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Re: The 210th Cadian

PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 4:16 pm
by The Hillock
Maugan, you get through a huge number of games don't you? Your record (and army list) continues to impress and terrify.

Re: The 210th Cadian

PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:24 pm
by Maugan Ra
I do get through a significant number of games. This is mainly because I'm on holiday, and the local GW (with all its lovely terrain and free-to-use boards) is a five minute walk away.

Played a game there today, 1k Dawn of War Annihilation against the Space Wolves of Alex, the staff member. Long story short, I lost. Horribly. Due to the Night Fighting rules, I couldn't even see him during the first turn, so he used the fact that he was going first to drive a Land Raider Crusader right up to my lines and dump a large squad of Blood Claws led by a Wolf Priest on my doorstep.

I do dislike assault cannons, especially when they inflict instant death on my Heavy Weapons. By the time the sun rose and I could actually see the enemy, I had no weapons left physically capable of harming the Land Raider, which proceeded to sit there and lay about with Assault Cannon and Hurricane Bolters (stupid Machine Spirit...) while the Wolves chewed straight through me.

I have come to the conclusion that the next time I play 1k against Alex, I'm just going to take two or three Veteran squads and a Lord Commissar inside the Stormlord. Just to be a royal pain.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 11:00 pm
by Xisor
Maugan Ra wrote: I have come to the conclusion that the next time I play 1k against Alex, I'm just going to take two or three Veteran squads and a Lord Commissar inside the Stormlord. Just to be a bastard.

Did you resolve the odd rules of the Stormlord yet? I'd imagine that, being easily stunned/shaken could make that feat of magnificence somewhat more...impotent.

In smaller games, I'm inclined to think:
- Basic Platoon w/cheap stuff (mortars) to add bodies that can sit out of the way but which *need* to be dealt with
- Rootin' tootin' vet squad in Chimera
- Leman Russ or two

Well, that should do the trick nicely for little games. And by 'do the trick' I mean 'actually be interesting to use' allowing lotsa options.

Of course, I rarely play, I've no idea how that'd properly pan out on TT.

If I get a bucketload of work done tomorrow, I think I might drop by the GW on Wednesday and see if I can't rustle up a game with my Dark Eldar.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:31 am
by Maugan Ra
Yeah, talked it over with my opponent and the staff members. We figured that since the result on the Superheavy table is "Gun Crew Shaken", which disables a single gun for a turn, it makes no sense for it to negate the shooting ability of the guys riding in the back. Though as a compromise we figured you could probably pick the fighting platform as the weapon to be shaken... though that naturally leaves the Vulcan Megabolter operational.

In my 1k games, I tend to field:
- Company command squad, nothing overly fancy
- Two platoon command squads, one with grenade launchers and one with a selection of other special weapons
- Four squads of ten infantry, for the purposes of adding extra bodies and taking objectives
- Six missile launcher teams, for antitank duties (though they aren't fantastic against Land Raiders, in the end, what is?)
- Six autocannon teams, for anti-infantry/monsters
- A Leman Russ Exterminator, because ludicrous amounts of plasma is always worthwhile.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:55 pm
by The Hillock
Maugan Ra wrote: I have come to the conclusion that the next time I play 1k against Alex, I'm just going to take two or three Veteran squads and a Lord Commissar inside the Stormlord. Just to be a bastard.

Good plan. Stupid landraiders.

Incidentally, my next purchase... :)

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 6:46 pm
by Maugan Ra
Played something of a game today, using the full 3k list, against an alliance of Guard, Chaos Marines and Tyranids (Yes, I have reached the point where I play multiple opponents at once in order to actually use my whole army). I was victorious, with the score something in the region of 6-0 to me (Kill points).

Highlight was stripping away Abaddon's terminator retinue with the Executioner and the Demolisher, then firing both Autocannon squads at him (he'd taken a few wounds from said tanks himself). Put him down to -2 wounds, which was rather satisfying. My enemies lacked any significant anti-tank weapons, which when playing against a mechanised Guard force is just going to hurt.

