The Darkest Light

Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim, dark future there is only war.

The Darkest Light

Postby Raven » Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:49 pm

Chronicles Of The Hakael Knights

The Darkest Light



Orpheus senior Exemplar pulled himself from the bridge floor, he felt an aching throb at his temples, the wetness was his blood.

"Sir, sir, Emergency powers just kicked in, The Commander's dead, fires are raging across all mid sections. Engineering report the port engines at critical."

Orpheus slowly regaining his posture rose back to his feet, the concussion still effecting his movements. Junior lieutenant Bice was the young officer helping the Exemplar to his feet.

"What just happened?" Orpheus asked.

The bridge had amassed into an array of chaos, sirens blurred out a deafening ringing, emergency power had taken over bathing everything in a blood red lighting. Smoke rose to the ceiling while small fires broke out. Some crew lay sprawled across consoles unconscious or dead, Servitors and some of the crew had began putting out the fires with extinguishers. The ships commander still seated in his command pulpit was certainly dead, the large poling that had detached from above ploughed from the aging mans chest gave cause to his death. Elgist had been a good ships commander, it was such a shame his life had come to an abrupt ending. at his side the first officer also dead, laid in a pool of his own blood.

"Get those damned alarms shut off." Orpheus grunted. the sound somewhat irritating his train of thought.

Bice gave a hand signal and moments later the blurring ended.

"What happened?" Orpheus asked again.

Bice looked up, "I, I don't know, systems are slowly rebooting while the tech adepts fight to restor full power. All I can offer sir, something exploded outside."
Orpheus sighed.

"Sir Command falls to you, we have none other."
Orpheus was the only Hakael Knight on the bridge, and in truth he was eager to learn if his fellow brothers aboard ship still drew breath. Yet he knew he must address the immediate situation.

"Patch a line through to engineering, We need some power. How are our Comms?"
Celio the young female officer looked up from her console, long straggly hair sticking to her cheeks, while blood ran from her forehead answered.

"Comms are down, I've tried patching a line to the flag ship, but I only receive static."

"Make it a priority to contact the Glorianna's Sword. We need to know what happened, is this an attack or internal accident." Orpheus returned his attention back to Bice.

"Get those blast shutters opened, I want to see whats out there for myself."

"Aye me lord." Bice said scurrying off to the side consoles.

Orpheus staggered to the hololthic projector, the hologram buzzing between static and clarity.

Long moments passed then the voice of Tech adept Jarritus filled his ear piece.

"Lord Exemplar, Portside engines are destroyed, we cannot repair here, Starboard will carry us to the docking station. Fires still rage out of control across all lower decks, but the fuel deck has been brought under our control. I have issued fire teams to the lower decks, But you should know, the crew down there will be deceased."

Orpheus slammed his fist down hard on the table, its glass projector shattering on the impact. Bice and crew looked up to see. The concussion still pounded the Exemplars head.

"Jarritus, what of my brothers, I cannot ascertain their survival from here." Orpheus suddenly feeling the wieght of his armour upon his person took seat at the broken tables edge, his chin finally resting on his clenched fist.

"I still have life signs from the training halls lord, I guess the logical probability is they if not most still breath as you." The voice a dry monotone in his ear piece, but at least some good news.
"Sir coms return, we're receiving a lot of fleet chatter, panic and disorientation. As yet still nothing from the flag ship the chapter masters battle barge." Celio called up.

"What do you have so far?"

Celio looked more shocked then anything.

"It appears a large explosion from the fleets centre structure has taken out all the inner ships, fires rage across many other frigates like ours."

"But the chapter masters barge?" Suddenly Orpheus felt an ill sinking feeling grip his stomach.

"Sir, systems have rebooted, opening the blast shields now." Called Bice.

Orpheus stood, the blast shields opened slowly revealing the outside. The crew Orpheus included all fell a pale shade of white, fear gripping them all. Ships drifted in flames others floating across their sides, but it was the vacant space of the Battle Barge Glorianna's Sword, All that remained were floating bits of hull a few burning compartments.

"This cannot be." The words whispered out.

"Lord?" Bice looked to his Exemplar.

