[Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 15th Post )

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[Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 15th Post )

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Post 1

This is a story set in an Alternative Universe if you will. I hope you will enjoy the adventure nontheless, even if there are crude deviations from former canon and such. Though, with all SW Lore nowadays having been declared "Legends" I figured why not. It's a fun exercise if anything.


Chapter 1;
The Dark Side Rises


The light courier of the Corellian Hawk series of vessels swept in towards the planet, having left hyperspace just moments before. Traffic was thick around the planet, trade and commerce conducted night and day all over Cato Neimoidia. And no wonder, seeing as the planet was serving as headquarters for the Trade Federation, an economical alliance with more than two-thousand member-worlds. Among the most influential guilds in the Old Republic, the Trade Federation had grown into a corner-stone for trade and transportation all over the galaxy, and as such, held great power over the Galactic Senate.

The light courier flew in over the great city of Zarra, one of the largest archway-cities ever built, and circled to land. The city was hanging from massive arches that spanned across an immense canyon, and because of this design neimoidian cities were often called bridge-cities. Towers and citadells extended down from the archways like skyscrapers of other cities, connected by bridges, walkways, catwalks and monorails at every level. Along the topmost curve of the archways, several landingplatforms were located, recieving transports, cargo-haulers and freighters, among a forest of antennas, radar-dishes, communication-relays and control-spires.

The courier found a place to land and settled down on the assigned platform. A small group exited the vessel, hidden by hoods and cloaks as they made their way over to the elevator that would take them down into the hanging city.

*** ***
A green-plated protocol-droid guided one of the cloaked and hooded figures into an impressive lounge with expensive furniture, large windows overlooking the massive canyon, large chandiliers in the ceiling and artwork along the walls worth a fortune.

"Senator Borsk Fey'lya of Bothawui, my lord" the droid said and the man following him pulled his hood and cloak to the side, revealing himself to indeed be a bothan.

The bothan adjusted his coat and brushed some dust from its sleeves. He took note of the strange creature standing on its own to the side, all dressed in black, robes, cloak and hood, its features hidden behind a simple yet sinister mask of four golden bars running horizontally across the face, a face hidden beneath a black mesh that obscured the creatures eyes. At the far end of the room, by the large windows that overlooked the impressive canyon, an old man stood with his back towards the bothan, dressed in simple garbs and an old and worn cloak.

"Welcome senator" the man by the window said, his voice that of confidence and assurance. "I have been expecting you for some time now." He turned to reveal his gray beard and face that spoke of decades of accomplishment and eyes radiating with experience and vitality.

"Count Dooku" the bothan said and offered a slight bow in a meager gesture of respect. "You are not surprised to see me here, on Cato Neimoidia?"

"Not at all" Dooku said. "It was only a matter of time before the bothan spy-network connected the dots and wanted to know more. And now you are here, as it was forseen."

Borsk Fey'lya, representative to the Senate on behalf of Bothawui, casually walked around the lounge as if having a true interest in its details. "The Joined Nations of Bothawui have grown somewhat concerned, I must admit" the bothan then said. "You are the personal advisor of Nute Gunray, Trade Monarch of Neimoidia and Viceroy of the Trade Federation. One of the galaxys most powerful individuals listen to your council."

"Hardly a crime, is it?" Dooku thought aloud. "With prudent advice, I hope that the Federation might be of some actual use to the galaxy."

"What is troubling is that we have found evidence that you are in contact with key members of Black Sun, count" Fey'lya then said. "Count Dooku, you must admit that you understand why Bothawui finds it all... uncomfortable... that you are doing business with one of the largest criminal organisations in the galaxy."

"And Bothawui regulary does business with the Hutt clans" Count Dooku countered. "I will confess, senator" Dooku said as he followed the bothan with his eyes, "I knew the bothans would discover my actions and because of that I have included you in my plans. Without Bothawui, I can not succeed."

"We are flattered, count" Fey'lya said with a smile. "You have been wise not to underestimate the effectiveness of our spy-network and the capabilities of our agents."

"The Old Republic as we know it has grown fat and dull" Dooku explained. "It is crippled by corruption and overrun with beaurocrats. Greed, self-interest and deception has become the most prevailing virtues in the Republic Senate. Smugglers and pirates roam freely in entire sectors, the Hutts operate unopposed and organisations such as Black Sun have grown into fierce and far-reaching entities spreading crime and anarchy. For the past century, it has become tradition for the Senate to elect a Supreme Chancellor without the stamina or courage to stand up against the corruption that has crippled the Republic. Senator Fey'lya, you yourself pay handsome bribes to Chancellor Valorum, do you not?"

"Unconfirmed rumors. Slander and lies spread by those who would benefit to see a weak and impotent Bothawui" the bothan senator explained, his words all too clearly well rehearsed.

Dooku walked over to a console and pressed a series of keys. "The Republic needs new leadership. The galaxy needs it" the elderly man said and turned to face the bothan once more. "The Old Republic is sick and ill, unable to provide any form of security. What the galaxy requires is a new order, a New Republic to replace the old, that is capable of creating a safe and secure society."

"You intend to become chancellor?" the bothan senator asked, a bit surprised.

"No, senator" Dooku smiled like a predator on the prowl. "I have no such ambitions. I all want is to provide safety, strong leadership and lasting peace."

"And how will you create this New Republic?" Fey'lya wondered.

"The Senate has provided us with an opportunity" Dooku said. "The new taxes on the Republic major trade-routes has caused enough turmoil to allow us to make our move."

Borsk Fey'lya thought upon it and wondered what the count might be up to. "Please explain."

"As you wish" Dooku said with a sinister smile. "Senator Sheev Palpatine of Naboo gathered enough support from the smaller systems to manage to get the new legislation approved by the Senate."

Fey'lya nodded. "I am well aware of the Taxation Amendment."

Dooku nodded. "The Trade Federation will, in response to the new taxes, place Naboo under blockade and prevent all trade with the planet."

"In accordance with the Protection Act" the bothan senator understood the move quickly enough. "Protecting economical interests with the use of firearms, and the Trade Federation will make their case that Naboo have threatened the Federations economical interests by forcing new taxes on them."

"Indeed" Dooku said and offered the bothan a simple nod in honor of the senators quick insights. "The Trade Federation will then present a treaty to Naboos monarch and force her to sign it, and by doing so legally annex Naboo into the fold of the Federation" Dooku continued. "It will be seen as a clear act of revenge by the Federation on Naboo by many in the Senate and I have already secured the cooperation of the senator of Falleen to act on it. Falleen will demand a Vote of No Confidence against Valorums weak and dysmal leadership and have him removed from office. His term as chancellor these past six years have been a parody and an affront to the office he was voted into. Having Valorum removed will be all too easy."

Fey'lya nodded as he listened. "And with Valorum gone, Senator Nueb of Cato Neimoidia will be elected the next Supreme Chancellor of the Old Republic and Nute Gunray will have his pawn governing us all."

"Not at all" Dooku said and truly surprised the bothan senator. "The members of the Trade Federation will place their votes on Senator Palpatine of Naboo."

"Palpatine?" Borsk Fey'lya sat down in one of the sofas rather casually. The bothan had to admit he was somewhat intrigued by the counts plan. "So you will force Naboo to join the Federation and then install the Naboo senator as chancellor? To what end?"

"Palpatine is a nabooan" Dooku said. "They are all naive and compassionate, which will suit our needs when the time comes. Once Palpatine is in power, I will persuade him to pass a law to ensure that all sentients will have representatives in the Senate so that all may speak freely in the Senate."

"That will mean alot of new senators" Fey'lya said as he thought upon the massive beaurocracy it would require to go through with such a thing.

"A quarren senator, for instance" Dooku pointed out as he slowly paced back and forth.

"Quarren?" The bothan nearly laughed out loud. "The Mon Cal will never allow the Quarren to have a voice in the Senate. And the Mon Cal have too much influence over the Aquatic League for any of its members to support such a turn of events. And what's more, the planet of Champala, the leader of the Aquatic League, holds the position of Vice-Chancellor and Speaker in the Senate. The Quarren will never have a senator of their own, their advesaries are simply too powerful to let it ever happen."

"As we hope them to be." Dooku was clearly pleased as he listened to the bothans assessment of the political situation, the current state of the Republic serving his interests for the time being. "Once the Quarren proclaim their own senator to speak on their behalf, the Mon Cal will take action and draw on the support of the Aquatic League. In response, the Trade Federation will lend its support to the Quarren to secure their rights to be represented by a senator of their own."

Borsk Fey'lya stroked the goatee he sported, as all bothans did. "That would start a conflict of interest between the Trade Federation and the Aquatic League" he said. "And to avoid a war, the Jedi would get involved to secure peace."

"Only if the Aquatic League stood united and requested protection from the Republic."

Borsk Fey'lya realized what Count Dooku was planning. "Something tells me you have secured an alliance with certain members of the League? The aquatics maybe, who happen to have strong objections to the amphibians governing the League for the past decades."

Dooku nodded. "When the League requests aid from the Republic to avoid an armed conflict, planets such as Haj, Aborre and Kust will support the Quarrens position."

"And split the Aquatic League" Borsk thought aloud. "But how will this in the end rid the Republic of its corruption?"

"With the League disbanded, the aquatics will join the Trade Federation and together they will aggressively move in on markets important to the amphibian worlds."

"Wouldn't that turn public opinion against the Federation?" Borsk Fey'lya said, trying to imagine how this plan could free the Republic of the greed that had corrupted it. "The Federation would have a puppet serving as chancellor and would have quite bluntly ruined a rival guild and turned members of that guild into vassals, only to cripple the remaining members of the League financially and deliberately. It would turn the Senate against the Federation, surely?"

"Most deffinately" Dooku simply replied.

"But it would cause turmoil and opposition. Aggression even" Borsk said as he thought upon the probable outcome. "It could even lead to... war... civilwar." Borsk could not believe what Count Dooku seemed to be planning.

"A war that will wash away all the sins of old" Dooku stated coldly. "In the fires of warfare, the weak shall be purged, the insignificant will be cast aside and disloyal shall be destroyed. In the end, what will remain is a galaxy ready to start anew. A galaxy ready to enter an era of peace and stability."

Dooku was interupted by his protocol-droid as it walked up to him and whispered in his ear. Dooku allowed a grim smile to slowly take hold over him.

"A galaxy ready to be guided into the future by my master" the count then said.

"Your master?" Borks Fey'lya inquired. "Surely not the viceroy?"

"No, senator" Dooku grinned. "Someone far more powerful."

The lights dimmed and a holographic projection appeared in the lounge, depicting a man in cloak, robes and hood sitting in a chair, his face obscured by a frightening mask that seemed to have emerged straight out of a nightmare.

As the projection spoke, its voice filled Borsk Fey'lya with fear and intimidation.

"Senator" the holographic transmission said, "I am pleased to finally have this conversation with you."

The bothan senator slowly got up on his feet, glancing at Dooku and robed bodyguard dressed in black. "Wh... who... are you?" he eventually managed to utter as he turned to face the frightening image.

"I am your lord and master, senator. I am Darth Sidious."

Fey'lya felt his pulse rush and adrenaline fill his veins, he wanted out, he wanted to escape. "Why should I recognize you as my superior? You're nothing but a faceless transmission."

"You will learn not to underestimate my power" the projection said, its voice sending chills down Borsks spine.

The holographic image of the mysterious man in the chair clearly depicted him gently extending his hand in the direction of the bothan. Suddenly, and Borsk Fey'lya could not explain why, but the bothan could not breathe, an iron grip was tightening around his throat. Deprived of air, panic filled his mind and his eyes were alight with desperation. He could not breathe, somehow he was being strangled to death.

"From now on, you will kneel in my presence" the masked and hooded Darth Sidious said, his sinister voice calm and cold. "From now on, you will call me... Master."

Borsk Fey'lya fell over as the grip around his throat suddenly vanished. The bothan, sitting on his knees, took deep breaths to compensate the loss of air mere moments before.

The projection leaned back into his chair quite casually, resting comfortably in his seat. "Senator Borsk Fey'lya, from now on you and your bothan spy-network work for me. You will report to Count Dooku and you will follow his instructions when they are given. Rest assured, senator, that loyal service will be rewarded. Fail me... and you will die."

The holographic transmission ended and the projection disapeared, fading into thin air. Count Dooku looked upon the terrified bothan with amused and sinister eyes. The senator was now ready to do his part to make sure the plan would succeed. The green protocol-droid moved on over to its master and adressed the count.

"My lord, it concerns the presence you mentioned earlier."

"What of it?" Dooku said, showing the droid great interest all of a sudden.

"Well, sire, I believe we have located the source."

*** ***
Robed and hooded, a greenskinned Nikto made his way through the cities hanging bridges, Zarras toxic waste pouring down in great waterfalls amidst powercables and piping. The wind pulled on the fabric of his robes while speeders and shuttles transported cargo dozens of yards beneath his feet. His steps were determined and he tossed a glance over his shoulder every now and then with his dark, obsidian eyes. His worst fears had come true and he needed to get back to his ship to inform the Jedi High Council of his findings.

The Kadas'sa'Nikto slowed down as he made his way onto a platform. The reptilian sensed something, a presence, a dark ripple in the fabric of the Force. A great threat. Pulling his robe to the side, he freed a device from his belt and activated it, gripping it tightly with his clawed hands. The purple blade of pure energy errupted out of the hilt and came to life with an electric humm.

"Grand Master Sifo-Dyas" a voice rang out, saturated with experience. "What brings you to Cato Neimoidia?" The man stepped out into view on a higher platform, hair and beard grey from age, eyes sharp with knowledge.

The niktos black eyes narrowed and its lips stiffened as he turned to face the new arrival. "Dooku."

"You are far way from Coruscant, old friend" Dooku said. "Surely, there must be a good reason for you visiting here."

"You know the reason... old friend" the nikto named Sifo-Dyas said with scorn. "I know why you are here and what you are planning." The allegation was combined with an accusing finger aimed at the former Jedi Knight.

Dooku theatrically appear astonished at the news. "I am merely providing council to the viceroy of the Trade Federation who happen to have his headquarters here."

Sifo-Dyas tightened his grip on his activated lightsaber. "Lies. I feel the hate in you, the anger."

Dooku merely smiled. "I left the Jedi Order many years ago. I no longer am as strict with the Jedi creed as I once was."

"I know what you are planning, Dooku" Sifo-Dyas announced. "And I will stop you."

"Please, old friend. Do not make us enemies."

"When you decided to turn on the Republic, you made us enemies" Sifo-Dyas said, keeping his calm as he relied on ancient mental methods of the Jedi to maintain focus. "I have sworn to protect the Republic, Dooku. I will let none destroy it. Not even you."

Dooku let out a sigh and shook his head. "If you will not see reason... then you will be destroyed."

Sifo-Dyas prepared himself for battle, but his attention was drawn to a doorway rather than the former jedi up on the balcony. Dressed in black robes and hood, the creatures face was obscured by a mask of golden bars overlayed onto black mesh. Sifo-Dyas was amazed at the rage he felt from the warrior before him, the hatred within its very core.

Dooku could not hide the pride in his voice. "May I introduce my apprentice."

The masked warrior pulled out and activated his own lightsaber, the blade glowing red and the hilt longer than average. Sifo-Dyas felt the creatures anger radiate with the Dark Side of the Force.

"Sith" the Grand Master of the Jedi Order uttered with a whisper.
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Post 2

Dooku's apprentice activated a second blade out of the opposite end of the hilt and then went to violent attack against his Jedi enemy. The two red blades of the twin-lightsaber spun, struck and stabbed, each blow masterfully parried by the purple blade of Sifo-Dyas lightsaber. A battle like this, between Sith and Jedi, had not been witnessed for centuries.

Dooku kept out of the way, only moving along the balcony to get as good a view of the battle as possible. Constantly, a wicked smile on his lips as his apprentice savagely lunged at the Jedi time and time again. The Sith warrior was like possessed, finally given the chance he had trained for for the greater part of his life. At last, he was allowed to do battle with a Jedi.

Sifo-Dyas was focused and at peace as he countered each attack or dodged out of the way. As his lightsaber connected with the Siths flashes and sparks errupted and illuminated the two combatants. The Jedi was patient, as any master would be, counter-attacking when given the chance. But his opponent was fierce, eager and skilled. Before long, Sifo-Dyas was forced out onto one of the numerous hanging bridges of the city, his enemys furious attacks relentless.

The Jedi eventually sprung his trap and made a sweeping strike that cut the bridge in half. Grabbing hold of the bridge, Sifo-Dyas swung down only to let go and leap onto a lower platform. Regaining his stance, the Jedi spotted the Sith clinging to the other half of the severed bridge. Sifo-Dyas hopes of seeing is opponent falling to his death foiled as Dookus apprentice started climbing back up the remains of the bridge. The Kadas'sa'Nikto hastily disappeared into the lower tunnels of the hanging city, pushing his way past homeless neimoidians who could not believe their eyes having witnessed the incredible battle.

*** ***
Sifo-Dyas moved through the city cautiously, ever aware of the ebb and flood in the Force. While his lightsaber was deactivated for now, the hilt was ever in his grip. The Jedi retrieved a comlink from his utility-belt as he took a look over his shoulder.

"Fu, come in."

"Listening" came the reply over the link.

The light freighter, known as Lady Aurora, was situated on one of the cities landingplatforms on the very highest levels of the main archway. Its pilot put on his headset as the comlink came to life.

"Come to my position as soon as possible" the voice of Sifo-Dyas sounded over the white-noise. "I am under attack."

Arren Fu came to life with a jolt and began the start-up sequence of his vessel.

Grand Master Sifo-Dyas stepped out onto a catwalk that followed the curve of the structure that was extending from the arch hundreds of yards above. The wind was strong, a monorail-train thundered past overhead, a flock of birds took to the skies. Sifo-Dyas was ever watchful of his surroundings as he made it further out onto the catwalk.

The lightsabers crossed paths and sparks and light errupted violently. The Sith acolyte was not held back by the onehundred foot fall he had taken to reach his target, nor had the Grand Master of the Jedi Order been taken off his guard. The deadly duel continued, blades of energy cutting through piping, railing and leaving glowing scars in the walls.

The mysterious warrior was a flurry of moves, spinning and slashing, stabbing and striking. The nikto was calm and calculating, countering rage with tranquility, hatred with focus, fierocity with clarity.

The Lady Aurora swept down and started hovering, gently rocking back and forth on unstable gravity-repulsors. Arren Fu could hardly believe his eyes as he watched from his cockpit the lightsaber-battle unfolding before him. The two Force-users were a blur of motion as they dodged, parried and struck. Fu tried to move in closer, hoping to somehow manage to help his employer. Focused on the viscious battle along the catwalk and avoiding pieces of the citys structure, Fu did not notice Dooku standing on a catwalk of his own overlooking the entire situation.

But Fu's attention was soon distracted by flashing lights in his cockpit warning him of incoming fighters. Within seconds the Lady Auroa was taking fire from two Y-wing class sweeping in towards Fu's ship and Arren was forced to abandon Sifo-Dyas, igniting his engines and taking off to escape.

As the Lady Aurora veered and dodged to evade incoming fire, Sifo-Dyas was pushed back by blow upon blow aimed at him by the Sith apprentice. Sifo-Dyas struck a series of powercables hanging low over their heads and as the cables fell down in a cloud of sparks and static electricity they forced the Sith warrior into a backflip in order to evade the deadly circuits. As the Sith found his footing again, he was instantly forced to duck the jedis spinning lightsaber spinning through the air in a wide arch until it returned to his grip. Next, the Sith apprentice used his twin-bladed lightsaber to strike three incoming pieces of debris out of the way that Sifo-Dyas had pulled from the surrounding structures and aimed at the masked warrior.

Arren Fu took his ship through tight turns and barrel rolls as he flew between the hanging towers of the city, closely followed by the hostile Y-wings piloted by neimoidians of the Trade Federation.

Dookus apprentice swung his weapon low, striking the flooring and threw splashes of hot molten metal at his enemy, Sifo-Dyas doing a backroll to evade the superheated drops of duranium and parried a series of incoming strikes from the Sith the moment he came up on his feet again. Sifo-Dyas took a serious kick to the chest that forced him back several steps, but the jedi was quick to in turn push his enemy back by striking him using the Force.

Arren Fu left the towers of the neimoidian city behind him and increased velocity as he flew deeper into the canyon. The Y-wings pursued, shooting with both fixed blasters and the topmounted turret, but the pilots had trouble keeping the small transport in their crosshairs. Suddenly the Lady Aurora took incoming fire from above as another pair of Y-wings had joined the chase, using their turrets to launch salvos of deadly blasterbolts down at Arren Fu from above.

Dookus apprentice threw himself at the jedi, but each of his strikes got deflected and parried. Suddenly, he only struck air as Sifo-Dyas jumped high and backflipped, landing on a balcony several yards above. The Sith warrior lept after his target and when he landed there was no sign of the jedi. The Sith apprentice slowly advanced, twin-bladed lightsaber held ready as he glanced left and right with each step, careful not to walk into an ambush.

Arren Fu dodged as many blasterbolts as he could, but slowly but surely his shields were being weakened by the combined firepower of four Y-wings and their blastercannons.

Dooku watched from his elevated position as his eager and viscious apprentice cautiously tried to locate their enemy. Dooku realized however that he no longer was alone and turned around as Sifo-Dyas stepped out into view from a doorway, joining Dooku on the platform.

"It is over, Dooku" the nikto said, gripping his activated lightsaber with both hands.

"Is it?" Dooku said, sarcasm thick in his words. "Tell me, why is the Grand Master of the Watcher disciplin sneaking around on Cato Neimoidia looking for enemies of the Republic. Surely that is the domain of the Jedi affiliated with the Ranger disciplin, is it not?"

"All jedi are sworn to seek out the enemies of peace and justice" Sifo-Dyas replied.

Dooku allowed himself to laugh and smile, then shook his head. "No one knows you are here, do they?" With that, Dooku brought out his own lightsaber and ignited its crimson blade. "You Watchers always were too paranoid for your own good. And now... It will be your undoing."

Dooku and Sifo-Dyas engaged in battle, a deadly dance of precision, intuition and mastery. Below, the Sith warrior reacted to the clash of lightsabers and immediately hurried to join the fray.

Four Vulture-class fighter-droids caught up with the Y-wings chasing the Lady Aurora through the canyons and valleys, agile and swift they flew past the neimoidian pilots and engaged the fleeing transport. Arren Fu did his best to stay alive, but he could no longer keep his ship from avoiding the incoming volleys. The fighter-droids blasted the transport time and time again with volley after volley until the Lady Aurora lost and engine, an engine that within seconds detonated as its fuel-cells exploded. Arren Fu lost control, struggling to keep his ship flying without any hope of succeeding as the Lady Aurora spun violently, almost tumbling through the air before the ship eventually struck the rockface of the canyon and was blown asunder as a result.

Dooku and Sifo-Dyas managed to lock their lightsabers together, turning it into a contest of strength rather than skill. The heat from the blades crossing burned at their skin.

"You are weak" Dooku said through his teeth. "My hate has made me powerful. Even more powerful than a grand master of the Jedi."

"Hate is not power, Dooku" Sifo-Dyas said, focusing on remaining his calm. "Hate is corruption."

The lock ended and the fight continued with Dooku slowly forcing Sifo-Dyas backwards with each strike and blow. Dookus apprentice jumped into the fray without warning but Sifo-Dyas was too skilled a Jedi Knight to be taken off guard and managed to dodge and block all attacks aimed at him. But he was truly being tested to his limits as the two Sith were relentless in their efforts in killing the jedi.