I'm also participating in a store campaign which is starting on the 31st, themed around the Badab War. Initially, the rules were I couldn't take part as it had to be power-armoured forces - the Huron's Legion list from Imperial Armour IX was suggested, but I wrote a theoretical list using it and discovered that I had only 1,100pts if I used that (all the Badab missions from the book require at least 1,750). Then I looked at the "Forces involved" section and discovered that there were Imperial Guardsmen involved in the Badab War - Kelthan regiments deployed under the authority of the Inquisition.

So now, having caught the eye of High Command by seeing off a personal attack by Abaddon the Despoiler, the 210th Cadian is being redeployed to the Maelstrom to bring this rebellious Astartes force back into line.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:14 am
by Maugan Ra
Two games played yesterday. The first was a rematch against Sam's Astral Claws, a 2k annihilation Speahead. We fought over an 8' by 4' table, which was rather cool, especially as it had a Fortress of Redemption on a central hill. End result was a crushing victory to me - I wiped out his entire army bar a single devastator squad by turn 4, and he killed... nothing. I am reassured in my confidence that a fully mechanised Guard force is an unholy terror on the battlefield.

Then played a 2 vs 2 game, with me and some Marine allies against a combined force of Space Wolves. Everyone took 1.5k, so it was a three thousand points aside match. End result was 10-7 to our opponents, which was annoying (and reinforces my arrogant belief that I could have won if not for my marine allies slowing me down). Highlight was probably the Thunderhammers of doom in the centre of the table - an allied squad of 10 assault terminators with hammers and Stormshields took on four Independent characters (I believe it was a Wolf Priest, two Wolf Lords and a Rune Priest, but can't recall precisely. They all look the same to me...) and wiped them all out in a single round of absurdly gratuitous violence.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:15 pm
by Maugan Ra
Played a 2k game against Daemons today, the first time that I've faced them. Mission was Annihilation (I really dislike that mission. Stupid Kill Points... give me some damn objectives), and the end result was something like 8-4 to my opponent.

I didn't take the Stormlord this time, which ended up working against me as it naturally left my commanders and all my heavy weapons out in the open. So when two Soul Grinders appeared on turn 1 and revealed that they had what were effectively battlecannons, I got horribly mauled. A third one showed up on turn 3, after I killed one of the original two with a missile. Oh, and the ability of the Changeling to make my Demolisher shoot my own men? Aggravating in the extreme.

When my tanks rolled onto the board I almost turned it around (it was a Dawn of War setup, so they started off somewhere else), but in the end I just couldn't kill fast enough. Daemons all have invulnerable saves, so my variety of low AP weapons were rather less dangerous that they might otherwise have been, and the fact that when you attack a tank in CC you go against the Rear armour led to a unit of Bloodletters with Skulltaker overrunning my position with rather unpleasent speed.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 7:40 pm
by Colonel Mustard
And that's why I play daemons. Not to mention the fact that having your units being able to appear behind enemy lines or on vulnerable flanks is potentially terrifying for players of both close combat and firepower based armies alike.

Top tip: Next time you play daemons, make sure everything is covered by fire arcs from your heavy weapons teams, even your other teams; the last thing you want is Tzeentch units such as Pink Horrors or Flamers, or even a Lord of Change(!) appearing from nowhere and picking off a few essential units that you left unsupported. It's a perfect way to create a safe 'phasing zone' and for them to get away with it largely scot-free, and really, the last thing you want are units of Bloodletters or Plaguebearers stomping around your lines, because those things can really make a mess. In future, scatter your heavy weapons around your lines to give the enemy something scary to think about along with your infantry, instead of concentrating them in one place, which, looking at what you've written, is what you seemed to do (that's the impression I'm getting, at least). Seeing as you've got five units of them, there's really no excuse not to do that. ;)

Also, don't underestimate Daemonettes; though they're quite fragily they're also much, much nastier than they look; I6, 3 attacks and Rending is never fun to play against. My two units, along with my Herald of Slaanesh, Sa'Rathis the Alabaster, have managed to slice their way through units such as Terminators in one turn with alarming ease, in the past.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 11:52 pm
by Maugan Ra
This is an experimental list for my army, which I intend to start trying out over the next few days. Basically, I want to see if I can reach a 3k army without using the Stormlord (Though it will naturally get involved for the really hilarious battles).

