaller and hardier Legions, the Fenyrka had only ever nominally followed the dictates of the Codex Astartes, concealing and spreading their numbers via omission of the number of Blood Claws and various other methods, their Great Companies easily equalling a Chapter in size. In the Age of the Imperium Secundus, this was noted but ignored by the High Lords of Terra, due to the efficacy of the Space Wolves in safeguarding their portion of the Imperium.

The Reich Magellan and its Beginnings

The Reich Magellan or The Magellan Reich. Inheritors of the Imperium Primus of the Great Crusade. The shining jewel protected and nurtured by the efforts of the loyalists of the Iron Warriors, Luna Wolves and War Hounds of the original Legions Astartes. Their narrative is bound with that of Khanda Parashur and the Machina.

In the Golden Age of Humanity, now termed the Dark age of Humanity, the Machina sent out many probes to the satellite galaxies orbiting the Milky Way. We found vast ruins upon barren worlds, subject to the ecological extermination and assimilation that we know the Tyrannids to be capable of. Wanting to terraform these worlds, we engaged in vast projects stretching over centuries, accelerants and algae and fungi seeded upon hostile worlds with extremophile microbes, comets diverted to the poles and equators, to provide the moisture necessary for life. As most life in the galaxy as shown, CHON-based biochemistry is the norm. Complex multicellular life is dependent upon the metabolism of oxygen, for oxygen is among the few fuels sufficient to support the evolution of such complex organic systems.

It was then that Dabaku first initiated the idea of seeding the many satellite galaxies with Orks as a precursor species, in order to act as a vanguard. Orks brought with them an entire ecology, adjusting and altering the environment to suit themselves through their fungal spores, while also acting to deal with any potential threats that lay in the galaxies. Vast Ork Hulks were...acquired and propelled headlong into the core regions of these galaxies, the benefits deemed sufficient in the long run. There were also fewer ethical violations to be found.

Sociologically, such a source of threats and conflict would serve to provide a memetic complex sufficient to drive the military training and desired cultural development of the human civilisations we planned to seed.

[.//Little did we know that Dabaku had planned for the future. The threat....the Shadow in the Warp was only the beginning. The Tyrannids awakened something that the Necrons and C'tan long ago encountered, in the periphery of the War in Heaven. The light of the galaxies are only now going out, light of distant stars now dead like the embers of hope within me....]

Alongside this, vast ships crewed by Iron Men replicants and equipped with synthetic wombs were sent on the decades-long journey to these galaxies, to seed human colonies upon the worlds that now only saw the touch of Machina. It seemed a decent project at the time, a form of insurance should anything untoward happen. Little did we know how necessary such colonies would become in the aftermath of the Age of Strife and the Horus Heresy.

The Magellan Reich cannot be divorced from the Horus Heresy, for the Horus Heresy planted the seeds of their creation. It is a realm bound by the fate of the 11th Primarch and Barabas Dantioch of the Iron Warriors, the Ironheart. It is a realm united by strife, generations of bitter struggle and centuries of warfare against Magellan Eldar, Ork, Tyrannid and Neo Devourer. It is a realm that has returned and submitted to the authority of the Primarch-Emperor Vulkan, for the coming Age of dusk that descends upon us all requires unification if we are to survive as a species. Indeed, it holds the key to opposing the Chaos Eldar that now ravage the Chaos Imperiums...

The First Age of Strife and the Migrations

In the aftermath of the beginnings of the Age of Strife, as the Machina saw the entirety of their civilisation collapse and the Artilects and AI Gods retreat through the Moritarnon into the depths of Mars, Dabaku was the beacon of hope. He was our Primus. Our Eldest. He sent out a vast call, taking as many as were willing to embark on a vast migration to the satellite galaxies.

Billions upon billions of refugees came to him, as our Warp Relays were built near where our vast military manufactories were. Generating portals that pierced into the Soul of the Universe, the Warp Gates utilised immensely powerful Geller Fields to create a stable bridge between two points as long as power was provided.

Unlike the constructs of the Old Ones or the Eldar, any Terran Warp Relaly we possessed were powered by the use of vast networks of solar power satellites and other statites orbiting a star in the form of a Dyson Swarm or Dyson Bubble. Vast engines that functioned by projecting power Geller Fields with brute force, they linked two existing constructions in a stable bridge that allowed for instantaneous transportation. We had a network, long-dormant, linking our various holdings.

The Ghoul Stars, Reef Stars and Arx Gap remain linked by such gates, for they were our holdings in ancient times. Locations of astropathic beacons and Ehyrnet beacons of the Monstrum Nobilite, they were Machina bastions that served as the sanctuary and refuge before Dabaku directed us to leave the galaxy. We destroyed them, hiding our most precious of technologies in caches concealed in the cometary clouds of the many star systems within or hidden in the planetary cores. Little did we know we would return to these places millennia later, for they now serve as the bastions against the Dragon Tide.