Sifo-Dyas managed to land a punishing kick across Dooku's face, sending the former jedi reeling and crashing up against the railing of the platform. Dooku's lightsaber flew through the air and ended up in Sifo-Dyas grip and the jedi grand master took the fight to the Sith warrior now armed with two lightsabers, his own purple and Dooku's crimson. Sifo-Dyas went on the offensive and forced the masked student of the Dark Side into a long series of parries and dodges as the jedi grand master unleashed his full repetoar of attacks with his two lightsabers, slowly forcing the Sith apprentice towards the edge of the platform.

Dookus apprentice kicked himself away from the platforms railing into a leap high over Sifo-Dyas head, the dark warrior twisting in midair and landed behind the nikto. The twin-bladed lightsaber spun in the Siths hands as the jedi in a fluid motion turned to inflict further attacks, and Sifo-Dyas one arm was caught in the deadly whirlwind that was the double-bladed lightsaber.

Before the nikto had time to react to his horrid wound, the eager disciple of the Dark Side of the Force had Sifo-Dyas impaled through the gut to the hilt. Dookus student pulled his weapon free and Sifo-Dyas, in shock and disbelief, fell to his knees as smoke from his wounds filled his nostrils with the stench of charred flesh and boiled blood.

Sifo-Dyas looked up at the man standing before him. The feroscious warrior had taken a step back and made way for his master. Sifo-Dyas was breathing heavily, loosing his grip on his lightsabres hilt until he no longer had the strength to hold on to it. As he let go, Dooku shook his head.

"I truly did not want this, old friend" Dooku said, truly sounding regretful.

Sifo-Dyas could not tell if the former Jedi was sincere. "Yet... It happened..." he coughed and blood ran from his lips. "What does that... tell us... Dooku?"

Dooku seemed to throw his regretfulness to the side as his emotions turned cold and disturbing. "That name" he said, "no longer has any meaning to me." Using the Force, Dooku raised the Jedi by the throat, crushing the life out of the old master as he was elevated into the air. Dooku studied the Jedi Master for a brief moment, as if contemplating. Then, he spoke. "I am Darth Ahranus of the Sith."

Using the Force, Dooku tossed Sifo-Dyas to the side, sending him over the railing. The Grand Master of the Jedi Order closed is eyes and found peace, ignoring the pain, ignoring the fall, ignoring the ground racing up towards him. He focused on the Force, on peace of mind, on finding tranquility. Before the brutal end, he was at peace.

Darth Ahranus of the Sith, once known as Dooku and Jedi Knight, held a hand on the railing as he followed Sifo-Dyas deadly drop until the greenskinned nikto no longer could be seen with the naked eye.

"You did good, my young apprentice" Dooku said and turned to his desciple. "You have succesfully passed your final test. You are now a true Lord of the Sith, Darth Maul."

Darth Ahranus apprentice, Darth Maul, bowed in reverence. "Thank you, my master."
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Re: [Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( Post 3 )

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Post 3

The news-transmission displayed Corellian senator Garm Bel Iblis adressing the outcome of the most recent vote in the Senate of the Old Republic. Answering one question after another thrown at him by reporters and journalists how this latest legislation would affect Corellia, the cunning politican managed to keep himself from getting mired and bogged down with petty details.

"This is great!"

"What is?" a nautilan said and stuck his head, covered in oil, out of the open maintainence-panel in the floor.

"This is!" the captain of the vessel said and pointed at the holographic news-transmission. "The senate will increase taxes along all major trade-routes in the Republic."

"Ok" the nautilan said. "And this is great because?"

"Because" the captain said and cut the news-feed, "that means it will be more profitable to conduct trade with smaller systems. Local trade will sky-rocket."

"Still don't see how that affects us" the nautilan said. "This is Tatooine, you know."

The captain sighed. "Yeah, but we run shipping between Geonosis, Tatooine and Naboo. And if trade picks up on Geonosis and Naboo, so does contraband."

"Which means more profit for us" the nautilan grinned as he realized the percs of the new law.

"Precisely. I'm telling you, Eaden, things are looking up."

The nautilan shook his head and returned to maintainence. "You never know, Dash, you never know."

*** ***
Dash Rendar made his way down the sand-covered streets of Mos Eisley, the spaceport crowded with crews and merchants, lowlives and profiteers. The redheaded human entered one of the many cantinas the spaceport had to offer and found the man he was looking by one of the tables. All maner of sentients could be found here, most intoxicated with either alcohol or drugs. Holographic dancers performed on the bar itself, their revealing dresses hard to ignore.

"Have a seat, Rendar" the red-skinned nikto by the table said. "I have a smooth job for you this time."

"Sounds good" Dash Rendar said and sat down. "What's the job?"

"Simple deal" the Kaijan'sa'Nikto said and took a swipe of his drink. "Move ten crates of Slick to Geonosis, pick up a crate of baradium and ship it to Naboo where you will pick up sixteen crates of Spice and bring it back here."


"Two-hundred per crate of Slick, one-thousand for the crate of baradium and six-hundred for each crate of Spice. Twelve-thousand six-hundred in total." The red-skinned reptilian leaned back in his chair, sipping his drink.

Dash nodded, pleased by the numbers mentioned. "Dataries or duggats?"

The nikto chuckled. "What do you think?"

"Dataries" Dash said as he nodded. "You know, half of that will go to fuel-costs. I figure, perhaps another two-thousand wouldn't be too much to ask for."

"Dash, come on" the nikto shook his head and placed the drink on the table. "You know I can't do that. Jabba pays for these shipments and he is not one who negotiates payment."

"Atleast pay me upfront, Sharow" Dash pleaded. "You know I'll finish the run."

"Payment when the spice reaches Mos Eisley. As always" the nikto said smiling.

"Fine... So where do I pick up the Slick?" Dash sulked.

"Mos Espa" Sharow revealed, and as he did, he gave a matter some thought. "You want to earn some extra creds?"

"Always" Dash said and was growing interested, seeing that the nikto was up to something.

Sharow leaned forward and lowered his voice as Dash moved in close to listen. "Gardulla has a shipment that he needs to get to Geonisis, unnoticed if you catch my meaning."

"I take it that includes the Desilijic clan" Dash said, tossing a glance left and right to make sure no-one was taking an interest in the conversation.

Sharow simply nodded. "A data-tape to be more precise."

"How much?" the Corellian asked next.

"Fifty duggats" the nikto said, "but I can easily convince Gardulla to make it seventyfive."

Dash did a quick calculation in his head. "Almost twenty-thousand dataries? Makes you wonder what is on that data-tape" he grinned.

"All I know isb, if Jabba finds out I wont stay around on Tatooine, if you know what I mean."

Dash nodded and gave it some thought. "Hell, for seventyfive duggats, it's worth the risk."

A large ruckus interrupted their meeting as a knife-fight errupted at the far end of the cantina and soon evolved into a regular firefight. It was never dull having a drink in Mos Eisley.

Outrider was a heavily modified Corellian YT-2400 Light Freighter and crewed by Dash Rendar, Eadan Vrill and the repair-droid LE-BO2D9, affectionatelly called Leebo. Mos Espa was only a quarter of Mos Eisley in size and population, and while Mos Eisley was a spaceport that attracted the most notorious criminals in the Outer Rim, Mos Espa attracted nothing more than local farmers and drunks. And as it happened, Dash Rendar and his crew.

Outrider settled down halv a mile or so outside of town, in cover behind some dunes.

"I remember this place" Eadan said as he took a look out the cockpit at the glimpses of Mos Espa that could be seen in between the dunes. "I got robbed and stabbed here."

"I do believe you make that statement where ever we land" Leebo pointed out while going over the ships functions via the engineering-console in the cock-pit. "Statistically, it is highly improbable."

Looking over his shoulder at the droid, the nautilan was not amused. "Did you just call me a liar?"

Dash powered down the ship, tossing a glance at his co-pilot. "To be fair, Eadan, Leebo just pointed out that most people aren't dumb enough to get into knife-fights at every new destination they end up at."

"Correct, Master Rendar" Leebo said, never taking his lenses from his work. "I was merely pointing out your inferior intellect, Master Vrill."

Eadan growled. "You are dangerously close to a memory-wipe."

*** ***
Dash and Eadan disembarked and stepped out onto the hot sand, hands resting on their blasters holstered along their thighs. A cargo-speeder was approaching, the trailer loaded with ten crates. Gliding in to a halt a few yards away from the pilot and co-pilot, the creature sitting next to the driver of the speeder jumped out, or rather, flew out.

"Hold it, toydarian!" Dash ordered and he and Eadan tightened their hold of their blasters.

In response, the four youngsters that had followed the toydarian revealed their own weapons, two blaster-rifles and two blaster-pistols to be more precise.

"Easy now" the toydarian said and tried to calm the situation. "Let's not get hasty. We are all here to do business."

Dash squinted with his eyes as he studied the opposition. Teenaged kids, three humans and a rodian. Dash could take them on by himself and still not get a scratch.

"I was told that a rodian named Heegra was in charge of business in Mos Espa" Dash said.

"He is" the toydarian nodded. "Heegra asked me a favor to deliver the cargo to you. I am Watto, Watto Ossiki, and I have here ten crates from Gardulla."

"Alright, Watto" Dash said, ever keeping an eye on the armed youngsters. "Let's talk."

*** ***
The Corellian freighter took off once all the cargo had been loaded and stirred up a small vortex of sand and particles as it left the ground. The cargo-speeder was heading back to town and Watto was biting the duggat-strip he had earned for delivering the cargo to make sure it was authentic. The toydarian was one giant viscious grin as he held the stip up and studied it. On the trailer, three of the teenagers had settled down and placed their weapons to the side.

"That was alot of Slick" Kitster Chanchani said as he took a look at the Outrider as it grew smaller and smaller up in the sky.

"How do you know it was Slick?" the other human boy said.

"Come on Anakin" Kitster chuckled, "it's Gardullas prime source of income, everyone knows that."

The rodian boy named Wald could not help but laugh. "It certainly wasn't bantha poodoo."

They all laughed until Watto shouted back at them to keep their mouths shut. The boys instead settled down and waited for the speeder to get them back to town and Wattos shop. Anakin pulled his scarf up over his nose so he wouldn't have to breathe in every single grain of sand that was flying around. He glanced up at the tiny dot in the sky that was the corellian ship. One day he would fly a starship of his own, he was sure of it.
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Re: [Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 4th Post )

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Post 4

The red giant of Yavin took up much of the skies of its habitable moon, its pink ambiance covering the jungles in a soft light, day and night. The Jedi temple was as always a hub of activity as younglings, padawan-learners and padawans trained in all aspects of being a Jedi Knight. Some conducted obstacle-courses out in the jungle to build up their physique, others flew superfast speeders to train their reflexes and learn to trust their intuition and instincts, and as always, constantly supervised by their mentors, their masters, their teachers.

A light corvette of the Defender-class the Jedi Order utilized circled the temple before slowing down to land on one of the platforms along the higher levels of the structure. Once its landing-grear had touched down, the boarding-ramp lowered and the people onboard disembarked. Five left the ship and crossed the platform and headed for the temple, a large open doorway offered a way in and stepping through they found themselves in a large and impressive chamber, cavernous even.

Three dozen Jedi sat along the walls on thin pillows that barely made a difference against the cold hard rock that made up the floor of the chamber. The audience were mostly knights and master, but also a handfull of padawans that neared the day when they would face the trials to achieve knighthood.

The five arrivals walked across the room until they found themselves standing infront of eight Jedi seated in proper chairs arranged in a crescent shape.

"Grand Master Rahm Kota, on behalf of the temple, I welcome you" a bald and darkskinned jedi among those seated in chairs said to the man leading the five arrivals.

"Temple Master Windu" Kota replied, "it has been too long."

"Indeed it has, grand master" Mace Windu said and bowed out of respect for the grand master.

"It has been many years since I saw Grand Master Yoda in the flesh" Kota said and glanced to his right at three jedi positioned over by the wall. "As it is with Grand Master Kit Fisto."

Everyone turned their attention at the two grand masters that had kept a low profile by remaining by the wall. Grand Master Yoda was sitting in his mobile chair, resembling an astromech-droid without a head in many ways, leaning as always with both hands against his cane of platinum and adamantium.

"Grand Master Kota" Kit Fisto said, the nautilan smiling at his fellow grand master, "the High Council longs to see you in person on Coruscant. Your hologram is a poor substitute."

"Individuals, Rangers are" Yoda said. "Yet, duties, grand masters have aswell."

Rahm Kota offered his fellow grand masters a nod. "I shall en devour to attend the High Council more frequently. But surely, my absence from Coruscant is not of import here and now?"

"Indeed" Yoda acknowledged. "Coincidence, our presence is. Please, continue."

Rahm Kota turned to adress the eight chairs. "Masters, I bring to you the renegades Yolanda Barro and Ephrem Karalga, so that they may face your prudent judgment. They had made it as far as Dantooine."

Grand Master Kota stepped aside and allowed the two young teenagers that had accompanied him to step forward. Each of the teens had an older Jedi Knight close-by, as if being guarded or overseen. The girl soon became the object of everyones focus, or rather, what she was carrying in her arms attracted the attention of every Jedi present. A two month old child.

"Padawan-learner Yolanda" Temple Master Windu said, aiming stern eyes at the teenager. "Is the child yours?"

"It is" the girl said, almost defiantly.

"Padawan-learner Ephrem" Windu said next. "Are you the father?"

"I am, Master Windu" the boy admitted.

"You know the code" Windu said and rested his torso against the chair. "Our rules. Our laws. You have betrayed us all. You have betrayed the Jedi Order and you have betrayed the Old Republic. You have betrayed our trust. There is nothing you can say that will change this. You engaged in forbidden companionship, fully aware that it was a violation of our creed, and Yolanda became with child. When it could not be kept in the dark any more, you ran and fled, stealing a shuttle and became renegades. Rogue jedi that can not be trusted. Do you deny this?"

"No" Ephrem said, ashamed and embaressed.

"No" Yolanda said, displaying a hint of defiance.

Mace Windu sighed. "The Temple Council has decided that you are to be banished to the penal-world of Yggdral where you shall serve as keepers of the peace. You will use your skills to protect the weak and defend the downtrodden. Your efforts will bring law and order to the convicts of that world."

"And the child?" Yolanda asked, almost demanding an answer.

Mace Windu paused for a second or two before giving his answer. "The child will stay here as a youngling and will recieve our training. In time, the child will become a Jedi Knight."

"Don't you dare take my daughter from me!" Yolanda roared and held on to her baby tighter still. "Stay away from her!"

"It must be done" a besalisk jedi master, sitting next to Windu, said. "Without our guidance, your daughter will surely fall to the Dark Side."

"How dare you?!" Yolanda growled. "How dare you place judgment on an infant! The future is not set, it is always in motion! You do not know her fate!"

Jedi Master Lishno, a selkath of Manaan, shook her head with regreat. "Anger fills your heart, my child. Beware that should you turn to the Dark Side, it will forever dominate your destiny."

Yolanda held her child tight in her arms and shook her head in disbelief at the jedi masters. "Have you lost your mind? What you are witnessing is love, not darkness. This is love, not anger! This is love, not hatred! I am a mother, not a Sith!" She took a moment to calm herself. "It is not anger that fills my heart but love."

"Love is passion" one of the jedi masters said, the bith gesturing with his right hand as he spoke. "Passion is by its nature untamed, it is wild, it is arrogant, it is blind. You have become passionate, padawan-learner. You are wild, arrogant and blind. Are you telling me that you, in such a state of mind, could resist the temptations of the Dark Side? Drunk on your passion, can you see the difference between love and hate? In your arrogance, you have failed to realize that you are blind to the truth and that your mind has grown wild and desperate."

Mace Windu nodded in agreement. "It is the truth, padawan-learner. We will keep your daughter safe from the temptations of the Dark Side. I assure you."

Yolandas eyes gave away her desperation, she could not see a way out, no place to run, nowhere to hide, no chance of escape. "No!" she cried out. "You will not have her!"

A lightsaber was pulled from one of the witnessing padawans and ended up in Yolandas firm grip, the weapon igniting instantly and a bright yellow, golden almost, blade of energy shot out from the hilt to form the deadliest sword known to the galaxy. Yolandas eyes burned with the love for her child as she aimed the lightsaber straight out from her, the point of the weapon slowly aimed at each and everyone of her enemies.

"You will let me leave in Grand Master Kotas corvette" Yolanda demanded, "and you will not follow as I jump into hyperspace. You will leave me and my child alone. Do you understand? She is not yours to take. She does not belong to you!"

"Train her, you will?"

Yoda made slow progress, relying on his legs and cane for locomotion, as he walked over to the young woman who was desperately defending her daughter.

"Prepare her, you will?"

Yolanda knew all too well who it was she was confronted by, Grand Master Yoda had been the stuff of legends for the past seven-hundred years. She hesitated at first, but eventually dared to aim the tip of the stolen lightsaber straight at Yodas head.

"I will teach her" Yolanda said. "I will keep her safe."

"Safe from the Dark Side?" Yoda wondered and came to a halt, resting against his exquisite cane. "Safe from anger, hate, deception and jealousy you will keep her?"

Yolanda said nothing, she knew it would be impossible to try and keep her daughter from experiencing such incidents. Yoda sighed and grunted, slowly shaking his head as he did.

"Born of two jedi she is" Yoda then said. "Powerful she will become. Proper training she will need, requires guidance and supervision, or else to greed and ambition her powers will turn. Teach her self-control we will, learn she will to live with her powers. Understand she will, the ways of the Force."

"She is mine" Yolanda said, bursting into tears, barely able to hold on to the lightsaber in her hand.

Yoda slowly shook his head and aimed stern eyes at the young woman. "She is not. Strong with the Force the child is. A Jedi Knight she will become. Her destiny it is. Her future, young one, you will not share."

The lightsaber deactivated and fell to the floor as Yolanda dropped to her knees, hugging her child tighter than ever before, tears flowing without end from her eyes down onto her now screaming daughter. The childs father eventually managed to take the girl from her mothers arms and as he stepped away she folded over in misery. Ephrem was taken by the situation, but still he found the strength to perform his duty towards the Jedi Order and handed the two months old baby, his own daughter, over to the besalisk of the eight jedi masters that sat to pass judgment.

Yoda placed his hand on the ruined womans shoulder. "To Yggdral you will go. There, purpose you will find together with your friend."

*** ***
Grand Master Yoda and Kit Fisto were joined by Master Haraka and Temple Master Mace Windu out on a balcony. Overhead, the red giant of Yavin covered the skies and all around jungle covered hills and canyons as far as the eye could see. Flocks of birds moved in great clouds and animals sang to attract mates. The tranquility was only disrupted as Grand Master Kotas corvette took off to deliver the two young renegades to Yggdral.

"It has become more frequent, such incidents" the nautilan said. "For the past decade or so I would say."

"Right you are, Master Fisto" Yoda agreed and grunted. "More easily seduced by the Dark Side, our padawans have become."

Mace Windu could only agree. "The Dark Side has not been this strong for centuries. It clouds our padawans judgment and taunts their emotions to ignore their own will."

Master Haraka sighed. "That the Dark Side has grown so strong is a sign that many atrocities are commited in the galaxy. Murder, betrayal and war, greed and corruption. It all allows the Dark Side to breed and grow."

Kit Fisto nodded in response to the grim depiction. "A clear sign that the Republic and its senators have failed. That we have failed. We must turn the tide and soon."

"But how?" Haraka wondered. "By apointing our own chancellor? It is not our way."

"No, it is not" Yoda muttered. "And never shall be if the Dark Side we wish to destroy. Temple Master Windu, come we have to seek your guidance on matters that the Watchers concern."

Kit Fisto was next to speak. "Grand Master Sifo-Dyas has not been heard from and his fate can not be determined, even by the powers and insights of Grand Master Yoda. We must confess that the High Council fears the worst."

"Master Windu, yourself and Master Haraka, most powerful Watchers after Sifo-Dyas are" Yoda said. "Consult your wisdom we intend, on High Councils behalf. Ours ears now listen."
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Re: [Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 5th Post )

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5th Post

Windu and Haraka exchanged glances and then focused their minds and sought clarity.

Haraka was first to speak. "There are surges in the Force. Sudden peaks when all is clouded, when all is obscured."

Yoda nodded. "Strange events in the Force. Behave like this, the Dark Side never has before."

"Could there be deliberate action behind it?" Fisto asked, turning to Windu.

"I do not think so" Windu contemplated. "If these events were centered around a person, there would be a presence in the Force. An echo of the person and its actions, especially if this person was connected somehow to these strange tides in the Force itself."

"Yet" Haraka said, "something moves in the shadows."

Windu nodded. "That much can not be denied. I sense it was this dark sliver that Sifo-Dyas went to investigate. And I believe he found it."
Yoda turned sombre. "Investigate the Dark Side and disapear he did. A Grand Master of the Jedi Order, vanished has. Very troubling."

Kit Fisto agreed. "So what did he find? Where did he go?"

"He found a threat" Windu coldly stated. "A dangerous threat. And where ever he went, we should go after him. This threat is a danger to the Republic, of that I am certain."

"Cool heads, we will rely on" Yoda said and urged calm with a hand-motion. "The High Council will consult,discover the path to chose we will. Unknown this new threat is to us, underestimate it we must not. Meditate and our options discuss, we must. Only then this threat reveal and counter we will."

"And what of Grand Master Sifo-Dyas?" Windu inquired.

Yoda gave it some thought, his sombre mood not faltering. "His fate is unknown. Rush into things, we should not. Aware we are of this threat, enough that is for the moment. Trust in Sifo-Dyas abilities we should and his return await."

"For how long, master Yoda?" Kit Fisto wondered.

"Until no other options, we have. The Dark Side, underestimate I intend not to."

Anakin and Kitster headed down Krayt Street, the only part of Mos Espa that was in anyway a decent place to live. That said, it was where all fancy brothels and taverns were located and as such attracted the rich, the greedy and anyone prepared to swindle their way to power.

Gundarks Den was a loathsome establishment, making its earnings from selling alcohol, drugs and sex. Female dancers were halfnaked and writhing their bodies on multiple stages all across the large room. Music was provided by a live-band and all sixteen booths and thirty-six tables were overcrowded with patrons, a prostitute sitting in the laps of pirates, smugglers, freighter-captains and merchants alike.

The two young boys, one sixteen and the other eighteen, walked over to a male rodian enjoying a good time with a couple of unsavory-looking nikto and weequay, twi'lek and rodian pleasure-girls in their laps. As the boys came up to the booth, the male rodian chuckled and adressed them in Huttese.

"Anakin! Kitster! Watto's little slave shits. What can I help you with? Drinks? Spice? Women?"

"Watto sent us to tell you that the crates were delivered" Anakin said, speaking fluent Huttese himself.

"As was Gardullas special cargo" Kitster filled in, him too in fluent Huttese.

The rodian was pleased and had he been able to smile, he would have. "Good work, boys. Tell Watto to swing by my shop later tonight and we will talk some more. Now get out of here."

The two youngsters headed for the exit, taking care to avoid bumping into all the drunk and intoxicated thieves, smugglers, murderers and marauders that visited the tavern. Halfway to the exit, their path was suddenly blocked by a woman dressed in a garb that only covered the essentials.
"Anakin Skywalker! What are you doing here?!"

"We were just leaving, mom."

Shmi Skywalker grabbed her son by the arm. "What have I told about coming here? What was it this time? Selling slick for Heegra in the slave-quadrant? Or have you stolen from Watto again and sold it to BaronGa?"

Kitster tried to save the situation. "We only ran an errand for Watto. That was all."

"Shut up, Kitster" Shmi growled like the feroscious mother she was.