The 210th Cadian Regiment
The big guns never tire

HQ (506)

Company Command Squad - 350pts
Lord Castellan Creed
Jarren Kell
Officer of the Fleet
Master of Ordnance
Veteran with Medi-pack

Chimera Armoured Transport - 70pts
Heavy Bolter, Multi-laser, Extra Armour

Lord Commissar - 85pts
Power Fist and Bolt Pistol


Stormtrooper Squad - 195pts
10 Stormtroopers
2 Meltaguns
Sergeant with Power Weapon

Troops (1,176)

Alpha Platoon

Platoon Command Squad - 125pts
Platoon Commander with Power Fist
Commissar with Power Sword
Vox Caster
2 Plasma Guns

Chimera Armoured Transport - 70pts
Heavy Bolter, Multi-Laser, Extra Armour

Infantry Squad One - 60pts
Flamer, Vox-caster

Chimera Armoured Transport - 70pts
Heavy Bolter, multi-laser, Extra Armour

Infantry Squad Two - 60pts
Flamer, Vox-caster

Chimera Armoured Transport - 70pts
Heavy Bolter, Multi-Laser, Extra armour

Infantry Squad Three - 60pts
Grenade Launcher, Vox-caster

Heavy Weapons Squad One - 105pts
Three Lascannon Teams

Heavy Weapons Squad Two - 90pts
Three Missile Launcher teams

Heavy Weapons Squad Three - 90pts
Three Missile Launcher Teams

Heavy Weapons Squad Four - 75pts
Three Autocannon Teams

Heavy Weapons Squad Five - 75pts
Three Autocannon Teams

Infantry Platoon Beta

Platoon Command Squad - 110pts
Platoon Commander with Power Sword
Commissar with Power Fist
Three Grenade Launchers

Infantry Squad Four - 60pts
Grenade Launcher, Vox-caster

Infantry Squad Five - 60pts
Grenade Launcher, Vox-Caster

Heavy Weapons Squad Six - 60pts
Three Mortar teams

Heavy Weapons Squad Seven - 75pts
Three Heavy Bolter Teams

Heavy Weapons Squad Eight - 60pts
Three Mortar Teams

Fast Attack (250)

Scout Sentinel Squadron - 110pts
Two Sentinels with Missile launchers
Hunter-Killer missiles

Vendetta Gunship - 140pts
Three twin-linked lascannons
Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Heavy Support (900)

Leman Russ Squadron One - 335pts
Two Leman Russ Battle Tanks
One has Heavy Bolter sponsons, Hull-mounted lascannon

Leman Russ Squadron Two - 430pts
Demolisher with lascannon and Heavy Bolter sponsons
Executioner with Plasma cannon Sponsons

Medusa Siege Tank - 135pts

TOTAL - 2,997pts

Re: The 210th Cadian

PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 5:42 pm
by Maugan Ra
So, the first game of the in-store Badab War campaign was played today. The mission was, I believe, entitled "Massacre at Bellerophon III", though I might be wrong. In any case, due to the forces being fielded by the various players, the 210th Cadian have actually ended up fighting on behalf of Lord Huron and the Seccessionists. No idea how that happened, but there you go.

ANYWAY, the first game today was a 2.5k match, for which I used the above list, dropping the standard Leman Russ tanks and the Stormtroopers. The mission involved my soldiers surrounding a force of Blood Angels, with the Night Fighting rules in effect (well, they started each turn on a roll of a 4+, but we got them from turn one). The objectives were the three Blood Angel HQ choices - each one killed was a point to me, each one that survived was a point to my opponent - with a bonus point available to the one who scored the most Kill Points.