"The Chapter Master and all the Captains were aboard. This just cannot be." Orpheus dropped to his knees, the concussion of pain returning in full.
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Re: The Darkest Light

Postby Raven » Fri Jul 26, 2013 6:34 pm

Chapter One

+++++72 Hours earlier+++++

At first the snow drifted as though in slow motion, each flake silently descending, within an atmosphere almost surreal and motionless, yet as time slowly caught up with itself the snow slid down faster and faster falling across the already white blanketed ground. Ameil crept through the tree's the chill of the cold brushing at his weathered face, It was the cold that gave weight to his form, the rifle seemed that much heavier clenched within his gloved hands. Behind him followed several of his Clerics, the youth of the Hakael Knight's, their training almost at an end. Slowly and hunched low the group followed their Exemplar, A task which Ameil had performed exemplarily for over four Terran decades. Each of his subordinates like him carried the prized rifles of the clerical training armouries. The group stopped the wind had picked up, the sound whistling through the snow filled woodlands. leaves rustled as droplets of ice dropped from high up branches.

Ameil had raised his hand, there in the distance he had glimpsed the prey, one of Nova primes, White Bears, a beast with extended canines making it a formidable foe, Ameil loved the hunt, he loved the thrill the chase the creeping, He felt at one with himself. Slowly his rifle raised his posture dropping to a one knee stance, his scope fixed with the beast in sight. Again the wind whistled leaving a frosty chill to grace the back of his neck.

And then without warning the beast fled, as birds flew from their perched branches, the sound of thunder echoed in their wake, and Ameil cursed, Lowering his rifle at the sight of one of the chapters thunderhawk gunships boom overhead. The vessel of war scaring off his prey. The clerics lowered their own rifles waiting for their Exemplar's instructions.

Ameil looked through the tree line across the cliffs in the distance he glimpsed their fortress, a mighty bastion in the heart of Nova primus, Homeworld to the Hakael Knights his chapter. three days trek from where he and his clerics stood.

"Hunts over." Grimaced Ameil.

The group all sighed in unison, Tobias the oldest placed his weapon across his back. Tobias was probably the most promising of the group, and Ameils favoured cleric.

"Exemplar are we to return to the monestry." Tobias queried.

The sound of heavy thrusters grew louder, the tang of burning promethium filled the air the roar of thrusters boomed overhead. The group looked up witnessing one of the chapters thunderhawks descend. Ameil felt the ting of his ear piece come to life, Static engulfed the piece then clarity followed by the voice of Brother Marcel.

"Orders from the Lord Exemplar, we're to take you back to the monestry."

Ameil returned an affirmative. The large gunship had began to land, its rear ramp already opening up for the seven clerics and Ameil to board.

Ameil turned to Tobias a soft grin upon his face.

"Aye I believe we are, new orders from our lord." Ameil said gesturing for his trainees to board.

"Our lord?" Tobias questioned.

"I would hassard a guess the chapters going to war." Skarron butted in.

"Perhaps." Ameil said, unable to hide the uncertainty in his voice.


The oval table was a fine polished thing, made of the richest wood available across the sector, a prized thing across the centre was the Hakael Knights symbol carved perfectly in place. Twenty seats, fourteen for the company captains one for the forge master, one of the chief librarius, one for the head of reclusium, the Lord Cardinal. The final seat the only vacant seat was that of the Lord Masters. The nineteen stood heads bowed as the main doors opened, the old wood forcing a creek. The Master was taller than any of his Astartes, a brute force man, five scares diagonally ran from the left of his forehead to the right cheek. his hair was short silver, his face one of worn leather, an endless age of warfare gave him a grimness. Across his chest with pride he wore the symbol of the sword over shield over wings. He sat at the tables end his seat slightly taller than the others. the edges etched into dragons.

"Sit." He gestured.

In unison the Captains sat. the echo of clanging armour filled the room.
Sat akin from the lord Master to the right 1st Captain Sedrike Ororo. a warrior of fine splendour and a nobilite of the chapter, one of the longest serving of the Captains.

"I received reports that Payun has openly rebelled. We are tasked with sending our might to bring the traitor and his bastards the Emperors justice. Captain Korvek of the Blue Knights has come to aide us in our attack." Ororo explained.