"Mom, what's going on?" another of the dancers asked. "Cholgra is looking." As she came up to Shmi and the boys, she too recognized the youngsters. "Anakin? What have you done this time?"

"Nothing, Beru. We were just leaving" Anakin said to his older sister and grabbed Kitster and dragged him with him towards the exit.

"We will finish this conversation tonight, young man" Shmi snapped at her son.

Anakin stopped and turned with anger radiating from his eyes. "We will not have this conversation tonight" he said with a low angry voice and then pushed Kitster infront of him as they went on.

Shmi suddenly calmed down and spoke softly. "We will not have this conversation tonight" she said and then seemed to regain her senses, shook her head with frustration and went back to work.

Beru could not understand what just happened. "Mom?" she said but when she got no response, she went back to work aswell, before earning herself a paycut.

*** ***
The twin suns of Tatooine were setting, igniting the horizon in all versions of yellow and red imaginable. Anakin sat and watched the sunset up on the rooftop while his friends Kitster and Wald were busy installing new parts in the swoop they were building in secret. Wald, the young rodian, hit his head and everyone began to laugh, except him.

"What an idiot" Melee said, the girl being of the same age as the others. She shook her head and sat down on a toolbox, sandwich in hand. "What are you thinking, Ani?" she asked when she noticed her friend looking out across the horizon and the endless desert.

"He's dreaming again" Kitster said while tightening a nut and bolt.

"Yeah" Wald said while rubbing his sore head. "What is it this time? Flying starships? Or maybe being a general?"

Kitster chuckled. "Face it Anakin, we were born as slaves and we will die as slaves."

Melee wasn't so sure. "I think it's brave. To dream of freedom I mean. Most of us don't dare to."

Kitster simply shook his head. "That's just what freedom is. A dream, nothing more."

"Let's hope so" Anakin said and allowed a crooked grin on his lips. "For in one dream, I came back here and killed you, Kitster."

They all burst into laughter and Anakin joined his friends in tinkering with the swoop.

Outrider landed in an abandoned mining-complex, covered in dust and overrun by vermin. But they were not alone as a geonisian shuttle stood waiting for them, along with a larger frigate of Selkath design.

Dash Rendar exited his vessel while Eadan and Leebo started unloading the crates filled with the drug commonly known as Slick. Three geonisians walked over to the corellian together with a droid that dragged a sled behind it, carrying a single crate. Dash recognized the leader of the geonisians as a Forager, due to its twin set of wings and slender body. The other two were obviously Workers, big and strong and not with too much brain.

The Forager spoke, as all geonisians only able to communicate in their own language. The oversized grasshopper opened one of the crates brought to her by the Outrider and picked up a small package containing Slick. She turned and informed Dash how pleased she was, her double set of compound-eyes reflecting the Geonisian sun.

Dash turned to his nautilan co-pilot. "Eadan, check the baradium."

Eadan walked over to the crate intended for them to transport to Naboo and opened it. Carefully, he retrieved a large cylinder and studied it. "Tremor-protected surface" he then said. "Shock-absorbing layer, dual stabilizer cores." The nautilan nodded and returned the cylinder to its secure position in the crate. "We're good."

Dash smiled at the geonisian Forager. "A pleasure doing business, miss."

The Workers stacked the crates with Slick on the sled and then helped the droid drag the cargo to their own shuttle. The Forager did not lift a finger to help, but rather flew on ahead and boarded the shuttle.

"Filthy swine."

Dash, Eadan and Leebo turned on their feet and spotted the man who had unnoticed made his way to their ship and now stood and rested his shoulder against its landing-grear.

"Hondo" Dash said as he recognized the Weequay captain. "I thought I recognized that Selkath frigate."

Weequay glanced at the large saucer-shaped ship with all its extra armor, antennas and scanners, not to mention armament. "Yes, she is a thing of beauty, isn't she."

"Why are you here?" Dash asked, his hand slowly moving to his blaster by his thigh.

"I am here" Honod said and left the landing-grear and walked closer to the crew of the Outrider, "to pick up a little something from Gardulla of clan Desilijic. I was told you would bring it to me."

"Alright" Dash said, his hand now holding his blaster, ready to free it from the holster. "What is the codeword?"

"Corellian nerf-herder" Hondo said with a smile.
Dash relaxed and let go of his weapon. Instead, he retrieved the data-tape from his innerpocket and handed it over to the weequay captain.

"My thanks, captain" Hondo said with a grin and then moved on past the smugglers, heading for his own vessel. "As always, a pleasure leaving you on your own, Rendar."

Dash frowned. "As always, a pleasure imagining shooting you in the back."

"Now, now, captain" Hondo said over his shoulder, holding up a warning finger, "let us not ruin our decade-long rivalry. After all, it does have its charm, doesn't it."

The weequay kept walking and Leebo made sure to secure the crate of baradium onboard. Eadan stepped up next to Dash as they both watched Hondo walking away and heading for his own vessel.

"Hondo is no ordinary courier" the nautilan said. "That data-tape has put us all in great danger."

Dash spat to clear his mouth. "Getting involved with Hutts internal politics is always dangerous. Come on, let's get to Naboo as soon as possible so we can return to Tatooine and collect our pay."
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Re: [Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 6th Post )

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6th Post

As Hondo reached his own ship, behind him the corellian freighter Ourider took off and moments later so did the geonisian shuttle. Hondo Ohnaka was approached by his second in command as he walked up the boarding-ramp of their ship, The Gambit.

"Hyperdrive has been set for Nal Hutta, captain. We are ready to depart."

Hondo retrieved the data-tape from his pocket and studied it for a second. "No... No, Nal Hutta will have to wait. At least for now. Set a trajectory for Bothawui. I think I shall speak to the bothans before I deliver this to clan Durgiljiic and senator Braga."

"As you wish, captain."


Medical-droid T4-Q9 and its counter-part, the butler-droid K7-M31, stepped into the dark room and walked up to the man standing in wait. The only light came from the odd screen or display and various indicators along the walls.

"Master, we have just passed beyond minimum safe distance" K7 said. "We are ready to assist you, on your command."

"Proceed" the man said and held out his arms.

The two droids aided each other in undressing the man, neatly folding his clothes and placing them on a table nearby. Standing naked, the elderly man was revealed as wearing a harness strapped to his torso underneath his clothes, a sinister and cruel looking suit of armor. It was secured in place directly onto his skin with hooks and barbs and only years of use had made him overcome the discomfort.

T4 adjusted chemical-injectors fastened to the harness rear while K7 slowly turned dials located on the chest of the device. One indicator after the other turned black and eventually the droids were satisfied. They then proceeded to remove a chest-piece, along with the harness shoulder-pads, the hooks pulling on the mans skin as the pieces were disconnected.

Infected flesh was revealed where the pieces had been attached to the skin, pinkish and covered in puss with black and deceased veins visible in the unhealthy flesh and skin. The man groaned from pain and concentrated to overcome it, chaneling the agony into oblivion by focusing on his breathing. T4 applied bacta-gel to the exposed areas before the medical-droid assisted K7 in dressing the man in black tunics and a pitch-black robe.

He sat down in a chair located in the middle of the room, a chair more akin to a throne than anything else. K7 walked over to his master, holding the final touch in his robotic hands. The droids master accepted the device and took it from the butler-droid and placed it over his face and secured it in place before he pulled up the hood on his robes to cover him completely.

Satisfied, he pressed a series of keys on his armrest and turned a dial on the other. Within seconds, the room was lit up by a soft blue shimmer, eminating from two holographic projection taking shape.

"My master" an old man said, his grey beard well trimmed and kept, and fell to a knee with his head lowered in submission.

"My lord" the other projection said, the Falleen placing a hand over his heart as he bowed deeply out of respect and prudence.

"Count Dooku" the masked and hooded man said, his voice cruel and intimidating. "Senator Xizor. The time has come for us to set our plan in motion."

"With pleasure, Lord Sidious" Prince Xizor, the senator from Falleen, said without ever raising his head to lay eyes on the dark lord.

"At last" Count Dooku said. "At last we shall have our revenge."

"Patience, my apprentice" Darth Sidious cautioned. "Soon enough we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. And when we do... they will be destroyed."

Count Dooku and Prince Xizor kept their heads low as their lord and master burst out into a sinister and evil laughter.

Temple Master Mace Windu woke up from his meditation as one might wake up from a nightmare. Indeed, it was hard not to call his vision anything but just that, a proper nightmare.

*** ***
Jedi Master Pong Krell, the four-armed besalisk of the Magister disciplin, followed Mace Windu across the large hangar of the Jedi temple as the Temple Master pulled on his brown robes.

"Your ship is fueld and ready" Krell said as they approached the Jedi escort-shuttle. "And your astromech-droid is installed and secured."

"Good. You are in charge until I return, old friend" Windu said. "I will try and be back as soon as possible."

"It must be severe if you can not inform the High Council using a hologram" Krell said as they stopped by the open airlock at the rear of the shuttle, the vessel a slightly larger version of the Delta 7B Aethersprite Interceptor to accomodate a compartment that held a bed and extended food supplies. But perhaps the most obvious modification was the hyperdrive-engines along its flanks, removing the need for a hyperdrive-ring as the engines were already attached to the vessel itself.

Windu sighed and gave it some thought, even if he had aleady made his decision. "I do not trust that our communications are secure. I would feel more comfortable if I brought this matter before the High Council in person."

Krell simply nodded. "Very well then. May the Force be with you."

Mace Windu boarded the escort-shuttle and walked through the small living-compartment and found his seat in the cock-pit. Infront of the canopy of the cock-pit, the domed head of an astrodroid turned around to look at its master behind the controls.

"Fire up the hyperdrive, R8" Windu said as he began the ignition-sequence to start up the ship. "As soon as we leave orbit I want to make the jump to hyperspace." The little droid chirped and beeped and a display in the cockpit translated what the droid wanted to convey. "Calculate a jump to Coruscant" Windu explained and then grabbed the controls and the ship took off.

The Outrider flew in towards the blue and green planet, a beautiful gem in the darkness of space. Entering atmosphere, the small freighter headed for the region known as the Riverlands and the city of Dulac. The city was located on three islands in the middle of a massive river that cut through the countryside and divided the forests. The city itself was an amazing spectacle of amber and pink stone, covered in vegetation that did not seem to impede on the nabooans way of life. The landingplatforms were located right next to the water and the Outrider spooked all maner of wildlife as it came in for a landing.

*** ***
Dash Rendar was enjoying a local beverage, sitting on the edge of the platform along the river, watching as Eadan enjoyed a proper swim in the clear waters. Leebo was over by the ship and conducted some minor repairs. Dash had always liked Naboo, it always seemed to sooth him and allow him a proper good nights rest. And Eadan clearly felt at home in the fresh rivers and lakes. Dash noticed a group of men dressed in very official clothing coming towards them so he called on Eadan to get out of the water.

"Captain Rendar?" a hunched and elderly man in the group said, the others tall and resolute guardsmen.

"That's me" Dash said and drank of his beverage. "And you are?"

"Horric Felton, Majordomo of House Gelda" the old man said. "I believe you have a shipment for me?"

Dash drank some more before responding. "Not unless you have the goods I'm supposed to take with me to Tatooine."

"Of course" the man named Horric said and nodded. "Unfortunately, under the rule of our new monarch our spice-production is more heavily regulated than before. Your cargo will arrive in two days, I'm afraid."

"Two days?" Dash said.

"An unfortunate reality these days" the majordomo sighed. "It has become increasingly harder to sell a few crates for personal profit. I fear the young queen is strongly opposed of illegal distrubution of Naboo spice. The number of disgruntled spice-miners are increasing daily."

Eadan chuckled. "Something tells me she is just waiting to get an offer to get a cut of the profit."

"Alas" the elder majordomo of House Gelda said and shook his head, "the young queen is an idealist. Naive and foolish, as youth tends to be."

"Sounds terrible" Dash said and sounded quite uninterested. "Look, as soon as I get the spice, you get the baradium. Until then, your crate stays on my ship."

"A reasonable demand" Horric Felton said with a toothless smile. "I hope you will enjoy your stay here in Dulac until our business is concluded."

Dash finished his beverage and tossed the empty mug over his shoulder into the river. "No doubt."

The city of Theed was located along steep cliffs where the rives of the Riverlands turned into spectacular waterfalls that crashed down into the great basin that was the barony proper. The basin created a natural bowl that collected most of the water from the Riverlands, creating an immense marshland of bogs and swamps before allowing excess water to escape through the shallow deltas that connected with the oceans.

The city itself was a thing of beauty were it was located along the cliffside, surrounded by rivers and waterfalls, forrests and wetlands. It was pitoresque and breathtaking, a truly tranquil place. Ancestral home of the noble household of Amidala, the city was also currently serving as the planets capitol, as the baroness of House Amidala had been elected monarch by her peers upon the death of the planets previous ruler.

In the palace of House Amidala, the baroness and queen, Padmé Amidala was recieving an emissary from the Trade Federation to discuss the recent clash of interest between Naboo and the members of the Trade Federation. The cerean ambassador speaking on behalf of the Trade Federation was pacing back and forth as he made his case before the queen and her council of advisors.

"It is the view of the Trade Federations Parlament of Commerce that Naboo has knowingly taken action to undermine the economy of the Federations members. As such, Republic law allows the Federation to secure its financial situation against further hostilities."

Queen Amidala, situated on her throne, her features hidden behind a majestic wig, intricate make-up to hide her contures and eyes covered by a thin veil, was cold as stone as she listened to the ambassador.

"Viceroy Gunray suggests the following deal to ensure stability for both Naboo and the Federation. Naboo surrenders all claims to its moons and allows the Trade Federation full ownership."

"Absurd!" Baron Sio growled. "Our moons are essential to our trade. Our export of spice is key for our survival. If we surrender the moons, we doom our people to poverty."

"I agree" Baroness Verona said in support of Baron Sio. "It is quite clear that the Trade Federation is asking of us to accept a deal that we can never in good consience consider."

The Steward of House Palpatine nodded and turned to his queen. "Your highness, I must advice you to not accept such a deal. We should inform my brother of this so that he can bring this situation before the chancellor. Chancellor Valorum will support us."

The cerean ambassador sighed and shook his head. "The situation is simple. Naboo put forward the vote on taxation of trade-routes and your senator made sure that the Senate would support it. Naboo has taken deliberate action against the interests of the Trade Federation which gives the Federation legal rights to protect its economic situation. The easiest way to resolve this is if Naboo compensates the Federation by surrending its moons and their spice-production to the Federation."

"Ambassador Lo-Ama-Foyor." The queens voice was deep, cold and unpersonal. "The Trade Federation is correct in its analasys. Naboo has taken direct action against the interests of the Federation, but also against the Corporate Alliance, the Commerce Guild and the Industrial Union, the Mining Guild and many more. The new taxes on the major trade-routes will make it more profitable to conduct trade locally, which will increase trade for Naboo and systems like Geonosis, Dantooine, Toydaria, Alderaan, Malastere, Kashyyyk and many many more. And Naboo will not make any excuses for its actions. And Naboo will certainly not surrender its spice-production to the Trade Federation, simply because the Federation feels it has been misstreated by a legal vote in the Senate that the Federation could not avoid with its usual bribes."

The ambassador took on a most sombre look as he placed his hands on his back. "Your majesty has clearly listened to poor council. If Naboo is not willing to compensate the Trade Federation, as a show of good will, then the Federation has no other choice than to interperate Naboos actions as intentional and hostile, leaving the Federation no other choice than to protect its economical situation with appropriate force."

Baron Sio almost lot his temper completely. "The Protection Act? You are talking about the Protection Act? You compare Naboo with pirates? How dare you?!"

Lo-Ama-Foyor was as serious as he ever could be. "The Trade Federation will protect its economical interests within the fullest extent of the law. We will use the appropriate amount of force required and we will deploy the firepower necessary to ensure the finances of our members."

"Ambassador" Queen Amidala said with dark eyes, "I believe this audience has come to an end. You are excused."

The cerean bowed. "Majesty" he said and then turned and left the court.

As soon as the ambassador had left and the doors had shut behind him, Baron Sio turned to his queen. "Your highness" the baron from the Flatlands said, "we must contact Baron Palpatine immediately and have him bring this issue before the chancellor. The Federation has gone too far this time."

"I heartily agree" the Steward of House Palpatine nodded. "Only my brother can help us now."

Baroness Verona hit the armrest of her chair out of frustration and anger. "Scoundrels! Comparing us to pirates and marauders? The Federation are nothing but filth!"

Baron Gelda, lord of the barony of Dulac and the Riverlands, was less agitated than the others. "Perhaps we should consider this offer. At least sit down and disguss a treaty?"

"Never!" Baroness Verona roared.

"I am with the barony of Vero" Baron Sio said with a stern tone of voice. "The barony of Lauros and the Flatlands will never submit to such threats."

"But a treaty could prove to be favorable to both parties" Baron Gelda pointed out strongly. "More over, it would secure peace and stability for our people."

"It would do nothing but make slaves out all of Naboo!" Baron Sio said and rejected the very idea of a treaty.

"I believe Baron Gelda could have a point" the Steward of House Amidala said, much to the surprise of everyone present.

The queen turned to face her younger sister, the steward of their House. "Lady Sola, we will discuss this later."

Sola Amidala, merely seventeen years old, turned into a giant frown. "My queen, I merely wanted to point out..."

"Enough, Lady Sola!" Queen Amidala said sharply. "You and I will discuss this at a later time."

"Yes, your majesty" the queens younger sister said and fell silent.

"Lord Cosin" the queen then said and turned to the steward of House Palpatine, "please do make contact with your brother. I believe we need to make the chancellor aware of this situation."

The Steward of House Palpatine bowed before his regent. "As you command, your highness."

*** ***
Ambassador Lo-Ama-Foyor walked out onto the landingplatform where his shuttle stood waiting. Once onboard, he sat down by the ships com-station and within seconds a holographic projection of a neimoidian official appeared before him.

"Yes, ambassador?" the neimoidian said, "What news from Naboo?"

"As expected" the cerean said. "Continue as planned."

The neimoidian nodded and grinned. "Head for orbit, ambassador. We shall arrive within twelve hours."

*** ***
From the windows of the royal court, Queen Amidala could see her sister discussing with Baron Gelda in the gardens of the palace. She sighed and closed her eyes, she hated arguing with her sister, yet somehow it always seemed to end that way no matter what.

"She always was headstrong."

The queen turned to look over her shoulder at the woman who approached her, twice the queens age.

"Baroness Naberrié" the queen said with a soft smile.

"Just like your father" Baroness Naberrié added and smiled at her firstborn daughter.

Queen Amidala found a seat on a bench by one of the windows. "Lady Jobal, please join me."

"Of course, your majesty" the older of the two women said and sat down next to the ruler of Naboo.

"Sola wants me to discuss terms and sign a treaty with the Federation" Amidala said. "It could secure peace for us all. It would certainly increase our trade."

"Your father, during all his years as a senator, had nothing good to say about the Trade Federation" Baroness Naberrié pointed out. "Perhaps we would gain trade, but what would we lose?"

"Our entire spice-production" Amidala said with a sigh. "We would lose our one valuable resource."

"Your father would certainly not have agreed on such terms" the elder baroness said.

"Nor I, mother" the queen said. "I will never agree to it."

"You make me so proud, little spark" Baroness Naberrié smiled and placed a hand on her daughters shoulder. "If only your father could see you now."

The queen smiled at her mother. "In the name of my father, Baron Ruwee Amidala, I will not yield to the Trade Federation."
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Re: [Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 7th Post )

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7th Post

"Grand Masters" Mace Windu said as he adressed the members of the High Council. "I must share with you a vision. I regret to inform you that I believe there is a plot in motion to destroy the Jedi."

The members of the High Council seemed skeptical more than troubled.

Depa Billaba, Grand Master of the Mystic disciplin, was perhaps more than simply sceptical. "Master Windu, are you certain of this? Perhaps you senses a plot against a single Jedi rather than our entire order."

"It does seem farfetched that there would be a plot against the entire order" Eeth Koth, the zabrak and first among Magisters, said. "One might aswell try and destroy the Republic as destroy the Jedi."

"Mandalore, tried did" Grand Master Yaddle, the five centuries old kermil, pointed out.

"Tried and failed" Depa Billaba said. "The outcome of that war was inevitable."

The nautilan on the council, Grand Master Kit Fisto, was next to speak in response to Billabas reasoning. "It may have been inevitable, but it did not stop the Mandalorians from trying. We should not reject this vision experienced by Master Windu."

"Master Windu" Ko Ploon of the Healer disciplin said through his breathing-apparatus, "can you describe this plot?"

Windu nodded. "It will begin with a tragedy, staged by a lone enemy of great power. The deaths of thousands will shift the scales and set in motion the plans that will haunt us all."

"Clouded this vision is" Grand Master Yoda, the second kermil on the council, said and closed his eyes and focused on the words of Master Windu. "Veiled by the Dark Side" the grand master of the Consular disciplin muttered, "but truth there is. Master Windu, the future has seen."

"Strange that I have not" Grand Master Billaba commented. "Interpreting the will of the Force usually is the province of the Mystic disciplin."

"True it is" Yoda said and nodded. "But the Dark Side, this vision revealed. And the province of the Watchers, the Dark Side is."

Ko Ploon did agree with the Grand Master of the Consular disciplin. "We should not ignore this threat. I suggest we contact Grand Master Kota immediately and instruct him to order his Rangers to seek out this dire menace operating in the shadows."

"I agree" Saesee Tiin, the iktotchi on the council said, his features as ever locked in what could only be described as recentment.

Depa Billaba sighed. "What we should do is locate Grand Master Sifo-Dyas. His fate is unknown to us and find that disturbing. And if Master Windu is correct, then we are in need of a Grand Master from the Watchers disciplin in order to seek out this threat in league with the Dark Side."

"All the more reason to contact Grand Master Kota, I believe" Mace Windu suggested to the council.

Yoda simply nodded. "Indeed, Master Windu."

The Trade Federation cargo-hauler Currency Delight hovered in silence in high orbit around the astonishing planet, the green continents and blue oceans a most pleasant view from the bridge of the Lucrehulk-class freighter.

Sales Count Lo-Ama-Foyor of the Federation studied the spectacular planet and the clouds moving across it through its atmosphere. A twi'lek female entered the bridge and her revealing dresscode attracted the attention of all the cerean crewmembers as she walked on over to the ambassador.

"Lieutenant" Lo-Ama-Foyor said as the mercenary approached him. "Are all charges set?"

"Every last one" the twi'lek said. "Give the word and we will detonate every last comm-relay on this planet and its moons."

"Very good" the ambassador said.

"Count Lo-Ama-Foyor" the ships captain said, standing as he did over by the ships scanners. "Count Nayron has arrived."

Exiting hyperspace was twenty-seven Lucrehulk-class cargo-haulers of the Trade Federation and almost immediately the ships began to spread out to envelop the planet of Naboo, launching fightercraft to patrol the planets orbit.

Onboard the command-ship of the Federation fleet, The Profitable Provider, crewed by neimoidians and commanded by Sales Count Nayron, the count himself stood next to the captain and watched a holographic display of the fleet deploying around the planet. The count soon spotted another ship about to leave the system and pointed at its small icon on the holographic map.

"That transport must not be allowed to escape" the count said and the captain walked away to deal with the situation.

*** ***
The naboo transport, Soul of the Hylands, was heading for the gap between two of the massive Federation cargo-haulers, squadrons of fighters could be seen patrolling space all around. Out of nowhere, six Vulture-class fighter-droids shot past the transport dangerously close, forcing the crew on the bridge to duck out of instinct.