Thankfully, I managed to seize the first turn, and found myself extremely grateful that Vendetta gunships come with a Searchlight as a standard loadout. So I flew it to within 6" of Dante and his Sanguinary Guard (accompanied by a Librarian) and illuminated them in harsh white light. Then I shot them, again and again with just about all of my army (The Medusa fired its first shot of its career and killed four of the Sanguinary Guard, which I felt was a fine showing), wiping them out on the first turn.

Then I turned my attention to Asteroth the Grim and the 20 Death Company he had with him, all of which had jetpacks and power weapons. Since I've yet to purchase my final Sentinel, I was making up the points by counting them as Armoured varients, which worked out in my favour. A single armoured Sentinel waded into the huge squad, and with its armour value of 12 held them there for the entire game (Asteroth attacks at strength 6, but just couldn't manage to damage me).

There was a bit of a scary moment when a pair of Drop Pods hammered down out of the skies on my opponent's turn and disgorged two Death Company Dreadnoughts right in front of my line, which proceeded to tear Platoon Command Squad Beta and Infantry Squad Four into many bloody pieces. Then Creed issued the relevent orders to the Heavy Weapon teams and blew them into scrap metal.

End result = 3-1 to me.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:35 pm
by Maugan Ra
Two games played since I last updated, both of which ended in draws. I also have a 5k Apocolypse game lined up for tomorrow - me and one other Guard player versus a single Marine player (though he's borrowing some of the Store army to make up points). I'll see what I can do about getting some pictures up, possibly with animated maps of the battle.

Battle 34

This was my first ever Planetstrike game, and I have come to the conclusion that I rather enjoy it. I was defending myself against an attack by the Space Wolves (I seem to fight them rather a lot), under the command of the manager of the local store.

The game started nerve-wrackingly enough - thanks to the Scorched Skies strategum and a good roll, the Space Wolves were heralded by a truly horrific firestorm. No less than sixteen large blasts were levelled at my troops on the ground, which ended up killing.... about ten men. For some reason my opponent didn't fancy his chances at cracking open any of the Bastions. He also didn't take advantage of the whole "You can Deep Strike anything but vehicles" aspect of the game, chosing to simply come on from his Drop Zone with the bulk of his forces.

Game ended on a Draw due to two factors. Firstly, if an objective is contested at the end of a planetstrike game (as were three of the seven objectives), it automatically goes to the Attacker. Secondly, the Space Wolves called down a Meteor Strike in turn 3, which completely annihilated the central tower of the Fortress of Redemption (curiously, despite Creed and his unit being inside, only the veteran with the Grenade Launcher died), which removed it as a viable objective. Thus, the final score was 3-3.

Battle 35

This game involved me teaming up with another Guard player to take on a pair of Space Marine generals in a 3.7k game, fought over objectives (we went for one objective in the centre of each deployment zone, and a third in No Man's Land). For some reason, our opponents elected to hold virtually their entire army in reserve - as I had a Master of the Fleet, which imposes a -1 on all reserve rolls, this led to their army coming on piecemeal throughout the entire game. As this ended up with them deploying straight in front of an entire gunline of Imperial Guard, they got horribly slaughtered.

Oddly, though, the game still ended in a draw, with one objective held each. The main reason for this was actually because of that aforementioned reserve problem. In the final turn, three squads of Tactical Marines showed up at once, and because Marneus Calgar was on the table, they could always chose whether they wanted to pass or fail any Morale checks they had to make. They elected to pass, and thus stayed firmly on their objective. We attempted to capture the middle one, but an attack by a unit of Terminators coincided with a bout of atrocious bad luck with my Executioner to leave it contested instead.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:26 am
by Colonel Mustard
Ah, Planetstrike; quiet possibly even more fun than an Apocalypse game, if I am honest, especially as you can set up the terrain to your wish as defender. Especially playing daemons, actually; having Bloodletters and Daemonettes assault on the turn they come down is immensely satisfying and very, very messy indeed... :twisted:

Out of interest, how many bastions did you have to hand in this? THat might explain why/why not you were targeted (yes, the grammar there was terrible).

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 5:51 pm
by Maugan Ra
I had seven Bastions on hand for the game - well, four bastions and a Fortress of Redemption. I also kept my vehicles off of the board to start with, to save them from the bombardment (probably a wise choice overall), as with an Astropath they would show up on a 2+ on turn 1.