"I assume we are to be a chapter wide assault." Cardinal Heftler gruffed.

"The master turned from his first captain to the lord Cardinal.

"Payun has rebelled it will take our full chapter with the help of our staunch brothers to put his force down, from intel he has gathered quite the army. and it is us whom will launch first attack." Rauth the Lord Master said.

"Korvek commands the 3rd company of Blue Knights, We will be joining our numbers to the iron Sons and Black Vultures also." Ororo added.

""Your orders are this, get your companies battle ready, I want to leave Nova Primus no later than 48 hours." Rauth said.

"Lord is that realistic your talking of an entire chapter movement." 7th Captain Esperator queried.

"We are the Knights, it is not beyond us." The master stood as he finished his sentence.

The command staff rose with their master.

"With the sword, by the sword." Rauth said.

"With The Sword, By the Sword." The command echoed.
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Re: The Darkest Light

Postby Raven » Tue Jul 30, 2013 8:11 pm

Chapter two


The fortress was in an array of activity, serfs running through the large domed halls many carry equipment to be shipped off world to the waiting armada stationed at the large star base Novis Ovalite. The clerics followed their Exemplar, Ameil they'd disembarked from the thunderhawk left their weaponry within the clerical armoury and now made way towards the lower decks were the training hall resided. The Fortress Monastery was filled with the entire chapters serfs with the exception of skeletal crews left to monitor the ships in orbit. Servitors hefted the large equipment while large sentinel looking lifters loaded the large containers aboard the waiting stormbirds.

Once inside the training hall the seven clerics under Amiels command took places on the halls marble floor amongst the other 107 other clerics, whom all sat patiently waiting for the tenth Captain Yunas Okuda. Ameil took his place by the walls with the other seventeen Exemplars of the fifteenth training company.

The large arched doors opened allowing Lord Cardinal Castus to enter, The cardinal wore his helm of office marking him religious speaker of the company. His helm had been shaped to mimic a develish skull, eyes as red as ruby's

Yunas Okuda followed ending his walk at the lectern that overlooked the large hall of training.

"Clerics," Yunas spoke.

The hall crew all in unison rose to their feet as their captain towered on his dias overlooking them from the tall dragon carved Lectern.

"Today we prepare to go to war, it saddens me to say with others we once called brothers. Animos Payun."

The name sent a wave of shocks from the whole of the Clerics gathering.

"Animos Payun chapter master of the Unsung Angels has openly rebelled against the Imperium and the Emperor. We are to join forced with the Black Vultures at Edios while the Blue Knights and the Iron Hearts will launch their counter attack from Callix Our part will be to launch into their planetary atmosphere and sabotage their launch pads. I will personally be leading this assault. While the Black Vulter scouts will be heading into their catacombs to cave them in. The main force will bombard their fortress and disable their fleet. Our intelligence reports Payun has built up a small following of imperial troops and some naval vessels along with two or more of the mechanicus. Today we will embark on the hawk's Dragon. Our company warship. I will be joining The Lord Master Rauth."

"Whom will remain to defend Novis Prime and our Fortress Albion." Asked Ameil from the side.

"That was one thing I was getting to, The Seventh will leave half of their company to defend the Fortress and the Moons, By the time we make contact with the traitors The Warmaster nathanial Sanlow chosen of Terra will have arrived in system. It should take a coupl,e of months to stomp these traitor dogs out." Ended Yunas.


Twenty four hours had passed and much of the Hakael Knights had now boarded their warcraft waiting in oribt. Lord Master Rauth now awaited Inquisitor Zorven, He'd come from the Ordo Hereticus, his presence was deeming of the Traitors of Anolf, homweworld to the heretics The Unsung Angels.

Cardinal Monterbard, the lord master of the reclusium sat akin from the Rauth, both looked daur, it never sat well when the astartes were called upon to destroy brothers, and the unsung Angels had resided since the 34th Millennium within the Santanden Segmentum. Payun was indeed a formidable foe, Rauth was reluctant to wage a war on a warrior of equal standing. Korvek the 3rd Captain of the Blue Knights had already entered the Hakael Knights armada, and now was aiding in the loading of weapons between ships, a task best suit for the 1st Captain to aid the staunch ally.