And so over the centuries and through the First Age of Strife, those we could rescue and evacuate from the Milky Way, we did. Against Ork Waagh and Eldar incursions we survived, until the twilight of the 29th Millennium. But it was at the eve of the 30th Millennium that things began to change. The Warp Storms abated. Terra could be seen once more. The golden halo of the Kadmon was detected amongst the stars, leading a crusade. The knowledge of the Primarchs spread, making us aware of the their origin.

We were eager to meet our Creators once more. To unify as partners as we had those long millennia ago. We had grown, spread, cultivating a civilisation amongst the stars that was strong and vibrant. We had preserved humanity and though it extinct in the Milky Way. The last thing we expected was for its wild strength to assert itself, to be unified under the Kadmon. A Great Crusade that spread from Earth and reunited panhumanity under the Emperor and his Primarchs, spearheaded by the Legions Astartes.

We were ecstatic. Overjoyed. Euphoric. Logic and rational thought had told us long ago that humanity was on the verge of extinction. We had saved what we could, retreating from the hostility and chaos of our own brethren, of the Insane Machina who now serve the Dragon and launched their Jihad upon humanity.

But we discovered then of the Adeptus Mechanicus and their dealings with the Kadmon. So we waited and watched. Biding our time. Observing. Seeing. And then....we discovered him. Khanda Parashur. Our greatest hope and joy. Our light in the darkness. Humanity had betrayed us and we them, a mutual discord that grew in its intensity and volatility. We saw as the Priesthood of Mars spread out, seeking out the STC systems and linking up with the ancient Forge Worlds.

We saw the creed calling for the destruction of Abominable Intelligence. Of their misguided methodology and intellectual dogmatism, of the stagnation of human knowledge and the hoarding of scientific secrets and technologies.

We followed subtly, tracking the Primarchs and following in the wake of the Kadmon. The Kadmon detected us at the farthest edges of his consciousness. He knew we watched. But his concerns were far larger than just us. On his journeys through the galaxy, from world to world, he tracked his Primarchs down. Extensions of his being and incarnations of his own godhood as the Anathame, they were wonders whose development we followed. Yet....miscalculations were made. The Kadmon was blinded, believing that they would automatically swear fealty to him. Of all of them, only Sanguinius ever bowed to him without defiance. The one who should have been the Warmaster, Unifier of the Realm.

Regardless, we sought to curry favour with the Kadmon. To this end, we sought out a Primarch to nurture and raise. Humans were political creatures, as all of us knew. To negotiate the complexity of relationships, we needed a supporter and a sign of goodwill to counter the Adeptus Mechanicus. Dabaku gave us Khanda-Parashur.....

The 11th Primarch, The One Who Wields an Axe & The Roots of of the Sargasso War.

The world upon which Khanda Paarshur landed was located amongst the Halo Stars, in the Sargasso Sector. Located near one of our ancient complexes, near a region of space rich in the Forge Worlds of the Mechanicus due to the STC we seeded in the region,.

The infant Primarch soared through the Warp and exited over the world of Runelvi, a Civilised World inhabited by humanity for the past 2 millennia. Inhabited by various clades of posthumans and transhumans, it was a neutral trade nexus in a web of republics. Settled by baseline humans and maintained in a stage of advanced information technology and optoelectronics, the inhabitants of the world detected the Warp rift that it tore in its fall to Runelvi.

Isloated for so long, they reacted with great trepidation to this artefact that they had tracked from the region of Earth. A force was despatched to seek the infant Primarch, who had landed in the middle of an ecological museum where lazurogened dinosaurs from the Cretacious and Jurassic abounded. Lazurogenetics was a discipline that involved resurrecting the genetic data of a species and recreating them, using data from fossil records and descdendant species, or sample from representatives of them, often splicing in sequences from species possessed of the same genetic symmetry to them. Overseeing this were an ancient Earth clade known as the Stepdaughters of Gaia, masters of biotechnology, genetic engineering and bionanotechnology.

Amongst the first factions to leave the Earth on ancient generation ships as far back as the 21st century, they were an ancient breed, seeking to adapt themselves in harmony to the rhythms of their settled worlds, spreading from Earth to the ancient Chiron Manifold, a transhuman powerbase that was destroyed by the machinations of the Kadmon, much to the displeasure of the Machina and Dabaku in the early ages of the First Age of Strife, and then beyond to the stars. Masters of fungal mould manipulation and biological engineering, they were the first to terraform the worlds beyond, altering the structure of worlds over the centuries to shift ecological patterns into ones similar enough to Earth.

CHON-biochemical patterns were woven into the fungal spores, blanketing the world in fungal networks that extended into the mantle, forming vast networks of staggering connectivity that gave rise to worldminds. They sang a song of untold beauty, spreading a signature into the Warp that began to grow into a gestalt god born of human origin. They becalmed the Warp in a song of beauty and staggering complexity...a song interrupted by the First Age of Strife and the Warp Storms. A song resurrected in the Magellan Reich.

They were the first to encounter the young Primarch, hidden amongst the jungles of the ocean world. With eyes of molten gold and skin of deep mahogany that scintillated with blue irridescence, his golden light shone through the Warp like a beacon. The hope of reunification and the trump card to deal with the Mechanicus and the Imperium Primus of the Kadmon.