Got that 5k apocolypse game today, against two Marine armies (in lieu of a Thunderhawk, which we couldn't find a suitable proxy for, a Dark Angels player volunteered a good 900pts of his own force). The game ended in a victory for the Imperial Guard... on turn 2, as the Marines surrendered. To be fair to them, they were getting absolutely hammered - we got the first turn, and five thousand points of Imperial Guard can put out an unholy amount of firepower. In addition, between the two of us we managed to muster enough models to field both the Imperial Shield infantry company and Castellan Creed's High Command.

As a result, we ended up with the following Strategic Assets:
- Scheduled Bombardment (Three apocolyptic barrages over the course of the game)
- Bunkers (Got to deploy six bastions on the field, though we ruled that you didn't need to destroy them before you could get the folks inside)
- General Staff (All of our units could roll three dice for leadership based tests and chose which two to use)
- On my Coordinates (Our voxcasters could call down Apocolyptic barrages on themselves in extremis - never needed to be used)
- Careful planning (Half of our reserves could come on turn 1, the rest on turn 2)
- Defence Lines (36" of reinforced barricades, which conferred a 3+ cover save. Combined with the bunkers to leave our entire army in cover along the entire length of the table)
- Supreme Headquarters (All units within 12" of the central bastion got Tank Hunters and Acute Senses. And thanks to Creed's formation bonus, everyone within 24" - most of the army - got Fearless)

We then also decided to lay a Minefield that covered the bulk of No Man's Land, and used the Obstacles asset to lay lines of razorwire and tank traps to turn No Man's Land into a horrific killing field. Space Marines, as it turns out, fare just about as well as anyone else when trying to launch a head-on attack against fully entrenched Guardsmen.

Highlight of the game? Hmm... killing Marneus Calgar. First, I blew up his Land Raider before it could move. Then, me and my ally used Executioner tanks to annihilate his retinue with plasma and reduced him to two wounds. He got to advance, holding his Legion Relic aloft, and promptly lost a wound running through the central minefield. Turn two, Jarren Kell leaned over the top wall of his Bunker and killed the Chapter Master of the Ultramarines with a laspistol.

God DAMN I love playing Imperial Guard.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 6:02 pm
by Xisor
Core blimey, what stratagems did the Marines use? Did they have much of a ... unified force? (E.g. grouping Land Raiders, running rhinos in reserve, setting masses of tacs and Devs at close range to pour out fire-fighty heavy weapons etc etc)

I always feel the Marines in Apocalypse work best if played exactly as you'd hope to in Epic:
- A critical drop-pod assault or initial splurge of rhinos/razors to deploy infantry (or, at best, minimising them and running them in as reserves)
- Punching the heart out of the enemy *quickly*. That is: Teleporting Terminators right in amongst 'em

Shame they didn't have THawks or Stormravens to push 'em in close.

Man, I've played one apocalypse game, but I utterly adore 'em. Nothing says awesome like deepstriking a ton of terminators and Crisis Battle-suits in a joint strike against a warlord titan whilst a formation of hammerheads lay down covering fire. IG column marches in front of entrenched Astartes to 'ditsract' them whilst everything else manoeuvres to position.

I'm still gutted it was a 3-3 draw. If I'd been able to kill two more Assault Marines, it'd have been 4-2 for St Andrews against Dundee. Humbug!

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 6:20 pm
by Maugan Ra
(Damn, just remembered, we also had an Armoured Fist squadron - basically, a platoon in Chimeras, which was agreed to be a reasonable approximation of the formation as independent Armoured Fist units no longer exist. Creed used his Tactical Genius rule to give the formation the Scouts rule, and due to Careful Planning I was able to thus arrive on turn 1 on the left flank of the Marines and swarm their objectives.)