"What the hell is going on?" the co-pilot growled.

"Captain" the pilot said and turned to her senior officer. "The Federation vessel True Bargain is hailing us."

"Let them through" the captain said and made sure his uniform was in good order.

Before the captain a holographic display of a pacithhip sitting in a chair of his own appeared, the smug creature stroking his tusks as one might twirl a mustasch.

"This is naboo transport Soul of the Hylands and I am Captain Olgarié flying cargo on behalf of House Verona. How can I assisst?"

"Captain" the pacithhip said and its long trunk moved as it spoke, "I am Cargo Supervisor Kekkol and I'm afraid I will have to incist that you turn around and return to the planet."

"Return?" Captain Olgarié said, not truly understanding. "What is going on?"

"This is a legal blockade of the planet Naboo" Cargo Supervisor Kekkol informed, the smug grin on his face made his entire being ooze with arrogance. "In accordance with Republic law, the Trade Federation has now stopped all shipping to and from the planet."

"Surely we can..."

Captain Olgarié was not allowed to finish his sentance.

"Turn around now" the pacithhip said, "or we will be forced to open fire."

Olgarié could not believe what was happening. "Sir, we are flying cargo on behalf of House Verona and..."

The entire ship shook as two round from a heavy blaster-cannon struck the ships shields and warning-lights started blinking all across the bridge of the Soul of the Hylands.

"You have been warned" Cargo Supervisor Kekkol said and cut transmission.

The pilot turned to look at her senior officer. "Captain?" she said with worry in her eyes.

"Turn the ship around" Olgarié said. "Take us back to Naboo."

Queen Amidala entered the court in haste and joined the many people already gathered there. Several holograms were active and hovered in midair, displaying information about the current blockade and the ships involved, the patrolling fightercraft as well as Naboos own forces.

"What is going on?!" the queen demanded as she headed for the main hologram where her senior advisors had gathered.

"My queen" Captain Panaka of the House Guard of House Amidala, holding his officers hat under his arm, turned to face his mistress. "A fleet of Federation transports has arrived and deployed in high orbit. Currently, two thousand Federation fighters have been released and are patrolling high orbit together with the transports."

"What is the meaning of this?" Amidala inquired.

Baron Sio of the barony of Lauros had turned into a frown of bitter contempt. "The Trade Federation are making good on their threats, your highness. The Protection Act allows them to stop all trade with Naboo and that is what they intend to do. Bloody cowards!"

Baroness Verona took her eyes from the holograms for a moment to adress her regent. "Your majesty, the barony of Vero has deployed its fighters in low orbit to protect our sovereignity and your throne. We are ready."

"Rash" Baron Gelda said, studying the number of icons depicting Federation vessels. "You are too rash, my lady. The presence of your fighters could very well result in an unwanted conflict."

"Our pilots are worth two or three of their fighters" Baron Sio claimed as he started to pace about. "If there are to be hostilities, then the Federation will be to blame."

"Even so" Captain Panaka said, "we are not capable of handling a confrontation. We have not the means of defeating a fleet of that size."

"Then we must negotiate" Lady Sola said, the queens younger sister sounding determined. "We may not like it, but that is our only option."

"Baroness Verona" Amidala eventually said, "keep your fighters patrolling low orbit. I will not appear weak before the Federation. And send an invitation to the Federation commander... Inform him, or her, that I am willing to discuss terms."

Sales Count Nayron sat on the vast bridge of his cargo-hauler, having a meeting with the other main officers in his fleet. The holographic images off Lo-Ama-Foyor, Kekkol and an ugnaught were arranged in a semi-circle infront of him.

"If any vessel tries to push through our blockade, we have legal rights to open fire and if necessary destroy that vessel" Nayron said to his fellow senior officers. "Just make sure they have been warned first and that you fire a warning-shot. The viceroy will not be pleased if Naboo slips through our fingers because we did not pay attention to the law. We must not give the Senate any reason to interfere. Naboo must stand on her own if we are to annex her and bring her into the fold."

A small group of non-neimoidians entered the bridge at this point and Nayron decided to end the briefing.

"You have your orders, I expect you to know what to do." Nayron then deactivated the transmission and turned his chair to face the newcomers to the bridge. "Commanders, welcome to the Naboo system" he said and got out of the chair.

"When do we attack?" a viscious looking kaleesh warrior said, chest riddled with medals and his hands resting against the two katana electro-swords he carried in his belt.

Nayron held up a hand to calm the mercenary-captain. "I am confident it will not come to that. Our presence will frighten the Naboo into submission."

"Weaklings" a red-skinned nikto said, commanding a company of nikto mercenaries on the payroll of the Trade Federation.

A massive wookie let out a series of howls and growls and made a fist with his cybernetic right arm, his cybernetic eye glowing red with the lust for battle.

"Gormbacc is right" the kaleesh mercenary-captain said, moving his heavy cape away from his swords and places his arms on his back as he studied the planet beyond the view-ports of the bridge. "They are defending their home, not some distant colony. They will not yield so easily. And one of the queens closest advisors, Baron Sio, is a veteran of the Stark Conflict. He will not accept surrender."

"How do you know?" Nayron wondered, the neimoidian having never heard of this baron.

"Because information is key to victory" the kaleesh snarled. "I have studied the enemy and I believe they will fight."

"Statistically improbable" said a command-droid as it approached the gathering of mercenary-captains. "We have brought a force that has the capability of overrunning the planet in a single day. The Naboo commanders will undoubtedly realize this and will understand that resistance is futile. This planet will fall without a single casuality on either side."

"Commander Tee-Zero-Jay is correct" Sales Count Nayron nodded. "They wouldn't dare oppose us. It would mean their destruction."

A gamorrean warrior squeeled and oinked furiously and held up its blaster-cannon that had replaced its left arm.

"Captain Ugluk" Nayron said sternly, "you will kill nabooans on my command alone, understood?"

"Believe what you will, neimoidian" the kaleesh said, "but the gamorrean will get his wish fullfilled soon enough."

"Captain Sheelal" Nayron turned to the kaleesh mercenary, "I assure you that we have the situation under control."

"General" the kaleesh corrected, "General Sheelal."

Dash Rendar was kneeling next to Leebo as the droid was conducting minor repairs to the ships lateral controls, the red-headed corellian eating a tula-apple as he did.

"We will have to replace this when we return to Tatooine" the droid informed.

Dash simply nodded. "Yeah, figured as much" he said and took another bite of the apple. "How much will it cost us, you think?"

"I estimate between five and seven hundred dataries."

Dash groaned and muttered, taking yet another bite of the apple. "No place we can go and get a better deal?"

"In the Outer Rim, sir?" Leebo inquired.

"Yeah" Dash nodded. "I aint paying for fuel just to head for civilization."

"Perish the thought, sir" the maintainence-droid said surly. "Kalyss is known for its low prices."

"Yeah, and also for its parts exploding half the time. No thanks" the corellian smuggler said.

"Hey, Dash" Eadan said and stuck his head through the door. "Something's going on outside."

"Like what?"

"Don't know" the nautilan said, "but the natives are spooked."

The crew of Outrider stepped outside and quickly noted that the nabooans were indeed spooked as Eadan had put it. For some reason, much of their attention was directed at the skies, even though Dash could not figure out why. People stood in groups and seemed worried and serious, women hurried home with their children. Teenagers stood with magnoculars aimed at the skies up on rooftops.

The nautilan spat a gob of spit on the ground. "I have a bad feeling about this."

"What the hell is going on here?" Dash thought out loud. "Wait here" he then said and headed for a neighbouring ship, crewed by mainly chiss. "Hey, anyone know what's going on?"

"Yeah" one of the blueskinned and red-eyed chiss said, removing a cigarr from his mouth. "The no good stinking Trade Federation just placed a blockade on this damned watery rock."

Dash pulled his hand through his hair. "A blockade?!" he said and released a deep sigh. "Son of a.."

Dash hurried back to his own crew and the Outrider.

"What's going on?" Eadan asked as his captain came jogging back.

"We're leaving" Dash said and ran past the other two and up the ramp.

"What?" Eadan simply remained where he stood. "What do you mean?"

The nautilan found Dash by the controls, well underway in starting the ship up and preparing it for take off.

"Dash, what the hell is going on?" Eadan demanded.

"We're taking off" Dash informed. "The Federation is placing the planet under a blockade and I for one don't intend to get stuck here."

Eadan cursed in his native language and quickly found his place in the co-pilots seat. Within moments, the Outrider took off from the ground and angled for the skies before its main engines came to life with a mighty roar that sent the small corellian freighter hurtling towards the clouds. It did not take many minutes before they exited Naboos atmosphere and were spaceborn.

"Federation cruiser" Eadan said and pointed at a Lucrehulk-class cargo-hauler off in the distance.

"I saw it" Dash said, "we have another one at point two-eight."

Eadan spotted the second ship through the view-ports of the cock-pit, right where Dash had said it would be.

"Fighters coming in!" Dash growled moments before four Naboo N2 fightercraft shot past Outrider from behind, turning back, doubling back past one another, before shooting past the small freighter dangerously close.

"That guy had blue eyes!" Eadan said as a Naboo fighter swept past the Outriders cockpit.

"Civilian freighter YT-2400 Outrider, respond" a female voice sounded over the com-system.

Dash pushed the button to the com-system. "This is Outrider, who is this?"

"This is Captain Remora of 2nd Fighter Wing of House Verona. Please return to the surface, no ships are allowed to leave the planet at this moment."

"Yeah, we have a shipment and a deadline" Dash replied.

"And I have my orders" the female voice said. "Turn back now, captain, or we will be forced to open fire. And believe me, captain, the Trade Federation most deffinately will open fire aswell."

"Copy that, Fighter Wing" Dash said and cut transmission.

"So?" Eadan wondered. "Now what?"

Dash slumped into his pilots seat and sighed with frustration. "She's right" he then said, "we wont get past the Federation. We're heading back."

"You realize we could get stuck here for a very long time?" Eadan pointed out.

"Oh, I know" Dash groaned. "Trust me, I know."

Suddenly, half a dozen green blasterbolts shot past the cockpit.

"Seriously!" Dash growled. "Let me atleast have time to turn the damned ship before you open fire at us!"

Outrider turned around and was escorted back towards Naboo by the four N2 fightercraft.
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Re: [Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 8th Post )

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8th Post

The Jedi High Council sat in session, gathered to discuss troubling events. The disapperance of one of the councils members.

Grand Master Yoda, representing the Consular disciplin on the council, turned to a holographic projection of another council-member. "Grand Master Kota, what news have you?"

The shimmering blue projection looked troubled. "There is no word on the whereabouts of Grand Master Sifo-Dyas I'm afraid. I have recieved updates from nearly all Rangers all across the galaxy and so far nothing of consequence."

The council-members found it disturbing. The disciplin of Rangers within the Jedi Order specialized in roaming the galaxy in search for plots and plans intent on undermining the stability of the Old Republic. Rangers had the most contacts, capable of retrieving the most reliable information on nearly any subject or situation. And yet, they knew nothing of what might have befallen a grand master of the Jedi who had not been heard from in little over a week.

"Could he be on a pilgrimage?" Klo Ploon said, the male Kel Dor recognizable thanks to his facemask.

Yoda nodded and hummed, closing his eyes. "I sense him not. In shadow, his fate is hidden."

"We should then en-devour to seek him out and ascertain the truth" the grand master of the Guardian disciplin, Kit Fisto, suggested rather demandingly, the nautolan jedi eager to volounteer.

"Master Windu" Ki-Adi-Mundi of the Sentinel disciplin said as he turned to the youngest jedi present in the council-chamber. "You are, as Grand Master Sifo-Dyas, of the Watchers disciplin. What are your insights?"

Mace Windu sighed and thought upon the matter. He was not a member of the High Council, not being his discplins grand master. However, with Sifo-Dyas missing, someone had to fill the grand masters seat on the council and the High Council and its members had elected Master Windu to represent the Watchers disciplin for the time being.

Windu eventually shared his thoughts. "Sifo-Dyas has for the past few years been secretive of his actions and suspicious concerning many matters in the Republic. As a fellow Watcher, I would say that he either grew paranoid because of insights into the Dark Side, or... Or he discovered something troubling. So troubling that he did not dare to trust anyone, not even his fellow jedi."

"He could have gone rogue... or even turned" Saesee Tinn thought aloud, the Iktotchi looking grim as he voiced the possibly.

Windu refused such theories. "Sifo-Dyas was a Grand Master of the Jedi Order. He was loyal and well versed in the ways of the Force. He would never betray our trust. I will begin to search for clues to his whereabouts as soon as we are done here."

"Find him we must" Yoda then said to ease the discussion. "A dangerous path, Sifo-Dyas had chosen, why else a grand master of the Jedi Order would disappear I do not know. For his disciplin, too perilous the path was. To his fate discover, another disciplin should be chosen. Master Windu, a Watcher you are and send a Watcher we can not."

Grand Master Rahm Kota's holographic projection was next to speak. "Let me select a Ranger to the task. We will find Sifo-Dyas, I promise the council."

Yaddle of the Scholar disciplin shook her head at the suggestion. Being of the same species as Grand Master Yoda, her way of speaking was typical of their kind. "On this matter, no use Rangers are to us. No news they have now, no news they will have later. Another disciplin, send we must."

Kota, while not pleased by the verdict, did keep his emotions in control. "Then may I ask that the Jedi chosen to depart on this mission at least has a Ranger as padawan?"

"I think I know whom to send" Ki-Adi-Mundi said and gained everyones attention.

*** ***
Satele Shan, Jedi Knight of the Guardian disciplin, entered one of the many chambers dedicated to meditation in the Jedi Temple. She was accompanied by her padawan, a Twi'lek female named Kayo Kai Kahn who had already been accepted into the Ranger disciplin among the Jedi. In the large chamber they were greeted by Grand Master Ki-Adi-Mundi and Grand Master Saesee Tinn. The two younger jedi bowed low out great respect and then sat down with the two revered and experienced grand masters.

"Jedi Satele" Ki-Adi-Mundi said, a slight smile on his lips as he adressed his old pupil.

"Grand Master" Satele replied, a smile on her lips aswell. "You summoned."

"I did" Ki-Adi-Mundi nodded. "I have an assignment for you. One of great import."

"Of course" Satele said with a bow of her head.

Ki-Adi-Mundi glanced over at Saesee who replied with a nod. Ki-Adi-Mundi returned his attention to the two younger jedi. "Grand Master Sifo-Dyas has gone missing. His fate is uncertain and we must discover what has happened to him."

"Yes of course, grand master" Satele said, understanding the serious nature of the situation. "Are there any leads at all?"

"None" the Iktotchi cut in. "None apart from nine days ago, when Jedi Jentun was the last to speak to Sifo-Dyas."

Ki-Adi-Mundi sighed and nodded. "Sifo-Dyas was according to Jedi Jentun on his way on urgent business. We have checked the data-logs and found that the grand master took a transport to Kramalg, a planet some thirty parsecs away from Coruscant. That is the last lead we have. What happened on Kramalg we do not know, nor why he went there."

"You will go there" Saesee muttered, "and start your search. Be wary, for the path you will walk will take you to a place where a grand master of our Order was found wanting."

"You are capable, Jedi Satele. The High Council sees this. May the Force be with you" Ki-Adi-Mundi said and offered a nod of respect to his former apprentice.

A shuttle of the Trade Federation flew in over the amazing landscape with its course set on Theed and the palace of House Amidala. In the palace court, the baroness and her advisors sat in wait along with members of other noble houses that acted as advisors to the baroness in her position as queen. The large doors opened and allowed a large retinue to enter the marble-floor of the Amidalan court, a squad of Federation soldiers in strict formation marching infront of two representatives of the Trade Federation, who in turn was followed by two full squads of armed securitydroids. A nabooan valet announced the guests.

"Sales Count Lo-Ama-Foyor and Sales Count Glu Nayron of the Trade Federation, here on behalf of Trade Monarch Nute Gunray of Neimoidia, viceroy of the Trade Federation."

"Your highness" Count Nayron said and offered the queen the slightest of bows.

"State your purpose here, count" Queen Amidala said, her voice sharp and to the point, and despite her young years, recently only turning twenty years of age, her posture and voice demanded respect.

Count Nayron straightened his back and studied the young queen. "I am here to offer you the chance to avoid further conflict by presenting to you a treaty, signed by Viceroy Gunray himself." The neimoidian count held out a datapad that was retrieved by Baron Sio of Lauron. "I suggest you sign it."

"We will see" Queen Amidala replied, not without sarcasm.

Baron Sio, who had retrieved the datapad, took a moment to read what it had to say. What he read made him red in the face with anger. "Are you out of your mind?!" he said in disbelief. Baron Sio then turned to his queen and explained briefly what she was being offered to sign. "The viceroy offers Naboo to join the Trade Federation, leaving its elected monarch as regent in name, with all real governing powers moved to a Federal Governor, appointed by the Trade Federation Directorate. To ensure stability, the Trade Federation will leave a garrison on Naboo of sufficient size and capability to make sure all aspects of society are kept safe."

"A most generous offer" Count Lo-Ama-Foyor cut in. "I suggest you sign it."

"My lords" Amidala said and gained everyones attention. "I can not agree to these terms, as I'm sure you can understand. The matter of joining the Trade Federation under these circumstances is unacceptable and further more will I never, under no circumstance, allow Federation troops to occupy Naboo and have a Federation beaurocrat govern over my people and steal this planets resources."

Count Nayron chuckled with amusement. "My lady, this is not that kind of negotiation. You will accept these terms and sign the treaty simply because it will spare your people a great deal of suffering. A great deal, my lady."

"I believe we are done here" Queen Amidala coldly stated.

The neimoidian and cerean lords bowed and then the two of them, along with their retinue of Federation troops, left the court to return to their shuttle and head back to orbit and rejoin the blockade.

"Absurd" Baron Sio sneered as the doors to the court closed behind the Federation party.

Baron Gelda of the city of Dulac was worried. "Perhaps, but signing that document would ensure peace and would save our people alot of hardship."

The Steward of House Palpatine shook his head, troubled over the situation. "They leave little room for diplomacy or negotiation. First they demand our moons and our lucrative spice-mines. Now they demand our entire planet. And this fleet in orbit? What purpose does it serve?"

"To scare us?" Baron Sio frowned. "Is that what we are reduced to? Frightened children cowering in the face of bullies?"

Baron Gelda grew tired of Sio's reluctance. "You would sooner see Naboo burn than have peace?"

"I would have her be free" Baron Sio argued. "Something your father understood, baron."

Before Baron Gelda had a chance to respond, the queen cut them both off. "Enough!" she harsly ordered. "This bickering is pointless. Now, open the channel to Senator Palpatines office."

In the middle of the court a holographic projection of Senator Palpatine appeared, the old man resting against his cane that was his trademark.

"My queen" Palpatine said and offered a respectful bow.

"Senator" Queen Amidala said with a smile. "Any news from Coruscant?"

"I am happy to report, your majesty, that Chancellor Valorum was furious at the news of our terrible situation and took it upon himself to journey to Cato Neimoidia and confront Viceroy Gunray."

"How does the neimoidian senator respond to all of this?" Baroness Verona wondered.

The image of Senator Palpatine shook his head. "Senator Nueb is adamant in his claims that the Trade Federation has broken no law and that this blockade is completely legal."

"What help can we expect from the Republic?" Amidala then asked.

"Hard to say, your majesty" Palpatine regretfully informed his sovereign. "The news are so fresh not many have yet had time to react or respond to it. It still needs to be officially confirmed by the Senate that this blockade does indeed exist."

"Baron Palpatine" Baron Gelda said as he adressed the holographic image of the Naboo senator, "we were just now presented with a treaty where the Federation offers to include Naboo as a member in order to end this blockade."

"Unthinkable!" Baron Sio voiced his opinion aloud.

"Most troubling" the senator admitted. "If the blockade is indeed deemed legal, then the Federation could cut us off from the rest of the galaxy until they are satisfied that what ever demands they place upon us are met."

"I will never yield" Queen Amidala said, her voice cold and dark. "This is our home and I will not be forced to hand it over, along with my people, to become a pawn in the service of the Federation."

"My queen" the Steward of House Amidala said, "is it not dangerous to deny so strongly any chance for a mutual agreement?"

"I must agree with your sister, your highness" Senator Palpatine admitted. "For diplomacy to work, all sides must be prepared to sit down and discuss and negotiate. I suggest you offer the Federation a counter-proposal. It would at the very least buy us time to gather allies in the Senate."

"Prudent advice, your majesty" the senators brother added.

"Very well" the queen said, almost reluctantly. "Diplomacy will be allowed to run its course."

Hedna was a planet of farmlands, of homesteads, ranches and praries. Great herds of beasts graced the grasslands and farmers plowed their fields. Communities were simple, efficient and without extravaganz. The people who lived here were hardworking, honest and simple folk who toiled the land and took care of their livestock, supporting a hundred other worlds with food.

The Eta-class shuttle, its wings folded up next to the dorsal wing, stood on its landing-gears up on a ridge covered in grass. From its position, one had a perfect view over the dozen or so farms located in the shallow valley bellow. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn pulled his robes tighter around him as the winds grew in strength, the flat plains unable to restrain the winds and gales.

A small farmstead was located at the base of the grassy ridge and the family living there stood huddled in tears as their youngest, a mere infant, was carried away by a young man wearing the robes of a Jedi. Qui-Gons padawan kept his composure while the baby screamed and cried, needing the comfort of its mother, but Qui-Gon could sense that his apprentice had difficulty being comfortable about taking the child. As the padawan came up to his master, Qui-Gon moved his hand over the babys face and instantly calmed it by gentle persuasion with the help of the Force.

"It needs to be done" Qui-Gon said as the baby smiled at the padawan.

"I know, master."

"Control your feelings, Obi-Wan. This is the final test before the trials. Retrieving a prospect and being calm, passive, is a true indication that you are ready."

Obi-Wan Kenobi nodded and found inner peace and had complete control over his emotions as they boarded their shuttle. Qui-Gon sat down by the controls while his padawan fed the baby with nutrient-fluids in the back and the Jedi Master had the shuttle take off and head for space. Behind them, they left a distraught family who had to give up a child, a daughter, for the good of the Old Republic. For the good of peace and justice. For the Jedi.

Hours later, the shuttle was hurtling through hyperspace, the phenomena of travelling through a tunnel of pure blue energy filling the entire view from the cockpit. Qui-Gon appeared the true father-figure as he walked over to his sleeping padawan, child in his arms still, and removed the nutrients-bottle from his apprentice hand. Returning it to its proper place, the jedi master carefully lifted the sleeping baby from Obi-Wans embrace and gently put it down in small sleeping-pod where it would rest more safely and secure.

Qui-Gon glanced at the baby and his padawan and smiled with a sigh and then headed for the cockpit and took his seat by the communications-console situated behind the pilots chair. Retrieving from his belt what best could be described as a small memory-card, one inch by three and a third of an inch thick, Qui-Gon studied the transmit-matrix as he held it up before him. Eventually he decided to use it and secured it in the proper socket on the communications-console and activated the signal. Once the lights were flashing, he sat back, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Two hours later, Qui-Gon woke up as an incoming signal was registered on the console. He double-checked the nature of the signal and recognized it, mage a gesture with his hand and using the Force the jedi master activated the dial that sealed the airlock between the cockpit and the habitat-compartment. Once he was on his own, he let the signal through and the consoles holo-projector activated and created a blue holographic image of an eldery mans head, face covered by a well looked after beard.

"Qui-Gon, it has been too long, old friend."

"Master Dooku" the jedi said, smiling at his old tutor and masters holographic transmission.