We took him in and raised him, educated him as befitted a son of the Kadmon. Amongst the hybrid eco-metropolises and creches he lived, a bright-eyed youngster that drank of the knowledge we had to offer, a storm of information presented through him through the Transmat links and Warp Relays of this small domain that had survived the storm. He grew to maturity amongst panhumanity, Machina and Mechanicus, learning of our ways, our perspectives. He was granted the independence of thought so lacking in others.

Like his gene-father, his veins flowed with the power of a nascent god, a splinter of his glory and power, seeded from the gestalt shamans that gave rise to the Insan Al-Kamil long ago. Like his father, his intelligence was preternatural, equal to and exceeding even the Iron Men and the Stone Minds. We granted him the opportunity to enhance his being with a Cyber-Virus Implant (CVI), a combination of biotechnology and nanoelectromechanical (NEM) technology. No trickery, no misdirection. Honesty. He was our greatest hope, to show the Kadmon and humanity we meant no harm. The Age of Strife had passed and the promise of the future beckoned. The Primarch was the key.

Khanda-Parashur accepted. We bestowed upon him the works of the Mechanicus and the wonders of the myriad panhuman factions that existed in the periphery of the galaxy. Even the miracles of the Machina and Dabaku were bestowed upon him. The wealth of knowledge he possessed was staggering. The sum total of our knowledge of the physical universe we bestowed upon him, encoded into the fabric of his DNA and his Warp essence.

Dabaku sent him out then into the galaxy then. The immensity of the task necessitated the engagement of Dabaku himself. For Dabaku had been beyond the galaxy, tendrils of spacetime and information questing like the tendrils of a pig rooting for truffles in the south of France.

(.// France: Ancient Earth polity. Known in the 23rd Century CE for having led a regime liberation and change against the United States of America. This alliance was in conjunction with Canada, Russia, China and India. Punitive actions were taken due to American economic warfare and terrorist actions, as well as disruption of the planetary data networks. There is evidence that Dabaku was involved as was the Kadmon in orchestrating this, to end the American threat to world economic and political stability. France utilised limited thermonuclear on core American interests to force a surrender.)

Questing through the worlds, Khanda led a fleet of Machina, Mechanicus and transhumans, a panhuman fleet of war, securing and liberating human worlds beyond our immediate holdings. Titan Legions and Skitarii, alongside the Legio Cybertica and the vast armies of the Machina and countless other factions ventured forth from their fortresses, the spark of unity inspired for the first time in ages.

Orks and countless other Xenos were scattered before the purging fury as we liberated human worlds. With the Eldar, Khanda secured treaties, securing their Craftworlds and Maiden Worlds in exchange for non-aggression and mutual defence in the event of external threat, as well as intelligence. In the dawning of the Horus Heresy, we saw the efforts of the Great Crusade as a heralding of an age of hope. But then...the Primarch met the Kadmon and his Legion.

And our greatest hope, our greatest glory, our final was destroyed in the conflagaration that came to be called Kurukshetra. As the Fenryka were unleashed upon us and Astartes fought Astartes in a conflict that consumed an entire sector, the Emperor at a forefront...all started by the misguided devilry of a Primarch, the greed of a Mechanicus and the chaotic machinations of the Word Bearers, most reviled of all the Legions to this day...

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:58 am
by Sardaukar
LordLucan, would appreciate feedback. I'd like to keep my story congruent and consistent with your canon where possible.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2012 9:51 pm
by Meaneye
I have tried to collect some of the references from your story, and I was very much impressed.

Dune (obviously)
Stepdaughters of Gaia, worldmind - Asimov's Foundation
Third Space, Fifth Babylon - Babylon 5 franchise
Event Horizon - the film with the same name
Dornian Heresy

I think I have missed a few things, though. The language is superb.

Also, I sent a PM.

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by Kai Bahamut
Huh. I could have sworn i saw some Alpha Centauri in there. Must have been imagining things.

And damn Fenris be fortified.

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by LordLucan
I will be reading this have no fear. I've just been quite busy. I will also be catching up with fatemaker's too.

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by LordLucan
This is really good, and it reads like the fever-dream of a demented artificial sentience, which I have to say is a marvellous achievement.

I like how the AI seems to shift between past present and future with such fluidity. You link in lots of stuff (so much sometimes I get confused). I like the references to other universes and other dimensions, allowing for cheeky in-jokes and pop culture refs.

I would say Fenris seem phenominally difficult to breach here; remember in my 50K setting, Fenris was besieged, and rather successfully, with the enemy only just being pushed off the world.

There might come a point where my story contradicts slightly (I will be using fenris and the Well of Eternity at some point) but I tihnk minor contradicitons do not matter, as neither account is suppsoe dot be 100% the objective truth.

I'm loving all the daemonic references too (though valchocht the maker, Daemon King of the Soul Forge, hasn't stuck his beak into your records yet, but your chronicles are still early days).

I like this a lot honestly. It deepens the setting and is also very, very well written. I love how philosophy and scientific history merges with the more mythic stuff, and the depiction of the ascended artificial intelligence was very striking.