A damned union

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A damned union

Postby Bod the inquisitor » Fri Apr 29, 2011 8:07 pm

In light of the events in Londinium a wee missive I thought people might find interesting. Hope you enjoy it :D

The cardinal lifted his head and looked out over the congregation.
“Now, one and all bow your heads in a moment of private reflection and give thanks to the God Emperor for the gift of this joyous union”

Unusually for such a normally pious congregation only the cardinal and groom bowed their heads. The rest were unable, and in some cases unwilling to tare their gaze from the bride. Not that anyone had seen the woman herself. It was her strange, almost other worldly costume that had captured their attention.

Oddly captivating it was not so much a dress but a square seven foot tall column made out of an inner layer of white silk and an outer layer of the most delicately embroidered cream coloured lace. The lace was decorated with exquisite patterns and forms centred on a perfect pearl the size of a human eye. Each edge of the tall square column was lined with diamonds that sparkled in the light, setting off shimmering rainbows that appeared to ripple along the columns edges.

Fraya Greyhone and her colleagues were also captivated by the simple yet beautifully elegant costume. Even though they were watching the ceremony via pic casters they still felt the most pleasant waves of emotion wash over their minds. Greyhone could make out the same rapturous look she knew was plastered upon her own face, mirrored in those of the congregation. She could not help but feel slightly jealous of those people, they were lucky enough to actually be in the cathedral.

Looking up the cardinal cleared his throat. An irritated frown flashed across his face before he mastered his thoughts. He was not used to seeing such irreverence in his congregation towards the imperial churches strictures.

“Now in the eyes of our beloved God Emperor you are and for ever more joined in union as man and wife. You may kiss the bride” he said, a broad smile lighting up his face.

Almost immediately two of the six bridesmaids stepped forward, one on either side of the bride. They were wearing purple versions of the same column design. Instead of pearls and diamonds their dresses had purple gem stones interwoven into the embroidered lace layer. Arms appeared through gaps that moments before were not even there and one side of the brides column fell to the floor.

The look of enthralled rapture upon the governor's son's face fell away, to be replaced by one of abject fear as his new wife leant forward.

So quick that Greyhone had not seen the woman's arms move the wife grasped her husband by his shoulders, pulling him towards her. Taken off guard the young man fell forward into his wife's embrace. She kissed him, holding him tight, unmoving, until he began to struggle.

Blood spurted out as the couple parted and Greyhone gasped as the husbands ruined face was reveal. His lower lip was missing, torn from his face exposing the jaw bone. It was a horrific repellent sight, yet Greyhone found it fascinating. She just could not tear her gaze away; there was something about it, something exciting that compelled her to watch.

Even as the husband began to scream he was violently flung to the floor by his wife as she slurped the last scrap of her husband's flesh into her mouth. Blood dripped down her chin onto the white plain fabric of the dress she wore, her face a picture of pure rapture.

The purple columns that hide the six bridesmaids fell as one. The two who had stepped forward to assist the bride fell upon the cardinal; their combined weight bore him to the ground as the two women pulled out wicked looking knives and began to carve bloody chunks from the man's flesh.

Yet this was not the most horrifying sight that greeted those that watched. Four creatures borne out of the darkest depth of the warp stood were moments before four purple columns of fabric had been.

Greyhone had never seen a daemon and knew next to nothing about them. She only knew what little she had been taught in the schoolarium as a child. Daemons were the servants of the ruinous powers and were pure evil made flesh.

These daemons had the hind legs of animals and arms that ended in large crab like pincers. Whip like tails carrying barbed balls on their ends unfurled behind them and each bore one naked human breast upon their chests. Seeing the breast Greyhone wondered what that signified, could daemons be divided into the sexes?

The creatures turned and as if at some unseen signal leapt into the congregation and began to slaughter the people. It broke the spell of inaction that had befallen the congregation, and then the screaming started. Limbs and heads were sent flying, organs spilled from ruptured chests and bellies as the daemons killed indiscriminately. Greyhone found the daemon's fascinating and marvelled at their grace and horrific beauty as they killed. The random sprays of blood and the patterns it created just seemed to perfect and right. It sent a shiver of pleasure rippling across Greyhone's body. These daemons, these strange creatures from the warp seemed to offer pleasures beyond human understanding.

There were a number of different reactions amongst the congregation. Some turned and ran for the doors only to find them held fast by some invisible force. Of these the lucky ones were crushed to death by the press of bodies as those behind pushed desperately seeking an escape. A few, PDF officers and the more hardy civilian souls stood their ground and tried to fight the daemons. They all died howling their devotion to the Emperor. Others appeared to welcome the daemon's lethal embrace open armed they died with gasps of pleasure at the exquisite pain the daemons brought.

Four full squads of the order of the vengeful sister, sisters of battle hardened in war had been stationed around the cathedral perimeter. An honour guard and security detail for the wedding. Even those mighty warriors were no match for the five hundred strong party the bride had brought with her. Screaming their devotion to their dark god those heretics fell upon the sisters. Many died, blown apart by bolter rounds or torn in to by power weapons. Less than half would survive the fight with the mighty sisters of battle. Returning to the central isles of the cathedral they offered themselves to the daemon's, as willing sacrifices to their foul god.

A sound, enthralling yet slightly painful and disturbing to hear eventually drew Greyhone's attention away from the slaughter. It came from the bride, her head thrown back she was singing. Notes no human throat should have been able to produce spilled from her. They cut through all other sounds like a ship's bow through water, silencing those sounds only to fill the silence with their own noise.