"Find peace in the fact Payun is the traitor and your hand is forced my lord." Monterband explained, the older Cardinal sipped a fine rich whiskey.

Rauth nodded in agreement.

"As ever your council is much appreciated, but at this time un needed. I shall see Payun dead before this war of his ends."

The doors opened, both Astartes turned, the the dark of the masters chambers suddenly lit up in an amber light bathing the floor in its glow.

"Chapter Master." The voice belonged to Inquisitor Zorven, an aging man, his skin white as snow, eyes as black as night.

"I've seen better looking Blood Angels," Snorted Monterband.

Zorven ignored the gibe. The door slid closed as the smaller man entered, his long coat trailing behind.

"My men have precious cargo, we must store on your battle barge, it will aide in the ground assault." Zorven was not a man for small talk.

"Permission will be granted." Rauth said looking back to the stars and the armada outside.

"This fleet is an imperessive sight is it not Inquisitor? Such a rare thing to see ones entire chapter together in one place. yet such a magnificant sight." Rauth said.

Zorven sat in the empty seat by the master of the Hakael Knights.

"It is indeed Chapter Master Rauth, I am humbled by this gathering, and delighted to be a part of such an undertaking. Is that a Blue Knights star destroyer." Zorven asked pointing the one of the ships with a blue shield and crossed swords for a symbol.

"Aye it is, 3rd Company. They come to join the fray." It was Monterband who'd answered.

Rauth noted the return gibe, of the entire fleet it was a singular Blue Knights ship Zorven pointed to.


Servitors unloaded large barrels from the Inquisitors large guncutter, a ship the size of the large stormravens. twenty two Servitors in totatal unloaded the vessel while agents in black oversaw the cargos destination.

Tech Engineer Furrion approached the docked vessel, the hull at the portside had taken a battering from a previous encounter. Furrion noted the damage, the Insignia of the Ordo Hereticus decorated the sides, yet Furrion noted a discolouration towards the upper wings.

"May we help." Asked two dark armoured agents who'd just descended the rear ramp. Furrion looked to them and back to the wing.

"What was here?" The techmarine pointed to the disfiguration.

One of the men stood closer.

"A mere scar from a previous encounter, nothing of importance."

Furrion looked the man up and down. He remained unconvinced.

His attention soon taken from the docking shield thinning to allow two blue coloured thunderhakws entrance. Blue Knights of the 3rd Company.

"I will have my servitors and serfs take a closer inspection." Furrion explained.

The two agents looked each other in the eyes.

"Of course." one said a moment later.


Third Captain Ridgefor of the Hakael Knights was the first to greet Korvek as he stepped from his thunderhawk. His senior Sergeant followed, a brute of a man Hajal was the warriors name.


Korvek took the captains hand both bowed.

"In unfortunate times we meet, but what a battle will we have." Sneered the Blue Knight. Hajal turned to the three squads behind, the filed out. while troops from the second thunderhawk began removing cargo of their own.

"I will oversee the drop off of the heavy explosives then i will return to my ship. My stay will be short." Korvek said.

Ridgefor wondered what the Blue Knight hid behind an uncanny smirk. He already decided he did not like his kin.
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Re: The Darkest Light

Postby Raven » Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:35 pm

Chapter 3


The fleet had began its journey, eighty seven ships, two battle barges the third remained at Nova primus is defence. The spearhead was made up of the smaller frigates still capable of packing a punch. Small cargo carriers moved in tow, especially around the Command Barge Glorianna's Sword. The vessel itself a gigantic Mammoth of a ship. Its complement two thousand crew. One Hundred and fifty Astartes of the Hakael Knights. While the normal crew credited to serving the proud chapter manned the vessel. The captain Ovidius served as Commodore, a title he'd earned many times over. travelling across the fleet spread out where the company destroyers, carriers of each company. The 2nd Company made the rear guard while the 3rd made to move in the rear of the spearhead formation. Though many of the Company Captains resided on the Glorianna's Sword. With Master Rauthe the Chapter Master of the Hakael Knights. Travelling at the belly of the Command Barge was the Blue Knights destroyer Dead Spectre.

