Tale of the Lone Wolf 1st Draft.

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Tale of the Lone Wolf 1st Draft.

Postby ironwolfson » Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:58 am

‘What you doing here whelp?’

The air in the ancient corridor became filled with the heavy scent of anger and rage with a flavouring of caution. The figure in the grey armour of the Space Wolves was a member of the blood claws pack. His markings were fresh and his scent still carried some of the mortal taste. Hranalf looked down on the young warrior. ‘I am Tyrandyr, I have come to learn your tale before our next battle.’

Hranalf regarded the blood claw and then finished his tankard. Its heavy brew tested even his body's capabilities to turn poison to something useful. Right now he felt like an orc with his brains replaced by a snotling. ‘So your with Sven’s Mob?’

The blood claw stirred. Hranalf smiled as the cub fought to curb his wild temper. It was something all blood claws had to overcome. ‘Sven is our wolflord and in this next battle he will lead us personally.’

The giant wolf pelt attached to his armour almost fell off as he shrugged his mighty frame. He knew the battle was coming and was already suited up in the Terminator armour normally reserved for the wolfguard. ‘Not My Lord, not my problem.’ Again the cub seemed ready to respond to his comments but Hranalf did not care. ‘My job now is to die in the service of the All-father.’ Standing tall he reached for the thunder shield that was on the table next to the candles and flagon of ale. ‘Why you want to know my story lad?’

‘I don’t but the wolf priest said at some point in the battle our pack might have to aid you or have you aid us, We would like to know you before you join our pack.’

Suddenly the drowsy drunk halfwit Hranalf was gone. He had his left hand in the Thunder shield and now the axe that had been sitting next to him was in his right hand faster than the eye could see. The Blood claw was pinned to the wall by the head of the axe and Hranalf stood tall. The whelp clawed at the axe trying to pull it away from his throat but he was dangling and his feet could find no traction to provide leverage to move the axe. In the most quiet of voices that sounded like a fell winter wind Hranalf spoke. ‘Get this straight you cub. I am not joining your pack. I am fighting with you in battle, I may save your hides from the claws of the Xenos but I am not joining your pack.’ Hranalf let him go.

The Blood claw coughed once and rubbed his throat where the axe had held him. ‘That may be true.’ Again he rubbed his neck. ‘Yet our pack’s story would not be complete without your tale.’

‘Aye it’s important for your pack to have a legacy of where you have been and the glory you earned.’ Hranalf gently sat his giant frame down once more. The flagon sitting on the table was near empty, Hranalf looked off into the distance and drank greedily at the thick brown ale.’ My pack is gone. My Wolf Lord is gone. My honour is gone.’ Setting the flagon back down Hranalf let his long grey hair fall about his shoulders and his beard had stains from the quaffing of ale. ‘Come and hear the tale of a Wolf who has lost his pack.’ The Blood claw looked for an ale cup and sat down. Hranalf remembered the voices of his brother wolves, the accolades they had earned in battle, and the praises thankful citizens of the Imperium yelled from forgotten roof tops. Pale yellow eyes looked at the blood claw and the young warrior looked at Hranalf almost with pity in his eyes. Hranalf did not care. Slowly at first he spoke of the days he and his pack were strong and feared by the All-fathers foes. Many threads had been cut and the red snow stained the world of Fenris. Hranalf the Lone Wolf recounted his deeds so that others could remember his packs sacrifice.
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Re: Tale of the Lone Wolf 1st Draft.

Postby stive951 » Sat Sep 14, 2013 8:29 am

“It matters,” a small voice from across the room added, “Because Trina LIKES the Rogue Trader, and doesn't want him to know!”
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