"Please, you surpassed my teachings long ago. And I left the Order many years ago at that. No need to be so formal, Qui-Gon."

"The bond between master and padawan is strong" Qui-Gon smiled.

"That it is" Dooku nodded. "How is your own young apprentice? I remember him being a prodogy as a youngling before I decided to leave the Order."

Qui-Gon chuckled and nodded. "He is reckless, with a longing for excitement, always with one eye on the horizon, the future. I constantly have to remind him to pay focus on the present, to listen to the living Force."

Dooku grinned as his former apprentice described his padawan to him. "A Ranger, I suspect."

"Actually, no. Sentinel" Qui-Gon said. "Headstrong, eager and quick to judge and quicker still to trust his instincts."

Dooku seemed pleased by this. "Good! The Order needs more Jedi of that calibre. Too many Scholars, Mystics and..."

"And Consulars?" Qui-Gon said with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

Dooku did not deny it. "I have always been of the opinion that the Order spends too many hours discussing rather than acting. The only way to rid the Republic of corruption is through action, not lengthy sessions of debate. The galaxy needs a strong Jedi Order, the galaxy needs jedi that are involved, not umpires at the sidelines."

"Power corrupts as surely as greed" Qui-Gon pointed out. "A jedi should not seek power."

"No he should not" Dooku agreed. "But like it or not, the jedi are powerful. And have it in their power to bring peace and order to the galaxy. But instead, Yoda and the High Council will have us sit idle as the Old Republic crumbles before us. Do nothing as the Dark Side grows in strength each year. That is not leadership, Qui-Gon. That is indifference. And I suspect that you share my hesitation towards the current situation in the galaxy."

"I do" Qui-Gon said with a sigh. "As a Consular, I come face to face with alot of the corruption that has crippled our society. It has been allowed to take root for too long. We can not rid the galaxy from it Im affraid. We are too late."

Dooku stroked his beard as he considered his options. "What if I told you that there is a way."

Qui-Gon seemed hesitant. "How?"

"I have gained the trust of the Trade Federation" Dooku explained. "They have made me one of their Sales Counts and I am the personal advisor to the viceroy himself."

Qui-Gon found it odd to say the least. "The Trade Federation? I would think they are the source to much of the problems in the Republic and the galaxy."

"Greed can be a powerful ally" Dooku reminded his old apprentice. "Through them, I will make sure that the Republic gets the chancellor it needs. The chancellor we all need." Dooku smiled at his former padawan. "I can not deny that I could use your help, old friend. Together, we could create a new republic that we could be proud of. A republic of strong leaders and lasting peace. I have forseen it, Qui-Gon. Join me and we will succeed."

"I sense conflict in you, master" Qui-Gon said. "Are you alright?"

"Such is life outside of the Order. Almost unavoidable. But I have my emotions under control and I am free to engage the enemies of the Republic as I see fit. Not constrained by Yoda and the council."

"I must confess that I don't always see eye to eye with the council" Qui-Gon admitted. "They are so eager in preserving peace that they completely ignore upholding justice. The Republic is no longer a pursuit to create a safe galaxy, only to fuel greed."

"Then join with me, Qui-Gon" Dooku urged the Jedi Master. "Together we can end the corruption that has ravaged the Republic. Together we could create a prosperous and secure society."

"With the help of the Federation?"

Dooku nodded. "They have the resources and the contacts I need. I will put their wealth and influence to good use and place a chancellor of my choosing to lead the senate. A strong chancellor with integrity and dignity. A chancellor capable of creating a new republic, one of law and order and stability." Dooku paused, but Qui-Gon did not voice his own thoughts, something that told the former Jedi that he had managed to reach through to his old padawan. "Your thoughts betray you, old friend. Your feelings dwell on the child your apprentice will bring back to the Order."

"It is an unfortunate necessity" Qui-Gon said, trying to sound as confident as ever.

"Abducting children from their families?" Dooku asked, clearly of a different opinion. "Is that what you truly want to do? Protect traditions that allows the kidnapping of infants? You don't have to destroy families, Qui-Gon. I could not stand it and nor do you. Join me, Qui-Gon, and we will change the galaxy."

"I will consider it" Qui-Gon eventually said, smiling at his old masters tenacity, "as soon as Obi-Wan passes the trials. I make no promises."

Dooku grinned. "Again your thoughts betray you, my apprentice."
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9th Post

An old Hammerhead-class cruiser, supported by four Carrack-class light cruisers as escort, all of them painted in the red and white of the Old Republic, exited hyperspace and entered orbit of the planet whos surface was covered by one single giant city. A shuttle left the main cruiser with six V-wing fighters in escort and entered atmosphere, making their way past the traffic-lanes and transport-routes until they arrived at the Republic Senate building. The shuttle settled on a dockingplatform and its passengers soon enough disembarked. It was none other than Supreme Chancellor Valorum and his closest advisors, protected by a dozen members of the Red Guard. It was clear that the chancellor and his retinue were troubled by their serious faces.

*** ***
Chancellor Valorum entered with determined strides his personal office where invited officials already were waiting.

"Forgive me for being late" Valorum said sincerely as he instantly headed for his chair behind his massive desk. "I hope I have not offended anyone."

"Not at all" Grand Master Yoda of the Jedi Order assured the chancellor. "Easily offended, we are not."

"What news from Cato Neimoidia?" Senator Palpatine of Naboo inquired. "What has the Trade Federation to say for themselves?"

Chancellor Valorum sighed and leaned back into his chair. "I had long talks with Viceroy Gunray and he refuses to end the blockade of Naboo" Valorum said. "The Trade Federation are using their right to defend their economic interests with the use of weapons and are not budging."

"Absurd!" Senator Palpatine burst out, striking the floor with the bottom-end of his cane in frustration. "The Protection Act is ment to allow cargoships to carry weapons to defend against pirates, not invade planets!"

The senator of Kinyen was next to cut in. "I must point out that the Trade Federation has not invaded any planet" the female Gran said. "They are however conducting a legal blockade to protect their economic interests."

But Palpatine did not agree. "They are trying to force the senate to lower taxes on the major trade-routes by bullying smaller worlds into submission! It is an outrage!"

"Senators, please" the chancellor said and then turned to the Jedi. "Master Yoda, the situation is quite sensitive. We need it resolved as soon as possible. The members of the Trade Federation seem determined to force the senate to lower taxes along the key trade-routes, by any means necessary. I was hoping that the Jedi Order might have a solution to the problem."

Yoda stroked his chin and gave it some thought. "Exploit the wording of the Protection Act, guilds often do, to get their way using weapons. Hard to make the Federation see things in a different light."

Depa Billaba, representing the Mystic disciplin as Grand Master on the Jedi High Council, nodded in agreement with Yoda. "I fear the Jedi can not do anything at the moment, not until there is proof that the Trade Federation has commited an act of war against this planet they are blockading."

"It is not a blockade, it is a siege pure and simple!" Palpatine said, barely able to hold back his very agitated mindset.

"Senator Palpatine" Chancellor Valorum adressed the elderly senator directly. "It is an economic blockade, denying Naboo any form of trade with the rest of the galaxy. It is not an invasion. And the senate has yet determined if it is legal or not. That said, I would love nothing more than to see Naboo free from this terrible ordeal."

"Sworn to uphold justice the Jedi are" Yoda said. "Gladly, we will assist."

The holographic image of the planet Naboo depicted a world of blue and green, a beautiful gem in the midst of space. Grand Master Yoda sighed and shook his head as he turned from the image floating in midair to face the two Jedi he had summoned to join him for a briefing.

"This is a very agressive move, even for the Trade Federation" the older of the two summoned Jedi said as he took his eyes from the hologram and looked at Yoda. "Had it been the Hutts I would not have been surprised. But now... I find it troubling."

Yoda mearly grunted. "Agree I do, Master Qui-Gon. Disturbs the Force this event does."

Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinns young padawan was next to speak. "Why blockade such a small and unimportant planet as Naboo? It is not vital for trade or industry. It has hardly any export at all."

Master Windu deactivated the holographic projection. "Last month" Windu began, "the senate voted on a motion to increase taxes along the major trade-routes throughout the Republic. In the end, taxes were raised because of a majority vote. This is now affecting all the major organisations and guilds shipping goods along the main trade-routes of the galaxy."

"The Trade Federation being one such organisation" Qui-Gon pointed out to his padawan.

"Large guilds by taxes hurt are" Yoda said, "but trade promoted with smaller worlds, with less tax."

Windu continued. "Senator Palpatine was key in making sure that the senate voted in favour of the raised taxes. And Senator Palpatine represents Naboo in the senate. So now, the Trade Federation are using holes in the Protection Act to justify stopping all shipping to and from Naboo. As they see it, Naboo took active action against the Federations economic interests, which in turn allows them to protect those interests with the use of firearms and an appropriate amount of force in accordance with Republic law."

Yoda nodded at the description of the situation. " Fears Chancellor Valorum does, that such hostility smaller worlds would frighten, like Naboo, against the Federation and its allies never stand. Military retaliation dreading."

"So the Jedi Order has agreed to observe the situation first hand?" Qui-Gon then said.

Windu nodded slowly. "Indeed. Observe so that the Federation does not step out of line or hide anything from us or the senate."

Obi-Wan found it all puzzling. "But why us? Surely something like this could just as easily be handled by a commitee of the senate."

Yoda grunted. "Our help, Chancellor Valorum has asked for. To his mind, not to be trusted politicians are."

"I don't blame him" Obi-Wan muttered.

Qui-Gon gave it some thought. "We will go to Naboo and see what the Trade Federation might be planning. Something tells me there is more to this than we have discovered so far."

*** ***
Master Windu accompanied Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi out on the platform where a shuttle stood waiting to bring Qui-Gon and his apprentice into orbit. Around them the planetwide city of Coruscant expanded in every direction, reaching as far as the horizon where ever you looked.

"Any news about Grand Master Sifo-Dyas?" Qui-Gon asked.

"No" Windu admitted. "Nothing. The High Council have sent Jedi Satele Shan to investigate."

Obi-Wan found it puzzling. "Surely he is alright? He is a grand master after all."

"There is always something more powerful. No one is omnipotent" Qui-Gon said.

Windu agreed and nooded as they reached the shuttle. "The Dark Side clouds much" he commented, "We must remain vigilant. Be careful, Qui-Gon. Something casts a shadow over the events surrounding Naboo."

"I promise" Qui-Gon said with a smile.

"May the Force be with you" Windu said as the two other jedi boarded their shuttle.

"And with you" Qui-Gon said as the ramp closed behind him and sealed the shuttle shut.

The shuttle took off and left the Jedi Temple behind as it headed for orbit. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan adjusted their traditional robes as they sat down and made themselves comfortable onboard.

"What do you think Grand Master Sifo-Dyas is doing, master?" Obi-Wan asked Qui-Gon. "Do you really think he could be in trouble?"

The elder jedi closed his eyes and relaxed. "Keep your concentration on the here and now where it belongs, young padawan."

Obi-Wan nodded and tried not to concern himself with the mystery of the missing grand master. Instead he looked out the viewport of the shuttle as they left atmosphere and inspected the Consular-class starship waiting to take the padawan and his master to the Outer Rim and the planet of Naboo.

The Corona-class frigate The Gambit entered orbit around the planet and the saucer-shaped vessel joined hundreds of other ships in a holding pattern above the planets atmosphere. A miniature version of the larger ship left its hangarbays, located at the center of its belly and protected by a forcefield, and the shuttlecraft headed for the bothan homeworld.

Escorted in towards the planets capitol, the city of Drev'starn, by four bothan Y-wing Assault Starfighters, the shuttle eventually landed in its appointed dockingbay and was greated by three dozen armed guards. As the captain of The Gambit disembarked his shuttlecraft, he was nothing but a wide smile as he spotted the bothan delegate in command of the security-forces deployed to greet him to the planet.

"Marshal Gral'vun" Hondo Ohnaka grinned, the weequay holding out his arms for an embrace.

But the bothan marshal would not have it as he aimed his own pistol at the notorious captain. "That is far enough, Hondo. Why have you come here?"

Hondo shook his head and held his hands up to show he was not hostile. "I only wanted to talk to the Secretary of clan Avun. I have some juicy information for her, if she is willing to pay for it."

"We know" the marshal said. "All of Bothawui knows. Your transmission wasn't encrypted so now every bothan in the system knows you are here to sell information to clan Avun concerning the Hutts and clan Desilijic."

Hondo merely chuckled, his hands ever in the air. "Well... I figured it would boost my profits if I created a market for my merchandize. I bet the other six-hundred and seven clans on Bothawui would all love to pay a handsome prize for the information I possess" the weequay grinned and then slowly retrieved the data-tape from his innerpocket and held it up in clear sight.

"And now everyone knows how to get the information" the marshal said and nodded.

"Precisely" Hondo said with a smirk. "So, my suggestion is this; clan Avun buys the data-tape from me before someone else does, or, before someone steals it from me."

"Name your price, pirate" marshal Gurn Gral'vun snarled.

"Sixty duggats."

The bothan marshal was not pleased by the offer. "Thirty" he countered.

"Half?" Hondo burst into laughter. "Very well, old friend, I will play your game. Fifty duggats."



"Agreed" the bothan said and returned his blaster it its holster.

"Always a pleasure dealing with you bothans" Hondo grinned wide and not without a hint of arrogance.

*** ***
The senior members of clan Avun sat in session, the chamber dark lit as they watched a holographic recording of a meeting between several Hutts. And not just any Hutts, but the very top of clan Desilijic's hierarchy, the leaders of one of Nal Huttas most powerful families.

"Could it be fake?"

"All tests of the recording indicates it is a copy of an original."

"So clan Durgiljiic wants the support of Jabba and clan Desilijic in convincing the other Hutt families in supporting a Trade Federation candidate as Supreme Chancellor? Interesting. Could the blockade of Naboo be part of such a plot?"

"Forcing Valorum out of office? It is not unthinkable, should he fail in his attempts at solving the issue through diplomacy."

"So the Federation are trying to secure support as they forsee a vote of no confidence to remove Valorum from his office. Is this to the benefit of Bothawui? Or clan Avun?"

"Bothawui should en devour to make sure that the next chancellor is one we control, rather than the Federation or anyone else for that matter. We should not stop the Trade Federation in their plans, but exploit their efforts instead and steal the price from under their noses."

"And risk Borsk Fey'lya to rule the Republic? To rule us all? Risk becoming slaves under the rule of clan Alya?"

"No. A bothan will not become chancellor, that would only tear the clans apart. We must make sure that a trusted ally is elected, one that Bothawui can control."

"So we bring this before the Clan Council and the Joined Nations?"



The senior members of clan Avun all agreed; they would make this plot known to all the bothan clans in order to set in motion a plot to wait for the Trade Federation to remove Supreme Chancellor Valorum from office and then install a puppet loyal to Bothawui to replace the present chancellor.

Yolanda Barro and Ephrem Karalga watched the dysmal planet come into view beyond the viewport, a gray and bleak world, surrounded by defense-platforms and turret-satellites. Jedi Master Even Piell, a grim looking Lannik with one eye missing and replaced with a viscious scar, walked over to the two teenagers whos minds were heavily weighed down with despair.

"Five million convicts live down there" the short jedi said, being no taller than four feet. "They survive best they can, some farm, others hunt. Most have settled down, formed families, have left their criminal life behind. Many however, still hold on to the life that doomed them to spend the rest of their existance on this world."

Ephrem glanced at the jedi master, but Yolanda did not take her eyes from the planet. Not because she took any interest in it, but rather because her mind was void, save but one longing; to hold her child one more time.

Even Piell placed his hands on his back and studied the planet. "The Republic has sent these people to live their lives here, away from society, unable to continue their criminal activities. But they are still the Republics responsibility. They have families down there, they have children. And they require law and order. That is where you come in, Rejections. As Law Enforcers you will make sure that violence is kept to a minimum, you will uphold the peace and you will ensure stability. And you will do so until you die." Jedi Master Piell turned to face the two young teenagers, "Rejection Yolanda Barro, enter the pod. Everything you need is inside. On the surface, you will meet up with Chief Enforcer Hoyt Bosco and he will take you under his wing."

Yolanda reacted to what the lannik had told her. "I am going down there alone?"

Piell nodded. "Rejection Ephrem Karalga is needed elsewhere, on Gar Melkor."

The two former padawan-learners locked eyes, desperately trying to find a solution to their predicament by reading eachothers faces.

"No" Yolanda said. "No, I will not leave Ephrem on his own."

"The decision has been made" Piell said with a frown. "You will comply, Rejection. For the good of the Republic."

"I don't care about the Republic!" the young woman yelled. "Do you hear me?! I don't care!"

"Your opinion on this matter does not concern me" the grim-looking lannik said with a frown and then extended his will through the Force and moved the girl through the air and into the pod and had the airlock close behind her.

Ephrem ran up to the shut doorway and the two youngsters found eachother face to face on either side of the small viewport of the airlock.

"I will find you!" Yolanda shouted, barely audible through the airlock. "I will find you, Ephrem!"

Both burst into tears and Ephrem placed his hand against the viewport. "I love you."

Jedi Master Even Piell grunted. "It is time" he said, almost with a growl and pressed the required set of keys to launch the pod through the use of the Force.

The pod left the ship, jettisoned much like an escape-pod, both Yolanda and Ephrem pressing themselves up against the viewports as the distance between them grew by several miles with each second. Ephram eventually leaned his forheard against the viewport and clenched his fists out of sorrow and frustration. Yolanda fell to the floor, her face covered in tears.
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Re: [Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 10th Post )

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10th Post

The vessel carrying Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn to Naboo was shooting through hyperspace. The captain of the ship joined the two jedi in the lounge together with their astrodroid, R4-P17, as they planned the mission.

"It is an impressive blockade" the captain said as she inspected the holographic projection provided by R4 over the small fleet around Naboo. "One of these Lucrehulk-cargohaulers carries enough firepower to hold its own against most pirate-squadrons out there. Twenty-eight of them is more than enough to secure a planet with limited trade such as Naboo."

"A show of force then?" Obi-Wan thought aloud.

"Most likely" the captain said. "These are ships that should carry cargo along the trade-routes. Redirecting them to Naboo is a costly en devour for the Federation."

"Which tells us they are commited in seeing this plan of theirs through" Qui-Gon concluded. "What ever they hope to gain from this, it outweighs the loss of dataries and duggats they suffer by deploying so many ships around Naboo."

The captain shook her head. "It doesn't sound like something the Trade Federation would do."

"No" Qui-Gon said, "No, it doesn't."

*** ***
Everyone was asleep aboard the Radiant VII, except for Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Alone in his chambers and with his door secured, he had made use of the transmit-matrix he had been given so many years ago by his former master, Dooku. The holographic image of his old masters upper torso and head hovered infront of Qui-Gon.

"So, the chancellor has dispatched you to Naboo?" Dooku said.

Qui-Gon was not pleased. "Did you order this blockade?"

"Yes" Dooku admitted without hesitating.

"Why?" Qui-Gon asked. "How does this serve your purpose?"

"Because it will show to all the incompetence of Chancellor Valorum" Dooku said. "It will become a political disaster for the chancellor and his enemies will flock to have him removed. Paving the way for my candidate to become the next chancellor."

"Your candidate?"

Dooku's projection nodded. "Indeed, old friend. With Valorum out of the way, I have made sure that the Republic will elect a chancellor that will listen to my advice, a chancellor that is willing to fight corruption and right all wrongs."

Qui-Gon was somewhat suspicious, but he could not help feeling slightly intrigued by the plan. "Who is this candidate of yours?"

"Senator Palpatine of Naboo" Dooku revealed. "He is a good man and a competent politican. And, he has a genuine interest in doing the right thing. With Palpatine as chancellor, with my guidance, the Republic might once more become what it was ment to be."

"But this plan requires that the Federation succeeds with this blockade?" Qui-Gon said. "In order to make as big a fool as possible out of Valorum so that he may be voted out of office. The only problem with that is that I am on my way to Naboo to make sure that the Federation fails."

"Destiny, Qui-Gon" Dooku said and clenched his fist infront of his chest. "It is our destiny to work together once more and save the Old Republic. It is the will of the Force, I can feel it. If your negotiations fail, if the Federation succeeds, then we will have a chance to end the corruption that has all but destroyed the Republic. Qui-Gon, you must join with me."

"And betray the Jedi Order?"

"No, Qui-Gon. To serve the Republic. Join me and together we can make the galaxy a better place."

"If the Federation succeeds at Naboo?"

Dooku nodded and smiled quite deviously. "Ask yourself, my old friend, is it more important to restore peace and justice in the galaxy or blindly follow the will of Yoda and his cronies?"

Qui-Gon sighed gently as he thought upon his options and each possible outcome.

Satele Shan leaned against the pilots seat in the cockpit and studied the planet of Kramalg as it grew bigger during their approach. There was something disturbing about it, something dark.

"Jedi Satele" the pilot-droid said, sitting in the pilots-seat of the Defender-class light corvette, Frozen Star. "We are picking up a beacon on a jedi frequency."

"Distress call?" Satele inquired.

"No. It is a locator-signal. It appears it has been stationary for some time."

"Is it a ship?" the jedi wondered.

The small R5 unit installed directly next to the pilot chirped and beeped.

"It is indeed a ship" the pilot-droid translated. "Jedi registered. The Enlightenment."

"Grand Master Sifo-Dyas ship" Satele said with a whisper.

"It would appear so" the pilot-droid said as the R5 unit chirped.

Satele's own vessel eventually settled down on a landing-pad and was lowered into the dockingbay. As she and her padawan disembarked, Satele turned to her pilot-droid

"Inform the Jedi Order, G9, that we have found the grand masters ship."

"Of course, Jedi Satele."

*** ***
A valet guided the two jedi to a large and impressive lounge and they were soon greeted by the owner of the great house, an old Chevin resting his bulky weight against a cane that was as thick as a small tree.

"Welcome to my home. A great honor to recieve two jedi, a great honor indeed."

"Arthan Gom" Satele said with a bow. "Your reputation as an art-dealer and cultural benefactor is well known."

The chevin chuckled. "I did not know that such seccular pleasures were of interest to the jedi."

"Only to some" Satele smiled. "Grand Master Sifo-Dyas for instance."

The chevin nodded. "Indeed. You are without a doubt aware of his ship being docked in one of my hangarbays."

"We are aware" Satele confirmed, that very fact had been the clue that lead the jedi to the chevin.

Arthan nodded and sighed. "An old friend, Sifo-Dyas. I must confess that I am worried for him."

"How so?" Satele asked.

"He came here, oh, about three months ago" Arthan explained while pouring drinks.

"Why?" Kayo Kai Kahn wondered out loud.

"We have had a long relationship, Sifo-Dyas and I. Before he even became a master of your Order" the chevin explained. "You see, I do at times come into contact with certain individuals, certain groups. People who trade with certain objects."

"In other words" Kayo concluded, "you are a smuggler."

Arthan Gom turned to face the jedi, now with a drink in his hands. "When it suits my needs, yes."

"So Sifo-Dyas came here and asked for your help?" Satele wondered.

"Actually, no" Arthan said. "He came here because I asked him to. You see, since I do on occassion come across objects and artifacts with at times disturbing history behind them, Sifo-Dyas has asked of me to inform him when I happen to come across very specific items."

Satele was intrigued. "Such as?"

Arthan seemed to hesitate at first, but then directed the jedis attention at the far end of the room by extending his hand holding the drink. Satele moved over to the wall and the many pieces of art covering it. She did not know what she was looking for, but one stone tablet caught her attention, covered in strange symbols. There was something about it that reached out to her. Touched her trough the Force. The Dark Side.