Transmission between ships kept the fleet in the loop of events, Commodore Okuda stood at the bridge centre his chair behind him, Ovidius was a stern man, his hair now showing grey streaks. He'd served a long time commanding the Master's Barge. Okuda had once served as a Scout but an incident had put a promising career to an end. Instead he'd chosen to still serve the chapter as a ships man, a man with a very talented skill leading to his commanding the flag ship.
"Commodore I'm picking up some unauthorised docking. Docking Bay 2A has just accepted another shuttle. before that one left. Unusual activity Sir." Ships Lieutenant Costline explained. She was a mid aged woman and had served many years at Ovidius's side.

"It is irregular, Send a report to Techmarine Stein. Request his immediate attention." Okuda instructed.

Costline clicked on her console her ear piece sizzled to live. Ovidius watched as she replayed his request. Stein would investigate any occurrences.

"Mann' Track a trail of the last shuttle to depart from Docking 2A." Ovidius said.

Mann looked from his console his stubble against protocol but Ovidius usually ignored such things of his best crewmen.

"Sir the trail leads to the Dead Spectre."

"It does?"

"Aye, sir they've tried to mask its trail but reduced burn activity."

Ovidius looked to his side console at his chair. taking the seat he typed in his codes.

"Indeed you are correct. We will see what Stein reports."


Stein entered the main Docking bay 2A the deck itself was brightly lit Servitors and tech adepts manned much of the main floor, the servitors making the basic repairs or upgrades while the Tech adepts oversaw. Several Thunderhawks remained parked, while the centre boosted the three stormbirds, larger craft. Stein's interest however followed the Dark blue Carrion shuttle, manned buy serf's of the Blue Knights, its cargo holder was guarded by two Blue Knights. Stein thought that odd to say the least, why guard something when amongst friends.

The tall techmarine approached the Carrion. His harness at his back whirred as he stopped. The two Guards looked him up and down.

"What's so valuable you have to guard it armed on our vessel?"

"Korvaks order's. Nothing personal."

"I still need to know. I wish to see your manifest."

"Its supplies, we've been dropping them off, cargo holders and depositing them hear. Fuel retainers etc." Stein turned as a third had silently approached from behind. Stein knew this warrior Hajal of the Third Company Blue Knights.

"I have asked twice now to see your manifest. Show me or the Docking bay goes into lockdown." The words were stern.

Hajal Grimaced.

"Very well let me show you." Hajal gestured for Stein to follow up the Carrion's ramp which he did. Behind him the two guards also followed. The ramp closing as they had.

"What is this?" Stein questioned looking at an empty cargo hold.

Hajal gave no answer he simply took the blade at his side and swiftly stuck the tip through Stein's chin driving upwards into his brain. Blood dribbled down as Stein's twitching body died on itself.

Hajal left the dead corpse lay where it landed. He took to the cockpit bringing his internal vox open.

"Korvek we have planeted all devices across the Glorianna's lower decks. They will await detonation in 24 hours."

"Good." Came back the static filled reply.

"You should also know, we have had to deal with a nosey Hakael."

"Understood, vacate back to the dead spectre."

"Aye my lord." The vox returned to static, Hajal took his seat by the piloting serf.

The Carrion's thrusters lit up as the ship began a rise then slowly departed from the docking bay.



"Yes." Ovidius replied, looking to Costline.

"I can't reach Stein, and another shuttle has departed."

Ovidius stood, at that same moment the bridge doors opened and Inquisitor Zorvan stepped in. The crew fell silent, none liked the presence of one of the Ordo's been near. Something about them struck fear, Ovidius been an exception.

"Inquisitor." He queried.

"Ah Commodore, would you mind allowing me access to one of your terminals."

"Of course, a little irregular but feel free."

Zorven took one of the terminals at the ships rear, quickly he was granted access, and opened up a schematic of Glorianna's Sword. He took out a magenta coloured disc inserted it. Quickly the disc uploaded one of the Inquisitorial shutdown virus's. and as quickly as he did the disc was removed.

"Thank you." Zorvan said bowing.
Ovidius grinned still bemused he paid no heed as the Inquisitor left.

"I hate their kind, such distrustful people." Costline grumbled.

"Aye." Replied Ovidius matter of factly.

All the while the Virus code began taking over the ships systems unnoticed.
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