The Marines, if I'm honest, weren't commanded all that well. They did try for a concentrated Terminator assault - turn 2 saw a total of 21 of them try a breakthrough on our left flank (five deep striking, sixteen from a Stormlord). Unfortunately, that was possibly the worst place to try a breakthrough with Terminators - directly in front of two Executioners, a Medusa and a Demolisher, all of which were packing AP2 template weapons.

The Right Flank saw the arrival of an Ironclad Dreadnought in a Drop Pod, which promptly trashed a Leman Russ as the Predator and two squads of tactical marines hurried to try and exploit the breach in the lines. Then missile launchers immobilsed the Ironclad, a Vendetta arrived to destroy the Predator, and the Marines found themselves taking cover in a ruin just before the Scheduled Bombardment landed square on it.

And in the centre, the Land Raider and the Rhino carrying a whole bunch of Chapter Masters and other high-ranking Astartes were both neutralised before they could advance and the footsloggers inside left exposed. They did have a firebase, in the form of scouts and Devastators holed up in a central ruin (with a pair of Vindicators on the ground floor), but my ally and I had judged that the most likely position for said firebase and thus brought down a Scheduled Bombardment on it in turn 1 - they were denied cover saves due to there being no walls or rubble between them and the explosions directly behind them.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:16 pm
by Colonel Mustard
Wow, that was terrifyingly impressive, Maugan. Very, very well done indeed. Gotta love a good apocalypse game, though personally I find they're best played with a maximum of six people; more than that and things just get confused and uncoordinated.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:06 pm
by Maugan Ra
Second game of the Badab War campaign played today. The mission was "Vengeance at Gargathea III", and it involved the Blood Angels launching an attack on a comms bastion held by elements of the 210th. The game ended in victory for me.

My 2k list for this game was an entirely mechanised force - four squads of Veterans in Chimeras, a squad of Stormtroopers in a Vendetta gunship, supported by two units of Scout Sentinels, two Leman Russ tanks and a Medusa siege vehicle. My leader was Commissar Yarrick, who accompanied the Stormtroopers. In general, I simply shot the ever-loving crap out of any Blood Angel that approached, and deployed my Chimera squads into the objective as quickly as possible. I'd been expecting to play Space Wolves in this one, but my opponent changed at the last minute, which meant that my forces were rather unfortunately far forwards - a Stormraven nearly shot down the Vendetta with a twin-linked Meltagun, and Death Company with jetpacks managed to arrive and trash half the Sentinels in their first turn.

Still, in the end, I won through the standard default of "No enemy models remaining on the board". Asteroth the Grim died to a hail of plasma and heavy bolter shells, the terminators were slowly wittled away by Demolisher rounds, and whilst there was a rather close run fight in the centre as the Terminator Captain bulldozed his way towards the objective with Death Company in support, I won out by simple expedient of raking them all with lasfire until they fell down (Multilasers are Strength 6, which is awesome).

Re: The 210th Cadian

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:03 pm
by Maugan Ra
Well, I've purchased another Medusa (converted Basilisk) and converted one of my Mortar teams into a squad of Quad Guns, from the Siege of Vraks (and later, Imperial Armour Apocolypse). The Quad guns are especially awesome weapons - four shots each, S5 blast weapons. They have to pause every third turn to reload, but I judge that a fair price to pay. I'm considering turning my other Mortar squad into Quad Guns as well, just because they're so effective.

They're 50pts for a team, so for 300pts I can put out two dozen templates a turn, and thanks to the Shell Shock rule any pinning checks are made at -1. They're even Elite choices, so I don't have to drop any of my lovely, lovely tanks for them.

At present, my full army weighs in at just shy of three and a half thousand points - 4k if I field the Stormlord as well. I've yet to meet a foe that I cannot out-shoot, and generally specialise in murdering combat-heavy armies long before they reach my lines. I'll finish painting them soon, then see about posting up some pictures of the whole lot in parade formation.