Satele was woken out of her throughts as Kayo placed a hand on her shoulder. Turning to Arthan, Satele had already figured out where the tablet came from.

"Korriban" she said, unable to hide her fears linked with that place. "This tablet is from Korriban."

Arthan Gom simply nodded. "I informed Sifo-Dyas right away and he came here. I told him whom I had acquired the artifact from and he left to investigate the matter further."

Satele felt uneasy. "And he left his ship here and never made contact again?"

"Exactly" Arthan admitted. "He asked me to look after his ship until he came back. Which he never did."
"Where did he go?" Satele asked.

"I assume he went to investigate where Sandahar had gotten hold of the artifacts" the chevin said. "Sandahar is a smuggler, specializing in the exotic. And he has reasonable prices aswell."

Kayo got suspicious. "Wait a moment. Artifacts? This tablet wasn't the only one?"

Arthan sighed, as if having said too much. "Sifo-Dyas might have taken with him the other artifact, believing it was indeed the only one."

Satele took down the stone-tablet from the wall and inspected it further. "What did he take with him?" she then asked.

"A gem" Arthan revealed and drank of his drink. "A crystal actually."

Now, Satele took her eyes from the stone-tablet in her hands. "A red crystal?"

The chevin nodded. "As a matter of fact, yes. Sifo-Dyas claimed it and then went to speak to Sandahar about it. He did seem a bit upset actually."

Satele did not find it amusing. "This Sandahar, where can we find him?"

"Last I heard, he was on Corellia" Arthan said.
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Re: [Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 11th Post )

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11th Post

The atmospheric generators that provided Coruscant with breathable atmosphere were surrounded by thick fog, more like clouds, as they created thousands of tons of vapor every hour. Without these massive machines, no life could survive on the planet and billions would suffocate and die in horrible agony.

Two hooded shadows met on a catwalk in the midst of the vast and majestic generators that produced mist and vapor without end. Approaching one another, the two senators removed their hoods to reveal their identities.

"Senator Fey'lya."

"Senator Xizor."

The Falleen senator was an aristocrat that held his posture no matter the circumstance, oozing noble arrogance and radiant with the confidence only superior blood and upbringing could provide. "I believe you have news from Bothawui that was of interest?"

"True" the bothan senator nodded. "We have come across a recording that reveals that the Hutts are considering supporting a Federation nominee to the position of Supreme Chancellor. I have been instructed to ensure that the Federation nominee fails and that a candidate that is more inclined to listen to bothan advice is elected."

Senator Xizor realized the seriousness of the situation. "If Valorum discovers our plans, he still has enough influence to foil our intentions. And you, senator, certainly have the ability to achieve what your clans ask of you."

"So the question is" Borsk Fey'lya said, "how do we make sure that Valorum never finds out?"

Senator Xizor, son of King Haxim and prince of Falleen, gave it some thought. "By making sure that the bothans are more concerned about their own situation, rather than the situation of the Republic."

"And how do we achieve this?" the bothan senator wondered, not without a little hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"You will achieve this" Xizor then said. "You have reached a political status exceeding most of your bothan rivals, have you not? I am sure you are just waiting for the right moment to strike to make sure that your clan becomes the most influential and the most powerful on all of Bothawui, securing your position as First Secretary in the Clan Council of the Joined Nations."

Borsk Fey'lya considered this option as provided by the falleen senator and prince. "For clan Alya to secure such a position, it would require a war conducted with assassination, bribes and back-stabbing. And many of clan Alyas enemies are just as prepared as I am for such an event. I could not guarantee you that all my enemies would be destroyed, not now. I need at least five more years to prepare."

"We don't have five years, senator" Xizor stated coldly. "We have here and now. I shall support the efforts of clan Alya as best I can, providing you with the resources I possess within Black Sun. That should be enough to tip the scales in your favor, should it not?"

Borsk Fey'lya simply nodded. "I believe it would. But if I made this move, if I moved to seize power over Bothawui at this point in time, there will be chaos until victory is achieved. The spy-network will not be available to Lord Sidious until the fighting is over."

"Nor will it be available to anyone else" Xizor pointed out as a matter of fact. "We must make sure that every bothan turns their attention to Bothawui and not Coruscant."

The Trade Federation was an alliance of 2428 systems, each individual system represented in the Republic Senate as a sovereign entity, but joined together in the Trade Federation for common interests and economical benefits. Now, their representatives had all gathered on Cato Neimoida, currently serving as central headquarters of the Trade Federation and home to the Federations leader, the Viceroy.

"Count Dooku" the Viceroy said, standing before the great assembly. The neimoidian adjusted his robes of power and status. "Your council has been of great value to the Federation and all of its members are truly greatful for your support. How can we reward our most trusted friend?"

Dooku did not seem affected by the high praise. "My reward will be justice. To see the Republic and the Senate come to its senses. When the senators realize that they can not vote through laws that attack their enemies without facing the consequences, then the chancellor will be forced to acknowledge your status in the Republic. Your rightful place. When the senate understands your military might and your military capability, then the senate will withdraw its support for Naboo out of fear for suffering the same fate. And then the Senate will be forced to obey your every wish. The Trade Federation and its members will without a doubt control the Republic."

Dooku recieved applauds from all present. Some even got up on their feet. Now, not even Dooku could subdue his pride and ego swelling within his chest.

*** ***
Dooku stepped out onto the landingplatform where his personal ship stood waiting, guarded by neimoidian soldiers, on the topmost arch of the city of Zarra. Walking up the ramp to the large transport, the ship sealed shut behind him and he was greated by his apprentice, Darth Maul, bowing in his presence.

Dooku payed the masked apprentice little attention as he headed straight for a small chamber that he locked down as soon as he had entered. Lights dimmed and soon enough, a holographic transmission activated. A soft blue light filled the room and Dooku fell to a knee with his head lowered as a hooded figure appeared in the holographic projection, its face hidden behind a intimidating mask.

Dooku spoke with great respect. "What is thy bidding, my master?"

"You have done well, Darth Ahranus" the hooded figure spoke over the transmission with a voice saturated with age, cruelty and wisdom. "Your apprentice has been well trained."

"Thank you, my master" was Darth Ahranus only reply, head ever lowered.

"A situation has arisen, concerning Naboo" the holographic projection then said.

Ahranus raised his head to lock eyes with his master, awaiting an explanation.

The hooded figure spoke next with scorn. "The Jedi are sending observers to Naboo, disguised as Republic ambassadors on behalf of the chancellor. We must accelerate our plans. Have the Trade Federation deploy their troops."

"And the Jedi?" Darth Ahranus asked.

Underneath the mask, though not visible, it was without a doubt that Darth Sidious face twisted with hate. "Kill them."

Darth Ahranus seemed to hesitate. "My master, it has come to my attention that it is my old apprentice, Qui-Gon Jinn, that has been sent to Naboo. I believe he thinks and feels not unlike I did when you first approached me, master. If he could be turned, he would become a powerful ally."

Darth Sidious leaned forward slightly in his chair, inspecting at his end the holographic projection of his own apprentice. "Could it be done?"

"Without a doubt, my master" Darth Ahranus said condifently.

Darth Sidious leaned into his chair and rested his back. "A shame then that you already have an apprentice, Lord Ahranus. Or do you think that Darth Maul could become his master?"

"If needed, I will kill Darth Maul and have Qui-Gon take his place."

Darth Sidious allowed a sinister cackle to escape his throat. "Very good, Lord Ahranus, very good. But by killing Darth Maul you merely demonstrate your loyalty to your old friend. That is of no use to me."

"How can I demonstrate my loyalty to you, Lord Sidious?"

Darth Sidious cruel smile was hidden behind his mask. "Kill Qui-Gon Jinn."

Darth Ahranus, more known as Count Dooku, looked up at the holographic image of his lord and master, that cold mask void of emotion.

"Kill your friend, and your loyalty to me shall never again be in question" the dark lord of the Sith visciously cackled forth.

Darth Ahranus bit his teeth shut, cursing his master in the deepest regions of his inner thoughts as he lowered his head anew. "As you wish, my master."

The small chamber was filled with the sinister laughter of the Sith lord, hidden behind his mask.

The Radiant VII was a Consular-class cruiser of the Old Republic and as it left hyperspace it immediately set course for the planet of Naboo, clearly visible in the distance. Upon approach, the Jedi Master, Qui-Gon Jinn and is apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, joined the crew on the small bridge of the vessel.

The captain of The Radiant VII turned to face the two jedi. "Scanners have detected twentyeight Trade Federation cargo-haulers in orbit of the planet" she reported. "Lucrehulk-class as reported earlier, heavily armed and shielded to protect against pirates and raiders."

"And more than capable of standing in as battleships during a crisis" Obi-Wan commented.

Qui-Gon Jinn focused on the Force, focused on how it moved and flowed. It made him uneasy and cautious. "Take us in, captain" he finally said, taking a deep breath.

"At once" the captain said and turned to her controls. "Trade Federation fleet, this is the Radiant Seven flying on behalf of the Republic Senate, carrying the chancellors ambassadors. We ask permission to come aboard for negotiations."

On the bridges main screen a neimoidian officer appeared. "This is Sales Count Nayron of the Trade Federation Commerce Fleet. The republic ambassadors are welcome to dock with our command-ship, the Profitable Provider. We are activating our beacon now."

"Thank you. Over and out."


Sales Count Nayron followed the Republic vessel on the large screens located on the bridge of the Profitable Provider as it approached the dockingbay located on the spherical command-section of the ship, located in the center of the circular main hull of the impressive cargo-hauler. The command-droid known as Tee-Zero-Jay walked up to the neimoidian count and made a salute.

"Sir, all preparations have been concluded."

"Good work, commander" Nayron said. "As soon as the jedi are onboard, we proceed as planned."

"Affirmative, sir."

Watching a security-camera overlooking the hangarbay, General Sheelal watched as The Radiant VII entered the large hangar and settled down on its landing-gear. Arms folded over his back, the kaleesh mercenary-captain was not comfortable with the new orders, they seemed too hasty and without the backing of proper planing. His fellow mercenary-captain, Gormbacc the Wookie, casually walked over to the kaleesh and joined him by the viewport and uttered a low growl followed by a cautious snarl.

General Qymaen jai Sheelal nodded in agreement. "I do not like either. I am not in the habit of underestimating Jedi."

*** ***
Following a protocol-droid through the corridors of the Profitable Provider, the two jedi and R4, their astromech-droid, were taken to a conference-room and informed that the ranking official of the Trade Federation in the system, Sales Count Glu Nayron, would soon join them for diplomatic discussions. The protocol-droid then left them on their own, leaving some drinks on the table before stepping out of the room.

Qui-Gon walked over to the viewport at the end of the room, looking at the huge planet of green and blue that was Naboo. "I sense a disturbance in the Force" the older jedi then said and turned to his padawan.

Obi-Wan nodded in agreement. "I sense it also, master."

Qui-Gon moved around the conference-room, cautiously eying every corner and detail of the architecture as if expecting each detail being a listening-device or booby-trap. "Be wary, I fear there is much more to this blockade than a simple dispute over a tax-vote in the senate."

*** ***
The command-crew of the Radiant VII sat uneasy on the bridge, looking out into the giant hangarbays of the Federation vessel, uncomfortable about the whole situation. As the door to the rest of the ship slid open behind them, they all turned to look upon the unannounced guests. Armed battledroids moved in and took aim, cold sensors locking on to each and everyone of the crew. The captain threw herself at the ships communication-unit just as blasterbolts filled the cockpit.

*** ***
The two jedi sat by the table and drank some water as they waited for the Trade Federation to send a representative. Obi-Wan, the young padawan and apprentice under Qui-Gon Jinn, was growing impatient, annoyed even.

"Patience, Obi-Wan" Qui-Gon urged. "We can not rush the universe, only trust in the Force to guide us during our travels."

Obi-Wan took some deep breaths to ease his emotions. "Yes, master."

Suddenly their comlinks came to life. "Master Qui-Gon, we are under attack!" Both jedi recognized the voice of the captain who had brought them here from Coruscant.

Qui-Gon quickly picked up his comlink and tried to re-establish contact with their ship. But there was no response. Both jedi got out of their chairs and freed their lightsabres, but while Obi-Wan stood ready to activate his Qui-Gon was more relaxed, his swordarm low by his thigh.

"You were right, master" Obi-Wan stated. "The Trade Federation would never dare to attack us without good reason. There is more behind this than we know."

"Calm yourself, padawan. Focus on the here and now."

"Yes, master."

*** ***
Commander Tee-Zero-Jay stepped onto the bridge of the Radiant VII and found the entire crew shot dead, their bodies guarded by half a dozen B1 security-droids. The command-droid recorded and documented the scene and registered that the operation had been a success when a security-droid with an extra advanced backpack entered the bridge.

"Commander, the ship is secured. All crew have been executed. All droids have been captured and are waiting for data-extraction."

"Good work, lieutenant. Deactivate the ships hyperdrive. Clear away the bodies. Move the droids and begin data-extraction" the command-droid ordered.

"At once, commander."

*** ***
Three squads of twelve security-droids linked up outside the conference-room holding the two jedi and their astromech-droid. The three neimoidian officers leading the droids had their pistols ready as they prepared to open the doorway. The ranking officer informed the bridge that they were ready to attack via his comlink.

Count Nayron walked over to General Sheelal who oversaw the invasion-plans of Naboo on a holographic map over the planets surface.

"General, we are ready to attack the jedi" Nayron informed.

The kaleesh nodded as the point of no return had come. "Send in the droids. Begin the invasion."

*** ***
In the conference-room, what appread as yellow fog flowed in through the airvents. Qui-Gon recognized the paralyzing gas instantly.


The two jedi both pulled out an unfolding gasmask each from their utility-belts and attached it over their faces, covering mouth and nose.

"Now, young padawan!" Qui-Gon said and then activated his lightsaber, its bright green blade of energy coming to life and the following second Obi-Wan Kenobis blue blade ignited aswell.

Outside, the security-droids formed up to breach the door. The officers took up position and nodded at each other. The ranking officer then gave the order. The security-droids opened the door and rushed in into the thick fog of the deadly dioxis gas, blasters ready and tracking for targets. Qui-Gons lightsaber came flying out of the gas, spinning as it went and cut down half a dozen droids. As the green lighsaber returned to its owner, Obi-Wan Kenobi came flying out of the gas-cloud, striking down another half a dozen security-droids in one fluent motion.

Qui-Gon emerged from the fog in the wake of his apprentice, using the Force to throw one security-droid into two others, crushing all three in the process. Obi-Wan deflected incoming blasterbolts, managing to deflect several back at the droids and destroying or crippling a handfull of them. Qui-Gon cut down four of the security-droids in a maneuver that resembled a beautiful dance and finished it by throwing one of the neimoidian officers into the bulkhead with a powerful push using the Force. In a few short seconds, the two jedi had struck down all three squads of security-droids and incapacitated their neimoidian officers.

Obi-Wan took a moment to catch his breath. "What now, master? Escape and inform the High Council?"

Qui-Gon closed his eyes and listened to the ebb and flood of the Force. "No" he eventually said. "We will trust the Force to guide us. I sense that if we capture Count Nayron, we can save millions of lives, not just on Naboo. We will go to the bridge. R4, you will head for the Republic cruiser and hook up to the communications-system and try and inform Coruscant."
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Re: [Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 12th Post )

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12th Post

The Trade Federation fleet in orbit over Naboo released dozens upon dozens of squadrons of fightercraft on the order of Commodore Nayron. Instantly, the thousands of fighters, appearing as a dense cloud of vapor from a distance, arranged themselves in battle-formation and headed for the planets atmosphere, a mixture of Vulture-class interceptor-droids and Y-wing fighter-bombers. One light, agile and fast, the other heavily armoured with strong shields and lots of firepower.

A wing of three N2 naboo fighters on patrol spotted the massive formation of enemy fightercraft heading for their homeworld. But before the wing-commander could establish contact with the surface, the three naboo fighters were overrun by Federation fighter-droids and shot down in a hail of blasterbolts.

The city of Theed was currently serving as the capitol of Naboo, seeing that its most influential noble house had been voted to hold the position of regent during the last election at the death of the previous monarch. An astonishingly beautiful place of total tranquility, the city radiated with peace and harmony. Sadly, in the palace of House Amidala things were not as tranquil.

"Some thirty-thousand fighters have been released into low orbit!" Captain Panaka informed as he turned away from the console to adress the nobility present in the royal court.

"They are only trying to frighten us" Baron Gelda said, the man one of sixteen nobles sitting in the planets Royal Council. "The Federation knows that the punishment will be severe should they actually attack. The Republic will not allow it."

Baron Sio was not so sure however. "The state of the Republic offers me little comfort. All reports we have recieved from senator Palpatine tells only of corruption and greed. And the moment we actually manage to have a vote in the senate to ensure some form of justice and fairness, then the Trade Federation takes up arms against us. With such little regard for law and order, why wouldn't the Federation attack?"

"They wouldn't dare" Baron Louka said. "It would be unheard of!"

Baron Sio turned to the young woman sitting in the courts thrown. "My queen, I beg you. Travel to Coruscant and join with senator Palpatine, he needs your help. Together, the two of you could persuade the Senate to take action against the Trade Federation."

Queen Amidala, merely twenty years of age and Baroness of House Amidala of Theed, was more than concerned where she sat in her throne. Her elaborate gown and headdress a testament to her wealth and position. Her eyes told more of her state of mind than words ever could.

"My fate will be that of my people" she replied sharply to the council-members. "My place is here, not a thousand parsecs away. Now, either offer advice on how we should respond to these fightercraft or leave at once."

The nobles present all glanced at oneanother with sighs. Eventually, Captain Panaka of the House Guard of House Amidala broke the uneasy silence.

"It would be bad to invite the Federation to attack" the captain said. "If we launch our own fighters, we risk drawing the Federation into a fight. But we should have our pilots on alert and activate energy-shields around our cities, just in case."

Baron Gelda of the city of Dulac did not seem convinced. "The more action we take, the greater the risk of giving the Federation a reason to actually attack us. As long as we remain calm the Republic will come to our assistance. We can not risk giving the Federation the slightest reason to launch an attack."

Baron Sio sighed and shook his head at the reasoning. "The Trade Federation doesn't need us to find a reason to invade." The old barons eyes were alit with stubborn wisdom. "If they want to attack they will, and when they do, only the senate can help us. Palpatine has made it abundantly clear that our allies are afraid. Afraid they will suffer our fate if they go against the Federation in the senate. We need to stand up to them, make our voice heard, show the Republic that we need their help. Palpatine needs our help."

"No!" Queen Amidala snapped. "I will not abandon my people! Captain Panaka, ready our fighters and activate all city-defenses. I will not surrender Naboo to the Federation and I will defend my home at any cost."

Captain Panaka recieved news from one of his officers who came up to him and whispered in his ear. The veteran captain turned grim. "My queen" he finally said. "We have lost all contact outside of Naboo. It appeas as if the Trade Federation has destroyed all our communication relays."

Baron Louka turned pale. "What does it mean?"

Baron Sio knew, only too well, as he moved over to a window and turned his gaze upon an ominous sky and dark clouds. He explained it all in one word. "Invasion."

The thousands of Federation fighters abandoned orbit and entered the atmosphere of Naboo as dozens of troop-carriers left the Federation cargo-haulers and headed for the planet. The large cargo-haulers themselves opened fire at the planets surface, striking vital strategic targets and obliterating them, such as bridges and comm-relays, powerplants and defensive installations.

Naboo fighters scrambled, joining in formation over the cities of their homeworld and as soon as the first Federation fighter-squadrons entered atmosphere, the naboo pilots hurried to intercept the invaders. As both sides clashed, the skies were overcrowded by fightercraft and blasterbolts that it was almost impossible to avoid a collision or getting hit. Soon, hundreds of burning wrecks were falling out of the skies and crashing towards the surface.

Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi cut their way through the corridors and hallways of the Trade Federation starship, destroying security-droids and killing Federation soldiers as they went. They were unstoppable, their lightsabers cut through metal and flesh alike with equal ease, the Force enhancing their instincts and reflexes until nothing on the ship could withstand them. They eventually had the ships bridge in sight at the far end of a long hallway and doubled their efforts. They left behind them a trail of broken robotic-parts and the severed limbs of soldiers.

*** ***
General Sheelal pushed his way through the officers of the bridge and hit the controls to the bridge-security systems. Powerful energy-fields activated at the entrance and three layers of thick blastdoors closed shut to seal off the bridge from the rest of the ship.

*** ***
Outside the two jedi ran up to the blastdoors and Qui-Gon stabbed his lightsabre into the outer energy-field, trying to overload its powercells. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan kept his master alive by deflecting incoming blasterbolts from Federation troops further down the corridors leading up to the bridge-entrance.

*** ***
On the bridge, Count Nayron watched the survailance-systems depicting the two jedi right outside the bridge-entrance. "They are coming through!" the neimoidian lord said desperately.

General Sheelal grunted at the Federation-officers lack of courage. "Not for long" he growled and activated other security-protocols.

*** ***
Hatches slid open in the ceiling out in the corridors and twinlinked blasters were lowered into view. The resulting barrage aimed at the two jedi was more than the young padawan could handle, the sheer volume of blasterbolts fired at them overwhelming. What was worse was that the turrets were protected by individual energy-fields, absorbing every shot Obi-Wan managed to deflect back at them. Qui-Gon had no choice but to abandon his attempts at overloading the shields protecting the bridge and help his apprentice, simply in order to for the two of them to stay alive.

With Federation troops and security-droids closing in for the kill, Qui-Gon saw that despite the powers of the two jedi, they were about to be overrun. "Deflect the shots at the floor!"

Obi-Wan did not hesitate to do as his master instructed, it was hardly the time to question decisions as a padawan. The incoming fire was directed from the lightsabers down at the floor, ripping it apart in a volcanic erruption of sparks and smoke. It did not take long before the floor collapsed and the two jedi fell through with the wreckage.

*** ***
The security-systems protecting the bridge deactivated and General Sheelal and Sales Count Nayron stepped out, witnessing the destruction left by the attackers. Soldiers and security-droids stood on guard while crew and other droids cleaned up the mess left behind after the combat. Standing on the edge of the large hole in the floor which had allowed the jedi to escape, General Sheelal sneered.

Nayron sighed. "We lost track of them. I have security-droids searching the entire ship, even the ventilation-shafts, but so far we have no sign of the jedi."

General Sheelal growled. "Find them and kill them" the kaleesh commanded as he turned, throwing his cloak over his shoulder and walked back onto the bridge where he studied the large screens depicting the ongoing initial stages of the invasion of Naboo. "Now" he said, "bring this planet to its knees."


Major Ric Olié was squadron leader for Bravo Wing of 3rd Division. The entire division was in the air in the skies over the city of Theed, struggling against overwhelming odds to keep the invaders at bay. Theed was protected by several interlocking force-fields that were submitted to a relentless barrage from the Federation ships in orbit. Major Olié came up behind a Federation Y-wing with his Royal-class N2 Starfighter and unloaded a salvo of bright green blasterbolts at the enemy fightercraft, rupturing its starboard engine and forcing it to crash into the citys protective shielding.

"This is Bravo Leader" Ric said over the command frequency. "Federation fighter-bombers are flying low to get under the energy-shields."

Commander Temuera, commanding officer for 3rd Division, acknowledged the information. "They want to take out the citys shields-generators" he said while avoiding crashing into three fighter-droids. "Bravo Wing, make sure it doesn't happen. The city will not survive if the shields fail."

"Copy, Division Leader" Ric replied. "Bravo Wing, form up on Bravo Leader."

"Right with you, boss" came the response over Bravo Wings frequency.

"Take us in, Bravo Leader."

Ric Olié barrel-rolled, looped and then took his fighter into a steep dive, the rest of his Wing gathering around him as he went and soon enough they had all joined formation and were flying low over the trees, speeding to intercept the Federation fighters intent on breaching Theeds shields.

"Ignore the Vulture droids" Ric instructed his squadron as he took them through the whirlwind of dogfights, "We want the fighter-bombers. Stay focused and stay on target."

Bravo Wing enaged a swarm of Federation fighters flying low over the villages and farms just outside of Theed. Both formations broke up as they intermingled, individual fightercraft engaging one another in fierce duels to the death. Major Ric Olié spotted two Y-wings and a fighter-droid flying low along one of the rivers leading into the city and realized they would reach the force-fields weakest point within moments. Bravo Leader and his wingman took chase and opened fire as soon as their targets came within range. The fighter-droid veered off in a tight turn and flew off in a wide arch.

"Ignore the droid, Bravo One" Ric ordered. "Stay on target."

"Copy, Red Leader" his wingman replied.

The two Y-wings protected their rear with turret-fire, forcing the two chasing naboo fighters to perform continueous evasive maneuvers, making it hard for Bravo Leader and Bravo One to land any damaging salvos of their own.

Bravo One glanced over his shoulder and spotted the Vulture-class fighter-droid coming back around up behind him and Bravo Leader.

"Vulture at Mark Six, coming in fast" Bravo One reported.

Bravo One went up behind Bravo Leader and protected Ric from taking fire from behind, allowing hiim to fully concentrate on gunning down the two Y-wings. Eventually, one of the two Federation fighter-bombers had taken enough damage to be forced to crash into the river, the giant splash becoming a wall that Ric Olié had no chance to evade. He had no chance but to fly straight through, wrestling with controls to keep his fighter from ending up in the river aswell.

Bravo One was torn asunder as the fighter-droid cut the naboo fightercraft apart with a prolonged salvo from its quadlinked blastercannons. Bravo Leader stayed beind the last of the two Y-wings, dodging the incoming fire from its turret while taking potshots himself. Behind the fighter-droid closed in, forced to dodge the turret-fire from the Y-wing as the blaster-bursts missed its intended target of Bravo Leader.

All three fightercraft pushed through the weaker lower grid of Theeds force-fields and shot in over the buildings of the city at full speed. Ric realized that the Y-wing pilot was heading straight for the closest shield-generator array, protecting a fifth of the city under a dome of energy. Bravo Leader, Major Ric Olié, ignored the turret on the Y-wing, taking hit after hit. Ric returned fire, blasting time and time again at the fighter-bomber while it returned fire from its turret. In the end, Ric's blastercannons outgunned the turret and the Y-wing came apart in a ball of fire and pitch black smoke.

Ric turned to head back to the main fighting, but his plans were cut short as a thick hail of bright red blasterbolts engulfed his Royal-class N2 Starfighter and ripped it to pieces. Bravo Leader was forced to eject in order to survive, his fighter crashing into one of Theeds buildings and the entire structure collapsed from the force of impact. Ric's gravchute activated as he was falling, halting his descent to a gentle drop. Overhead, the fighter-droid swept past and then turned back to attack the shield-generator array, and all that Major Olié could do was slowly glide towards the ground. But the fighter-droid was soon enough dealt with by incoming fire from heavily armed guardsmen of House Amidala on the ground that forced the flying droid to crash violently into one of Theeds many streets.

"It's an army" Obi-Wan whispered, the two jedi hiding behind stacked crates in the cargoholds of the Federation vessel, The Profitable Provider. From their hidden position, they witnessed entire regiments of currently deactivated security-droids, probe-droids, shield-probes and turret-droids being loaded onboard troop-transports and landingcraft.

"Its an invasion-army" Qui-Gon coldly stated. "There is more to this than a simple blockade. An army of this size needs time to assemble which tells us that this has been planned for some time. The goal never was to place Naboo under blockade. The goal has been to invade from the start."

"We must get word to the High Council" the padawan said, mildly agitated over the fact that the Trade Federation actually had been this brazen. "We must warn the Senate."

Qui-Gon thought hard on the troublesome situation. "Neither of us have the skills to escape this fleet in a ship of our own. We would be shot down in an instant. Our only hope is to find a pilot on Naboo that can take us beyond the Trade Federations signal-inhibitors that will allow us a clear transmission to Coruscant."

The young apprentice nodded at the reasoning. "So how do we get to the surface, master?"

Qui-Gon pointed at a large shuttle further down the cargo-holds as a full company of Federation soldiers marched up a ramp extending from a gaping hole in its belly.
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Re: [Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 13th Post )

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13th Post

R4-P17 waited behind a corner as a squad of security-droids marched on by before moving on and entering the large hangar that currently housed the Radiant VII. Guarded by droids and soldiers, the astrodroid realized it would not be an easy task to get onboard the ship unseen. R4 carefully navigated the hangar by moving from cover to cover, using crates, pipes and loaders to hide its presence from the Federation troops. Eventually, R4 was only ten yards away from the boarding-ramp leading up to the Radiant VII's interior and was plotting the best course of action to enter the ship unnoticed, when all of a sudden a voice interrupted the little droids logic-engine.

"Halt! Who are you?"

R4 turned its head one-eighty degrees and spotted four security-droids walking up towards him from behind. R4 responded and turned his torso in full to face the Federation droids.

"Inventory?" one of the security-droids said, having listened to R4's attempt at a lie. "This hangar is not scheduled for inventory for another three hours."

"Look!" one of the other security-droids said and pointed at R4's chest. "The insigna of the Jedi Order. The astrodroid belongs to the jedi!"

R4 opened a hatch on his belly and activated his fire-supression system, creating a massive cloud of white dust to cover the four droids before him and throw them off guard. R4 made a run for it as the alarm sounded, ramming a security-droid standing in his way and knocking it to the side and then drove as fast as he could up the ramp. Behind him, all soldiers and droids in the hangar hurried after him. R4 emptied his spare-oil canister behind him as he went, sending more than two dozen droids and Federation soldiers crashing on their heads as they slipped on the slippery surface. The little droid rushed through the ship and eventually locked itself in in the communications-room, welding the door shut as Federation troops desperately tried to open the hatch from the outside. R4 was quite pleased by its performance and turned around to hook itself up to the ships comm-system, only to find itself face to face with two B1 security-droids together with a neimoidian communications-officer, aiming their blasters at the astrodroid.

The skies over Theed were thick with fightercraft engaged in deadly dogfights, the naboo pilots fighting an uphill battle that they could never hope to overcome. Through this massive storm of blasterbolts, falling debris, crashing fighters and active fighters engaged in deadly combat, a single medium transport dodged its way down towards the city itself, the Wayfarer-class clearly sporting heavier shielding than was standard as it took hit after hit and let nothing through to strike its hull.

The Wayfarer transport came in low over the landscape and soon was escorted by several Federation fighters that made sure no naboo pilot managed to get too close. The transport managed to brake through the city's shields and made a rough landing along one of Theeds wider avenues, plowing up the stonework creating a wake of dirt and gravel as it went, leaving a deep gash in the ground behind it.

The large forward hatch of the cargo-compartment opened and out of the Wayfarer rushed nearly a hundred gamorrean warriors, all armed to the teeth. Within moments, the gamorrean mercenaries had engaged the guardsmen of House Amidala that were defending the city and their leader, Captain Ugluk, was at the fore with his battle-axe and left arm replaced with a blaster-cannon.

A few minutes later and a second transport followed the Wayfarer and landed not far behind it and under a much more controlled manor. The Barloz-class medium freighter touched down and from its cargo-hold disembarked close to sixty heavily armed and battle-hardened mercenaries from twenty different worlds, supported by three armored troop-transports to carry them into combat.

Up ahead the gamorreans provided enough of a distraction to allow the mercenaries from the second transport to deploy without taking any fire, apart from the odd stray shot. Once they had all deployed, Captain Gormbacc and General Sheelal set foot on Naboo soil and surveyed the situation, the city and the combat further up the street. Gormbacc growled and snarled as he pointed at a tower off in the distance and the shield-generator at its top.

"Take it out" General Sheelal said. "I will join the battle up ahead."

Gormbacc joined his mercenary-company and headed down the smaller streets of the city, intent on destroying the closest shield-generator. General Sheelal placed over his head a warhelm of classic kaleesh design, a terrible facemask intended to strike fear into the enemies of the wearer, and then freed from its scabbard one of his katanas, activating the electro-energies of its blade.

Queen Amidala stood at the windows of her royal court and watched as the battle unfolded in the skies over the city. Theed had lost two of its shield-generator arrays and orbital bombardment was hitting strategic targets in the city. It was a dismal sight, crashing fighters, explosions and burning buildings.

Captain Panaka, standing next to a holographic projection of the planet that depicted troops movement, turned to the gathered nobles. "They seem to concentrate at six landingzones across the planet, judging by their deployments and bombardments" Panaka concluded. "Once their troops are on the ground, Naboo will be overrun. Our only hope is to defeat them in the air."

Baron Louka could not hide his fears. "Do we even have enough fighters to halt this attack?"

"We must have faith in our troops" Amidala said, but it was obvious to everyone that she barely believed in her own words herself.

"My queen" Baron Sio said gently and walked up next to his regent. "I beg of you... Escape while there is still time."

Amidala could not take her eyes away from the burning buildings, not even flinching as crashing fighters disintegrated against the force-fields. "No" she finally replied to her trusted advisor, her thoughts seemingly distant. "As long as our troops are fighting, I will not abandon them."

Naboo and Federation fighters clashed in deadly dogfights, blasterbolts filling the skies like a deadly rain and burning fightercraft crashed and tumbled towards the surface, one by one. Beyond the forrests surrounding the Naboo capitol, Federation landing-craft touched down. Trade Federation ground-troops had landed.

Trade Federation landing-craft and fighters flew in low over the rooftops unopposed and the citys outskirts were already seeing the first companies of Federation ground-troops marching down the streets. People were scared and unsure of what the future would bring. Large holograms of the Steward of House Gelda announced all across the city and the barony that House Gelda had surrendered to the invaders in order to protect the lives of the people. The steward alos urged all citizens to not resist but to comply, informing everyone listening that resistance was a futile gesture.

"Well isn't this just peachy" Eadan said as he was looking out the viewports of the cockpit as another formation of landing-craft with fighter-escort flew in overhead.

"You have to admit" Dash Rendar said as he too watched the armada flying past, "the Federation doesn't mess around when it gets upset."

The nautilan frowned. "All I know is that if we don't get out of here with a shipment of spice, we wont get payed by Jabba."

Dash nodded at the point made. "My problem right now is how to get off this rock with our ship intact and in one piece."

Federation troop-carriers were harrased by Naboo fighters as soon as they entered atmosphere, despite their heavy fighter-escorts. Some, but far from enough to stop the invasion, were shot down and forced to crash out of control as burning wreckage towards the surface. But despite the odd success, the Naboo pilots were fighting against hopeless odds and simply could not contend with the sheer number of enemies penetrating the Naboo defenses. The Naboo sky was filled with ongoing battles as fighters clashed in deadly dogfights.

On the surface, the Federation troops had secured six major landingzones across the planet at strategic locations. From here, the Federation army slowly expanded its influence and secured more and more territory, gaining more control with each ship that made landfall and deployed reinforcements to increase and fill out the ranks at the frontlines.


Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi left the massive concentration of Trade Federation troops behind as they snook into the Naboo marshes. Behind them, dozens of troop-carriers settled down on the planets soil and began unloading troops, vehicles and supplies to add to the regiments that had already established themselves on the planet. The sheer number of troops being deployed was both terrifying and impressive to witness all at once. Having found cover in the bushes, the two jedi took time to reflect.

"Well, we made it past the Naboo defenses and the Federation army" Obi-Wan concluded with a slight smirk. "Now what?" he added as he took a look at their surroundings.

Qui-Gon merely grunted. "Now we find a local, a guide, something, who can direct us at the nearest ship capable of taking us past the Federation blockade. The sooner we can alert Coruscant of what is happening here, the sooner the Republic can come to the aid of the naboo."

*** ***
Several hours later, the two jedi, having traversed marshes, forrests, rivers and grassland, witnessed Trade Federation forces attacking a Naboo settlement. It was all too clear that it was a very one-sided battle and the defensive actions of the naboo troops, allthough heroic, was nothing more than futile resistance fueled by desperation.

"We should do something."

Qui-Gon glanced at his apprentice. "Focus, my padawan. Do not allow yourself to be governed by emotion and sudden urges. Reflect, think and be mindful. We serve the naboo best by completing our mission and get word to the Jedi Council and the Supreme Chancellor."

It was almost with reluctance that Obi-Wan nodded and took a deep breath to clear his mind. Just as he did find inner peace, the padawan noticed his master gradually subduing a growing tension within him. Obi-Wan knew that something was amiss. And sure enough, within moments the two jedi saw several scout-speeders, so called STAPs, manned by B1 security-droids, coming at them through the trees and bushes. Within moments, blasterbolts were fired at the jedi and their lightsabres came to life, deflecting the incoming fire with incredible skill.

Two STAPS took hits as the blasterbolts were deflected back at the Federation speeders, crashing violently as a result into the ground and plantlife. Obi-Wan cut down two more of the agile vehicles as they swept past him during their strafing-run, each severed part glowing hot where the lightsaber had cut and spun out of control as each individual part veered off into the forrest and marshes.

Qui-Gon relied on the force to push a security-droid free from its STAP, sending the droid crashing through a thick tree and smashing the thing in the process while the speeder itself continued on its own until it eventually crashed and exploded as it struck solid ground. A second STAP swooshed past the Jedi master with a few inches to spare as Qui-Gon expertly dodged in the last second and then proceeded with throwing his lightsabre after the hostile scout-speeder, slicing it and its driver in half as the spinning weapon struck before returning to its owners grip.

The noise of engines not too far off told Qui-Gon that they were not safe yet. "A scouting-detail. They will have reported our location as they attacked us. More Federation troops will come."

"We can not outrun them, master" Obi-Wan pointed out. "And we can not fight them all."

Qui-Gon was forced to agree. "We will need to hide and soon. Let's hurry."

They took off into the woodlands and marshes at quickened pace, knowing fully well that their position had been revealed and it was only a matter of time before they were found again. All they could do was to keep running and trust in the Force to guide them.

Satele Shans ship, the Frozen Star, approached the planet and entered atmosphere, a tricky prospect considering the heavy traffic and shipping to and from the planet, not to mention the thick layer of stations and shipyards in orbit, the droids taking the vessel in for landing at the surface-coordinates provided by Arthan Gom.

*** ***
Satele and her twi'lek padawan entered the tavern mentioned to them by the chevin back on Kramalg, the Hyperleap Corner. It was a place filled to the brink with scum and villains, pirates, smugglers and thieves.

"Certainly looks like a place where we might find this Sandahar" Kayo said.

"Keep your mind on the present, padawan, where it belongs" Satele reminded the twi'lek.

Satele walked over to the bar to try and get some information out of the bartender. Waiting for him to serve, a viscious looking sullustan came up to her and grinned creepily.

"You are not interested in me" Satele said, raising her finger ever so slightly, before the sullustan had a chance to utter a word and almost instantly he seemed to forget all about her and walked away. Kayo only smiled.

Eventually the bartender came over to Satele, an old corellian freighter-captain, an arm, leg and eye replaced with cybernetic and what skin he had left covered with tatoos.

"I'm told you are an old friend of Arthan Gom" Satele said and the bartender quirked an eyebrow.

"Arthan? A friend?" the man chuckled and grinned and then leaned against the bar with both hands. "Look lady, I haven't done any deals with that old fool in years. So are you having any drinks?"

Satele leaned in closer to the corellian. "I'm not interested in your relationship with the chevin" she said, "I am interested however in finding a man named Sandahar."

The corellians features hardened as the name was mentioned. "Sandahar Sing" he said. "Haven't heard that name in a long time."

"So you know of him then" Satele asked and the bartender nodded.

"I know of him" he said, "and he is nothing but trouble if you ask me. If I were you, I would stay away from him and out of his way."

"Not possible I'm afraid" Satele revealed. "What do you know of artefacts from a planet called Korriban? Is there a market?"

"Korriban?" the man said. "Never heard of it. If you excuse me, I have customers to tend to."

Kayo leaned in so Satele could hear her. "He knows something. I can feel it."

Satele nodded in agreement. "I feel it also. Impressive, padawan, you have come far."

"Thank you, master" Kayo said, but then stiffened. "Where did he go?"

Both realized the bartender was nowhere in sight and they hurried after him, jumping over the counter and running out the backdoor. They spotted the bartender rushing towards a speederbike and straddling it in a well rehearsed move followed by him shooting off into the air on the vehicle. Satele took chase by jumping up on a cargo-speeder heading in the same direction as the bartender, when she saw her target veering off in another direction she jumped over to another vehicle that would keep her on track.

Kayo Kai Kahn ran out into the street and when she saw a speederbike coming her way, she reached out with the Force and knocked the driver from the saddle and replaced him by leaping onto the speeding vehicle as it shot past, allowing her to take chase.

Satele jumped between speeders and haulers, even hanging from a monorail-train a piece of the way, running along the length of a tanker-transport, almost bouncing between vehicles, jumping over walkways and ducking under commercial signs.

The bartender could not believe his eyes when he realized that Satele was up ahead of him, up on the trailer of a cargo-speeder looking straight at him. He was even more amazed as the woman lept into the air, flipped a full backwards circle and landed kneeling on the bartenders speederbike right infront of him. By now, the bartender was beyond believing what he was seeing as the woman had impaled his speeder upon landing with a double-bladed lightsaber, forcing the vehicle to crash.

Satele retrieved a grappler from her belt and launched the hook at an overpass and as the hook locked itself in place, Satele grabbed hold of the bartender and pulled him with her as she jumped from the speeder only seconds before it struck ground and was obliterated in a ball of fire.

Swinging through the thick smoke of the explosion, Satele and her prisoner eventually touched ground and while the Jedi made a skilled and controlled roll over her shoulder, eventually ending up on her feet, the bartender tumbled and bounced out of control.

Satele walked over to the bartender just as Kayo caught up and flew in to land. The bartender was slowly getting up on his feet, but not before the two women stood positioned infront of him. Looking up at them, he sat down and tried to catch his breath after the crash.

"Alright" the bartender said. "You got me. I'm Sandahar Sing."

Satele Shan crossed her arms over her chest. "You don't say."

*** ***
Sandahar was pushed into a seat onboard the Frozen Star by a not so gentle Kayo Kai Kahn. Satele sat down opposite of the notorious dealer in illgegal goods.

"So... Korriban you say?" Sandahar said, rubbing his aching head.

"Precisely" Satele nodded. "Artefacts from Korriban. What do you know about it?"

"Rare" Sandahar said, "Hard to find, even harder to sell. But when you do find a buyer, they are willing to pay almost any sum you come up with."

Satele leaned forward, resting her elbows against her knees. "Remember a nikto showing up some months ago? A male Kadas'sa'Nikto to be more precise, by the name of Sifo-Dyas."

Sandahar nodded. "Yeah, I remember him. Asked me who I was selling Sith artefacts to. So I told him. Have to admit, I have no idea why I did it, but it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time."

Satele could not help but smile, realizing that Sandahar had been compelled by a jedi mindtrick to tell all that Sifo-Dyas needed to know.

"So what did you tell him?" Kayo asked.

"I told him. Doesn't mean I have to tell you" the corellian said.

"As a matter of fact" Satele said, "It does."

Sandahar somehow realized he had little choice, as if it all of sudden just seemed like the most obvious course of action. "Alright, alright. The nikto asked question about how the artefacts were smuggled off Korriban. Then he was really interested in what artefacts I had managed to smuggle past the Jedi outpost."

"And?" Satele inquired impatiently.

"He became especially interested in a bunch of crystals" Sandahar explained, "especially since they had been requested by a specific buyer. Even payed up front."

"Crystals?" Satele took clear interest. "Red crystals?" she inquired.

Sandahar Sin nodded. "Yeah. They were not easy to find, let me tell you. Deep down in a cavern surrounded by rivers of lava and I swear there are ghosts hiding in the shadows of that place. Anyway, as I had gone through all that trouble reaching the surface undetected, I figured I could take some other stuff as well, you know, stone-tablets, art and other items. Once I have sold them all I will be as rich as a Hutt. Of course, then that nikto showed up and I knew I had to lay low for a while. Didn't quite work out as I had planned."

Satele got out of her chair and started to pace back and forth. "The crystals, how many did you find?"

"The buyer wanted two. I came out of there with four. As you can imagine, I made quite a profit. Even kept one crystal since I figured they would be worth even more out on the market. And Arthan did not let me down, let me tell you."

"Who was the buyer?" Kayo demanded. "Who payed you to go to Korriban?"

Sandahar was reluctant but eventually he gave in on his own. "Black Sun."

"Who?" Kayo said, obviously somewhat confused.

Satele was not as clueless, however. "Black Sun... The crime syndicate?"

Sandahar nodded. "That's the one. Black Sun payed me good money up front to go to Korriban and retrieve two red crystals from a cave beneath a specific ruin. Even gave me the coordinates."

Satele leaned in over the smuggler. "You will reveal your contact to us."

Sandahar could only chuckle and smirk. "And you will do what? Go after her with your Jedi ship? She will go into hiding the moment you enter the system."

"What about you?" Kayo said. "Will she hide the moment you show up?"

Satele understood what her apprentice was after. "I'm sure you have a ship of your own, do you not? A ship that is not recognized as belonging to the Republic or the Jedi Order."

"What of it?" Sandahar grunted.

Satele straightened her back and folded her arms over her chest. "You just gained two new crewmembers."
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14th Post

Yoda, Mace Windu, Ko Ploon and Ki-Adi-Mundi had joined to listen to the first report from Satele Shan concerning her search for Grand Master Sifo-Dyas, having gathered around a holo-projector that now was depicting a full-size rendition of the young jedi.

"I intend to follow up on the connection with Black Sun and why they want crystals from Korriban. If I don't follow this lead, Black Sun will cut all ties to Sandahar and we might never find out why they have an interest in the red crystals. Therefor I request that another jedi be sent to investigate the whereabouts of a smuggler by the name of Arren Fu and the locations of his ship, Cosmos Diva. It is likely that Grand Master Sifo-Dyas hired this captain and his ship here on Corellia. Where they went however is uncertain."

The hologram faded and the room was lit up as the windows once more allowed the sunlight to enter the room.

"We recieved this transmission an hour ago" Ki-Adi-Mundi told the others. "That Black Sun has found a way to retrieve crystals from Korriban is deeply troubling and I agree with Jedi Satele's assessment. Another jedi should be given the task of finding Grand Master Sifo-Dyas."

"Agree on this, I do" Yoda nodded. "Arren Fu we now must find."

"I have connections within Coruscants security-forces" Ko Ploon said, his breathing-mask moving as he spoke. "I will see if they can not help us finding this corellian captain and his ship."

"And when we do?" Windu wondered.

Yoda was the one to reply. "Then, a grand master send, we will."

Five unsavory characters stood in wait, casually hanging around outside of a dockingbay, exchanging harsh jokes and comments between one another. When Sandahar Sing approached they all turned their attention at him.

"About damn time" the bothan in the outfit said.

A gamorrean squeled in its horrid language and they all laughed at the joke.

"So what's the hurry?" a rodian said in bad Basic. "It seemed urgent."

Sandahar and the two jedi walked up to the crew. "Is the ship ready?"

"Always" the pilot said, a charming looking human with tan skin. "Where are we going?"