Anyway, played three games today, as part of a doubles tournament. It used the Kill Teams rules, with the addition of a 150pt allowance for an HQ choice. The theme was around a hero leading a small strike force into enemy lines to accomplish a significant mission. I allied with another Guard player (same one from the Apocolypse game) and pointed out that Lord Commissars can take a Chimera as a dedicated transport. Thus, our list consisted of:
- Two Lord Commissars, each with power fists
- A full Stormtrooper squad in a Chimera, equipped with a pair of plasma guns.
- A Veteran team in Chimera, equipped with three flamethrowers.
- Three Scout Sentinels with Multi-lasers and a single Missile Launcher.

We were victorious in all three games. The first was against Necrons and Space Marines, which featured the amusing sight of the Stormtroopers just standing around in one spot repeatedly putting hellgun rounds into a series of Necron Warriors as they tried to self repair under the influence of a Ressurection Orb. We didn't lose a single model.

The second game was against a pair of Space Marine players, who fielded a pure Terminator army. For some reason, however, they insisted on just holing up in some ruins for the entire game and trying to match us at range with their Stormbolters (we took out the Assault Cannon termie after a few turns of continuous multilaser fire). This didn't work, and we eventually wittled away half of their numbers before going to ground in our own cover and simply waiting them out (In Kill Teams, once you've lost half of your men, you start taking Ld tests each turn with cumultive penalties, with failure removing your entire army).

The final match was the closest of them all, and saw us taking on some Nurgle marines allied with a force of their own terminators. We nearly lost, taking about 45% casualties, before my Veterans managed to incinerate an entire squad of Chosen in a Bastion with their flamers (four wounds, four failed armour saves). After that, I spent the rest of the game speeding my Chimera around the table and watching this Chaos Lord with a Daemon weapon sprint after me until he finally failed an Ld test.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:24 pm
by Maugan Ra
Game 40

I rather enjoyed this one, as it was my first time pitting the 210th against the Craftworld Eldar. The game was 3,500pts in size, and the mission came from the Battle Missions book. Namely, Premptive Strike, wherein the Eldar attempt to launch a decapitating strike upon their enemies. The Eldar get 3 kill points for every HQ they eliminate, 1 Kill Point for every Troops unit, and 2 points for everything else. I, meanwhile, get a flat rate of 2 points for everything I take out.

The game ended in something of a crushing victory to me. The Eldar achieved a respectable total of 11 kill points. The brave soldiers of the 210th, however, achieved 22. Yeah, twenty two. Count 'em.

Basically, the mission hinges around the fact that the enemy HQ units all have to begin play within 6" of the centre of their deployment zone, and that the Eldar get first turn on the roll of a 2+. Therefore, the craftworlders can launch a swift strike into the centre of the enemy lines and start murdering folks. Of course, Creed, being the tactical genius that he is, wasn't actually there. He and his Chimera were in fact 12" off to one side, while Lord Commissar Yorrick was miles away due to being mounted in the Vendetta gunship (it's a Scouting Fast Skimmer).

And then my opponent rolled a "1" and I got the first turn anyway. Creed got safely ensconed in a solid ring of tanks, and Yorrick was off flying around the right flank happily exploding Wave Serpents and gunning down Aspect Warriors. Hence the rather.... conclusive victory.

Battle 41

Third battle of the Badab War campaign, entitled Murder of Saghan. Mission for my suddenly-traitorous Guardsmen was to get three Chimeras loaded with Virus Bombs across the field and detonate them in No Man's land. My opponents were Space Marines that looked suspiciously similar to the Ultramarines.

End result, I won. Twice over. Once by getting the required three bombs across the field, and once by annihilating every last Astartes in the opposing force. I really do like my Vendetta gunship - being able to Scout 24" is excellent, as it allows you to swing right over to the enemy deployment zone and start threading twin-linked lascannon shots into the flanks of enemy vehicles. And if they turn to engage, they expose their flanks to the rest of my gunline. Win-win.

My opponent had a good try at stopping the Chimeras, dropping a Pod full of Marines straight in front of the phalanx (the three objective transports were supported by a bunch of Veterans in a Chimera of their own). They took out two of them - one by melta gun and one by missile from across the board. But since the Chimeras get Sustained Assault, it didn't slow me down much, and those brave Marines didn't live to enjoy the fact that they'd temporarily inconvenienced me.