"Ord Mantell" Sandahar said and at once his crew seemed reluctant to go.

"Really?" Sandahars pilot said sarcastically. "I thought we were done with her."

Sandahar ignored the sarcasm. "We are only to drop off these two clients. That is it."

"That's all?" the bothan asked, not at all convinced as he studied the robed and hooded women.

The gamorrean squeeled and grunted and the pilot nodded in agreement.

"Yeah" the pilot said and folded his arms over his chest, "It sounds awefully familiar."

Sandahar simply ignored them and headed for the ship. "Stay behind if you want. More credits for me with less to split it with."

His crewmembers reluctantly headed after him while discussing between themselves. The pilot lingered somewhat and the two clients noticed his eyes undressing them.

"Can I help you in any way?" Satele asked, her hood partially covering her features.

"Not at all" the man said and offered a most charming and well rehearsed smile. "Welcome aboard and I do hope you will enjoy your flight. The name is Grando Calrissian, at your service, pilot on the Millenium Falcon."


Trade Federation shuttles landed directly in the city now that two of the shield-generators had been destroyed. From orbit, long-range bombardment hit anti-air emplacements and fortified positions established by the defenders. Security-droids supported by turret-droids advanced along every street with extra back-up from Federation soldiers. The city was burning, buildings had collapsed and covered the streets with rubble. Civilians were fleeing the fighting, but there was no place to run.

Major Ric Olié had been forced to join the fight on the ground, and now armed with a blaster, was in charge of a platoon defending Artisan Square. With thirty-eight men, four shouldermounted blaster-cannons and two Seraphim-class assault-speeders, they were fighting a desperate battle trying to prevent the Federation troops from securing the square and outflanking the citys central shield-generator.

Six turret-droids advanced line abreast up the main avenue, their portable shield-generators protecting them from all incoming fire. In turn, they were each armed with a twinlinked pulse-blaster on either arm, each turret-droid capable of laying down a fiercesome hail of suppresive fire. Behind them followed two massive four-legged walkers, almost ape-like in their appearance with colossal front-legs and smaller hind-legs, but instead of a head there was a tank-turret equipped with a blaster-cannon that fired its destructive energybolts over the heads of the smaller turret-droids.

The Seraphims managed to gun down one of the turret-droids and instantly a guardsman took the shot with his shouldermounted blaster-cannon and blew the front-leg off of one of the walkers. As it was in midstep, it quickly lost its balance and toppled over, ending up in a heap, the three security-droids controlling it falling out of the open-top turret like ragdolls.

Ric fired his blaster-rifle at neimoidian soldiers that he spotted up on a rooftop, hitting one in the chest and another in the arm. Incoming fire from the advancing turret-droids forced him to duck into cover behind what remained of a fountain.

Ric activated his headset. "This is Artisan Square! Enemy troops pushing on our position along Artificier Avenue. They have reached as far as the Gungan Artefacts Museum. Unsure how long we can hold!"

*** ***
Baron Sio was standing on a balcony with a pair of magnoculars and surveyed the battlefield that the city of Theed had become. Federation troops were closing in on all fronts, along every street and had all but wiped out the nabooans fighter-cover above the city. The old baron cursed and headed back to the holographic maps of the defense of the city, having joined the forward command-center located in the famous Theed Historical Museum.

"Baron" an officer of the Amidalan Household Guard said as Baron Sio approached. "Artisan Square is close to falling, and the enemy are making another push down Garden Street."

Baron Sio stopped by the holographic maps and studied the situation. The Federation forces were indeed about to overrun their positions, and if they did they would be able to destroy the central shield-generator protecting the city and then the palace itself would be open for both arial and orbital attack.

"Send what reinforcements we have to Artisan Square" Baron Sio decided. "If they take Artisan Square, they can march on the royal hangars and the palace, or cut us off from retreating to our own forces."

"Yes, milord!"

Baron Sio then turned his attention at the images depicting the hard fighting going on along Garden Street. "Inform Captain Panaka that he will recieve support from the Flatlands as soon as possible."

*** ***
STAPs raced in over Garden Street, spraying blasterbolts over the naboo positions in devastating straifing-runs. Security-droids advanced over the rubble and engaged the Amidalan Household Guard at point-blank range with both blasters and flame-throwers. Grenades were thrown by both sides, droids strangled their enemies while nabooans smashed the heads of droids using debris and rubble. The ape-like walkers, more known as Armored Assault Walker or AAW-1, climbed the piles of collapsed walls and buildings and opened fire with their heavy blaster-cannons at naboo positions.

A squad of gamorrean warriors threw themselves over a platoon of naboo soldiers having made their stand behind stacked vehicles and debris. Captain Panaka found himself forced to rely on his skills with an electro-sword rather than his blaster as the battle-crazed gamorreans attacked with axes and glaves and all maner of cutting weapons. The melee was unforgiving and maimed and gutted both nabooans and gamorreans alike. Within moments, Panaka was covered in blood.

A fierce howl had Panaka turn around just in time to spot none other than General Sheelal leaping into combat over the rubble, followed by three squads of mercenaries and more security-droids. The sudden charge into close-combat almost broke the nabooan lines from the sheer impact of the unexpected assault. But the Amidalan Household Guard held their ground, they held the line.

General Sheelal cut down three nabooan soldiers with as many strikes from his electro-katana before he eventually crossed swords with Captain Panaka. The nabooan captain of the guard was no match for the kaleesh warrior who forced Panaka to withdraw with each attack aimed at him. It was just barely that Panaka managed to parry the skilled attacks directed at him and Panaka knew he would die if nothing would save him from the general.

A loud battle-cry suddenly echoed over the wartorn streets of Theed and a full two dozen bipedal walkers came charging down Garden Street, pulse-blasters firing on the move, cutting deep gashes into the Federation lines. One who was caught in the barrage was General Sheelal who took a hit to his left arm, the limb bursting apart and sending cooked and charred flesh and the vapor of boiled blood across the battlefield.

From banner-poles the colours of the barony of Lauros and the Flatlands were dragged behind the charging walkers as they brought their pilots into the combat. Captain Panaka was glad to spot Baron Sio atop one of the machines, trampling one security-droid and slashing a gamorrean across the face with his sword.

Four security-droids were quick to grab hold of General Sheelal and carried him with them back to friendly lines before he was captured or killed due to his horrendous wound.

"Thank you, baron" Panaka said and wiped sweat and blood from his forhead. "I am truly glad to see you. I believe your charge might have forced them to call off this latest push of theirs."

Baron Sio fired his walkers pulse-blaster a couple of times, sending each salvo down the street at the enemy, before allowing himself to adress the Amidalan captain.

"For now, captain" the baron said from his high position atop the walker. "But they will come again. Ready your men to defend against another attack. We are not done fighting yet."


The fish was pulled from the harpoon and expertly gutted in one fluid motion. A stick was driven through it and then placed over the open fire. The gungan sat down as his catch was being prepared over the campfire, leaning up against a thick tree next to the murky wetlands and began to clean and maintain his double-barrelled harpoon-rifle. Now and again he would toss a glance up at the skies beyond the trees, looking at the flashing lights that had begun some time ago, now and again it seemed as if fireworks detonated up in the clouds. He sneered and shook his head.

"Bloody naboo" the gungan muttered and continued making sure his harpoon-rifle was in working condition.

Suddenly, he was interrupted as a large shuttle flew past just beyond the treetops. The trees shook and leaves and branches got thrown into the air as it flew past. The gungan cursed as his fish toppled over and landed in the fire and jumped over to save it from being ruined. But his attention was soon directed elsewhere as blasters sounded in the immediate area, and as soon as he spotted the flashes the gungan grabbed his rifle and loaded an harpoon into the empty barrel.

"Halt! Lay down your weapons!"

The gungan spun around and found himself face to face with six droids, all armed with blasters that were aimed straight at him.

"Resist and we will open fire" one of the droids said, its voice cold and to the point.

They all were disctracted as a lone STAP, unmanned as it were, flew past and was smashed to pieces as it crashed into several trees, bits and pieces scattering everywhere. Seconds later two hooded and robbed figures emerged out of the forrest undergrowth and the gungan recognized their ugly appearance instantly as that of the cursed naboo.

"Engage and destroy!" the droids said in unison and took instant aim at the two newcomers and opened fire, sending volley upon volley of blasterbolts at their targets.

The gungan cursed and through himself into cover as the battle errupted all around him with the two strange newcomers cutting down the droids with ease, relying on glowing rods of pure energy as if wielding swords. Within seconds, the battle was over and the droids turned to ruin with glowing scars of molten metal were the blades of energy had cut. The gungan lept to his feet and took aim with his rifle at the two naboo, tension radiating from his eyes and features.

"Calm yourself" the older of the naboo said and made a gesture with his hand.

The gungan found himself oddly at ease instantly and lowered his aim. The energy-swords deactivated and their glowing blades seemed to witdraw into the hilts of the weapons.

"Master" the younger naboo said, somewhat pressured it seemed to the gungan. "More troops will arrive shortly, we must move on."

The elder naboo surveyed their surroundings. "We can never evade them like this" he said and then adressed the gungan, taking him somewhat off guard. "Can you help us? We need to hide from the Federation army. We are ambassadors on behalf of the Republic and are friends of Naboo."

The gungan took a step back, gripping his weapon tighter. "Naboo friends?" he sneered. "Naboo no friend of the Gungan."

The younger of the two strangers turned impatient. "Master, we have little time." It was all too clear he wanted to move on and that the two of them were in a hurry. Escaping the droids no doubt.

"We saved your life" the elder naboo then said, gaining the gungans attention. "Surely it is not too much to ask of you to return the favor."

"Droideka hunt you" the gungan pointed out.

"Maybe so, but they were about to shoot you too."

The younger of the two robed naboo turned around as the noise of engines and trees falling over came closer and closer. The gungan felt uneasy to say the least. The stand-off lasted several seconds, the noise of the approaching engines and trees toppling grew with each heartbeat. The younger naboo activated his energy-sword once more, its blade bright blue, and urged his master to come to a decision.

"What will it be?" the older naboo asked, pushing the issue as trees could now clearly be seen falling over further off into the forrest.

Finally, the gungan gave in with a grunt and a frown. "Follow me! We go under water."

The gungan ran off to the waterline by the murky marshes, flinging fluently the harpoon-rifle over his shoulder and dove expertly into the dark waters. The two strangers quickly followed and jumped in, submerging as quickly as they could. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan had no trouble spotting the flare burning deep in the water and swam as best they could towards it. They found the strange creature hovering in the water, the lit flare in its hand like a torch and it waved at the jedi to follow it and then swam with extreme ease further down, mostly relying on its large ears to propell it forward, until they struck bottom.

The gungan took them through a forrest of underwater vegitation until they found a small structure anchored to the bottom. As it rested on four thick logs that had been driven into the soil, they all swam in under the building and up into a small opening beneath it. The two jedi gasped for air as their heads came above water, reaching the airpocket created by the structures interior. The gungan was already out of the water, tossing the flare back into the pool while the jedi crawled out of the cold pond.

"Safe" the gungan said and placed his rifle on a rack. "No droideka come here."

Qui-Gon nodded and removed his heavy robes, soaked and drenched. "We are greatful. How long does your airsupply last?"

"Home has auto-gills" the gungan explained. "Draw air from water. Always have plenty of air."

"Thank the Force" Obi-Wan said as he emptied his boots of water back into the pond.

"I am Qui-Gon, and this is my companion, Obi-Wan Kenobi. We are trying to reach a spaceport so we can warn the senate that the Trade Federation has launched an invasion of the planet."

"Invasion?" the gungan said, curious and sceptic at the same time. "You mean droideka?"

"Yes" Obi-Wan cut in as he pulled his boots back on his feet. "An entire army of droids has landed to conquer this planet."

"And without outside help" Qui-Gon added, "Naboo will not stand a chance for long. It is urgent that we make contact with the senate."

The gungan grabbed a bottle made from clay and took a swipe of the alcohol inside and studied the two jedi for a brief moment. "Naboo came long ago, settled dry land and shoot at gungan. Gungan here first, this is our world. If droideka kill naboo, why should gungan stop them?"

"Because the droid-army wants the entire planet, not just dry land, but all lakes, rivers, swamps and oceans as well" Qui-Gon explained. "They will shoot at gungans too."

"And if you talk to senap, droideka go away? Not shoot at gungan?"

Qui-Gon nodded. "Yes. Then the droids will go away. They will not shoot at gungans and they will not shoot at the naboo."

"Anyone who helps to throw the droids back into space would be celebrated as a hero" Obi-Wan added.

"Hero?" the word clearly did stir something in the gungan and he gave it some serious thought. "Very well" he eventually said, "I help you, I am hero. We go to Ness, gungan city, not far. From there, we find ship."

"Sounds like an excellent idea" Qui-Gon said with a smile while Obi-Wan merely sighed.

"Lets hope" the gungan said and took another swipe of the alcohol. "Me Jar-Jar. Jar-Jar Binks."
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Re: [Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 15th Post )

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15th Post

Trade Federation shuttles and speeders flew past over the trees in squadrons, frightening wildlife and shaking the forrest to the roots. The invasion was well underway.

Jar-Jar slowly emerged out of the water, only his eyes and the top of his head breaching the surface. He spied on the gungan homestead up ahead, three buildings next to the shore, each structure continued down into the depths of the marshes. Currently, security-droids were searching the place while other droids mounted on STAPs provided support and cover. Strange creatures, not from this planet and obviously soldiers, were asking questions to the gungan family, roughing up the gungan husband infront of his wife and children. Soon enough, the hostile troops moved on, boarding military vehicles and headed out to harass other innocent civilians at some other location.

Jar-Jar began to cautiously step out of the water and find cover behind a bush. When he could see no trace of any droids over by the homestead, only the family caring for the abused husband, he signaled for the two jedi to come out of hiding. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan moved out of the bushes and undergrowth and joined up with Jar-Jar as he headed for the gungan family. At first, the family was terrified at the arrival of the newcomers, but Jar-Jar managed to ease the situation. The gungans discussed between themselves for a brief moment in their own language before Jar-Jar turned to the two jedi.

"They looked for you" Jar-Jar said. "Asking question where you hide. They did not know, but home wrecked anyway."

"Tell them we are truly sorry and we had no intention of causing them any grief" Qui-Gon said and then waited for Jar-Jar to translate. It was obvious though that the conversation included more than a simple apology.

"We have ride" Jar-Jar eventually said, having finished his conversation with the familys husband and wife. "They lend us ride so we reach Ness."

Qui-Gon felt relieved. "Tell them that we are most greatful for their generosity."

"Already did" Jar-Jar explained. "Follow me. Best move before more droideka come."

Within half an hour, the two jedi were inside a pod together with Jar-Jar, the gungan steering with reins two dugong's that dragged the pod behind them through the waters like beastofburden. Ever submerged to avoid detection by the invading Trade Federation, the two jedi had trouble keeping track of where they were going.

"How far is it to Ness?" Obi-Wan inquired. "Is it much longer?"

"Several hours" Jar-Jar admitted. "We reach tonight."

Obi-Wan sighed heavily at the prospect of being cramped in the small underwater pod for an extended period of time.

"Patience, Obi-Wan" Qui-Gon instructed. "Trust the Force to guide us and show us the path." Qui-Gon then turned to the gungan looking out the forward viewport and controlling the two seacows dragging them along, "Will we be able to find a spaceship at Ness?"

Jar-Jar chuckled. "No no no. City under water. No spaceships there. But, from Ness we can go to naboo. Naboo have spaceships."

"A Naboo spaceport?" Qui-Gon asked, just to be clear so there were no missunderstandings.

"Yes" Jar-Jar nodded. "Naboo city. Theed. Big spaceport. Jar-Jar has seen it."

"Theed?" Obi-Wan thought out loud. "The Naboo capitol. It is bound to be under siege."

Qui-Gon seemed relaxed. "It is also bound to have plenty of ships available, and plenty of pilots who would like nothing more than a chance to leave this warzone and earn a profit while doing so. Do not worry, padawan, I have found that my old master was right when he said that greed can often be a powerful ally. We will find the ship and the pilot we need. Trust the Force to guide us."

Jar-Jar merely shook his head. "Awefull nice, that force" he said with no small amount of sarcasm.


In the palace, the nobles followed the battles across the planet on holographic projections. It offered little hope seeing the futility of it all in numbers and icons. But perhaps more so, witnessing the events taking place in the city of Theed itself was the most depressing and damaging to morale. Every street had seen action and had been shot to bits and pieces and smoke and flames could be seen all over the city.

Queen Amidala stood by a window and had her eyes locked on the parts of her city that saw the most of the fighting, explosions errupting, fires burning, smoke rising, blasterbolts filling the air. It was tragic to see the once beautiful city slowly being grinded down to ruins before once eyes. Amidala barely took note of Captain Panaka and Baron Sio entering court, the men covered in sot and blood and their uniforms torn.

"What news?" Baroness Verona hastily inquired where she stood next to the tactical holograms.

"My lords, my ladies" the captain began. "We have lost three more city-blocks and the theatre district. Thousands are dead and the civilians are fleeing in panick."

"And the eastern shield-generator was destroyed on our way over here" Baron Sio added.

"It is a lost cause" Baron Gelda summed it up.

Baron Sio would not stand such rhetoric. "As long as a single Naboo soldier is holding a blaster, there is still hope!" he growled. "As long as we, the nobility, lead the way and refuse surrender, then there is still hope!"

"We can not hold them" Panaka reluctantly said, his words saturated with exhaustion from the rigors of combat. "I must advice that we evacuate before they have the palace surrounded."

Baron Gelda took a few steps towards his queen. "Please, save your people. Save our world. Order our troops to lay down their weapons and invite the Trade Federation to talk so that we may negotiate a peace on equal terms."

"Equal terms?!" Baron Sio could hardly believe what he was hearing. "There will be nothing equal about it if we simply surrender all we have to the Federation. They will take what they want and leave us nothing but rubble and ruin."

Gelda turned around with fire in his eyes. "Then so be it! For I would rather have peace and save our people than fight a war that will destroy all of Naboo!"

"You will only condemn our people to slavery and most likely even worse!" Baron Sio countered.

"Gentlemen! Gentlemen!"

Everyone calmed down and turned to their queen, her voice loud and strong despite her young years. She left the window and walked on over to her throne and sat down with a deep sigh. It was clear that she was in contemplation. Eventually, after a full minute of utter silence in the room, she opened her eyes and adressed her council.

"Order our troops to stand down" she said, having everyones compleat attention. "I can not let our people suffer like this, simply because of my own pride and arrogance. Contact the Trade Federation and inform them that Naboo invites them to talks of truce."

Even though everyone was relieved, including Baron Sio, that the fighting would be over, not one of them could help feeling as if a great mistake had been made. None more so, than the queen herself.

"At once, your majesty" Baron Gelda said and went to make sure the queens orders were properly carried out.

"Baroness Verona, Steward of House Amidala" the queen then said and the two women she had adressed walked up to the throne and awaited the queens command. "Baroness Verona, I will ask of you to ensure that my sister reaches Coruscant to speak on behalf of Naboo, on behalf of us all, before the senate the chancellor." Amidala then turned to the steward of her household. "Sister, you must join with Senator Palpatine and have the Republic come to our aid. Make them understand our desperation."

The Steward of House Amidala, Lady Sola Amidala, felt an aching sensation in her heart as she listened to the commands of her queen, her sister. "Your highness... What about you?"

Queen Amidala straightened her back and found a most regal posture upon her throne. "I will remain here and teach the Federation about Naboo valor."

*** ***
Baroness Verona and Lady Sola Amidala were accompanied by eight guardsmen from the noble household of Verona as they left the palace and hurried out onto the palace-docks. The two nobles waited as the bodyguards prepared the water-speeder that belonged to House Verona that was tied to the docks, and as they did they were surprised to notice Baroness Naberrié coming after them, only supported by four of her guardsmen.

"Mother" Lady Sola pleaded. "Please, get back inside."

"The Steward is right, my lady" Baroness Verona said, "it is not safe out here."

"Thank you, but that is abundantly clear" Baroness Naberrié snarled and then turned to face her daughter. "Sola, remember when you get to Coruscant that your father served Naboo as her senator and representative for twenty years. He had many friends and made many allies. The name of Amidala is your greatest strength once you reach the Senate. Combine your fathers allies with those of Baron Palpatine and you will be able to save Naboo."

"I will, mother. I swear it."

Baroness Verona and Lady Sola climbed aboard the water-speeder and as soon as they had settled the vehicles engines had it shoot across the water, floating twelve inch above the surface. Shortly after leaving the docks, the speeder dove into the water and submerged itself to avoid detection and navigated its way through the canals of Theed until it entered the large rivers and pushed itself against the stream, moving away from the terrible battle.

*** ***
At court, the water-speeder could be seen as an icon on the strategic map of Theed as it made its way upsteam along the river of Theelos.

"They have made it past the Federation lines" Baron Sio concluded as he followed the water-speeder on the map. "They made it" he said with a sigh and turned to the queen.

Baroness Padmé Amidala, Queen of Naboo, nearly collapsed as the tension washed away upon hearing the news that her sister had managed to evade the enemy during her escape. Standing over by the windows of her impressive court, overlooking the ruined city, she felt relieved.

Baron Gelda eyed the icon that indicated the progress of Lady Sola and Baroness Verona and studied the terrain ahead of them. He knew he had to act quickly.
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Re: [Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 15th Post )

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have some issues with my computer so updates are on homld atm :(
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Re: [Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 15th Post )

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Right... Time to start writing again I think, but some new ideas popped up so Im thinking of doing the 4th draft of this story
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Re: [Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 15th Post )

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currently working on the 6th version, and with Episode 7 fueling my starwars engine, writing has never been so much fun :D
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Re: [Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 15th Post )

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So the 7th rewrite/version/draft is taking shape. The identity of Sidious will be revealed to explore his plans and motivations. Owen Lars will feature in the Tatooine segments. Sidious allies in the Corporate Alliance will emerge as a greedy threat to the Republic which will explain why Sidious thinks he can succeed. My own "prologue" will be discussed, the battle of Whills; the events leading up to this battle was key in Sidious being recruited by Darth Praag'Esh ( my name for Plaugeis ) and also set the stage for the current state of the Republic. The biggest deviation from Star Wars lore is the introduction of Anakins father, Declan Skywalker. Declan was a bountyhunter and a pirate that took part in the events surrounding the battle of Whills; strong in the Force, his life had unwittingly turned him ti the dark side, making him of little use to the jedi. Declan will however have a part to play as the Jedi find the need to explore the nature of the Dark Side as something rotten grows in the shadows of the Force.

We will find out that Baron Sio, Baron Palpatine, Commander Grievous, Declan Skywalker and the pirate Maz Kanata ( yes, the orange alien in ep7 ) all played big parts during the battle of Whills, as did Darth Praag'Esh and Mace Windu.

The name Whills comes from one of G.Lucas early versions of SW, Journal of the Whills, which had the hero Mace Windy ( not Windu ) as a padawan knight. So that was my inspiration for that
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Re: [Star Wars] The Skywalker Chronicles ( 15th Post )

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so having seen the trailer for Rogue One, all I can say is that it is not hard to find motivation to write fanfic set in the Star Wars universe ( even though mine is set in an alternative one ). So yeah, I guess it wont be long before I post the 7th or possibly 8th version of this fanfic version of the Star Wars saga

Watching the Rogue One trailer again, I am rather pleased that my version of Episode 1 includes an occupation of Naboo leading up to a resistance forming. Seeing the stormtroopers patrolling a citystreet with a tank just makes me think to myself "Yup, I knew I had a good idea with that one".
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