As the sounds knifed into her mind Greyhone became dizzy with an over powering joy. It seemed to fill every muscle and nerve, growing in intensity until it became almost painful and Greyhone thought she would explode. Yet it continued on and on building shutting off all conscious thoughts. Until, without warning it stopped.

The women ceased her impossible song on a discordant note that reverberated around the cathedral filling every corner with its painful embrace. When it hit Greyhone a burst of the most intense excruciating pain filled every nerve in her body. It obliterated the joy Greyhone had been feeling. Leaving a sense of loss and emptiness in its place that made the reporter cry. Great sobs shuddered across her body at the emptiness she felt and the longing for that song and the joy it had brought.

She watched through tear blurred vision as the wife threw out her arms and spoke a single word; Grudfuntrigmu. It filled the cathedral, and it brought with it fear pain and pleasure all wrapped up in one.

As the sound of the word finally died leaving a silence so complete it was like the hard vacuum of space had filled the cathedral, the woman screamed. It was a strange joyful scream full of pleasure and triumph. Then she tore the plain full length dress from her body. Revealing a full womanly figure, so beautiful, so perfect it almost hurt to look upon her. Her skin was covered in strange sigils and runes that appeared to have a life of their own; fighting with one another for space and prominence upon the woman's flesh. It gave the impression her body was racked by spasms and fits which appeared to grow in intensity as each moment passed by.

It took Greyhone a moment to realise that the movement rippling across the wife's flesh was not due to the runes and sigils etched there moving. It was in fact the woman's skin that moved. Like some unseen giants fingers were massaging the flesh rolling it about the woman's frame pinching and pulling at random spots.

As Greyhone watched the amazing sight she slowly realised the woman was in fact growing before her very eyes. Every part of the wife’s body grew in near perfect proportions, so that her near flawless body was maintained in all its glory. Then she threw back her head and howled; a scream filled with the purest agony. Yet her features were set in a look of pleasure, not pain.

Splits and tears appeared in the woman's skin. Growing in number and size they eventually joined forming strips that were pulled from the wife’s body by some invisible force; revealing the raw naked flesh beneath. Slowly, she was skinned alive; the bloody flaps of skin torn from her flesh fell to the floor and gathered in a gory heap about her feet smothering them entirely. All the time the woman howled in that strange parody of delight. Screaming at the world the pleasure she felt at being tortured by that invisible force.

The skin from the woman's hands and fingers did not fall to the ground instead it collected around the tips of her fingers and formed bloody snake like projections that stretched out towards the prone body of her husband who still lay at his wife's feet.

As she watched the strangely compelling horrific scene unfold Greyhone became aware of an odd sensation upon the skin of her face, beneath her nose, eyes and ears it felt wet. Hesitantly she licked her lips and tasted the unfamiliar flavours of blood. Sweet with a hint of salt and iron it tingled on the tip of her tongue and sent a shiver of pleasure rippling out across her body. It planted a craving for more in her mind.

Reaching the prone husband's body the strange snake like appendages lifted the man into the air above the woman's head. Some of the snakes then stripped him of his clothes, before setting to work upon his naked flesh. As the man's body was reduce to a collection of gory strips the woman's head sank into her chest. Yet her spine punched through the top of her head and grew up towards the tortured husband's body.

Just as the wife's eyes were about to disappear her head turned and locked eyes upon Greyhone. Waves of the most intense pleasure seem to spill from those eyes and wash over Greyhone, causing her to gasp in delight.

“Ah such pleasures the like of which you can scarcely imagine. Would you like me to show you? It would be my pleasure and delight to open the doors of your mind to the galaxies true mystery's my girl. You have but to ask” said a voice that seemed to speak directly into Greyhone's mind. Though each word stabbed painfully into her mind they were filled with a promise of hidden pleasures and experiences like nothing Greyhone could experience on her own. They were pleasures part of her mind desperately craved and had searched for all her life.

“Come then I shall show you, I shall show you pleasures that have been hidden from you by the ignorance of others” boomed the voice.

Greyhone sighed in pleasure as first she was levitated and then her clothes were stripped from her body. Her skin tingled with the most delightful gentle touch more intense than even the finest silk could generate.

The pleasure turned to pain which grew stronger and stronger as strips of Greyhones skin were pulled from her flesh, revealing the raw nerve endings beneath to the airs caress. On and on it went until not a scrap of skin was left upon Greyhones body. Then her very flesh was sliced and stripped from her bones and Greyhone started screaming as she finally realised she was about to die.

As her body was reduced to a pile of bloody scraps Greyhone felt the final act of betrayal. The daemon began feasting upon her soul in a psychic parody of her physical body's demise. Her very essence was stripped away bit by bit and all the time she could feel herself being reduce, being diminished to nothing but primal instincts. Until, even they were consumed by Grudfuntrigmu.


As Greyhone's body and mind were stripped away waves of psychic energy washed over the crowd of imperial citizens gathered outside the cathedral. It rooted the people to the spot enveloping them in their own private world of pleasant images and feelings. As each person became lost in their own minds a heavy blanket of silence enveloped the crowd wrapping its self around everyone. Holding them in place it created living statues out of them all.

The psychic energy's hold upon the people was so strong that it was not broken by the sudden appearance of the daemon Grufuntrigmu in its full glory. Levitating a metre above the top step the daemon dripped ropy strands of gore and blood from its red raw form. A strange macabre parody of a lady's parasol perched upon the elongated spinal column was held above the daemon's headless shoulders. Square in shape the rear corners were each capped with a foot and the front with a hand. The grooms head, mouth locked open in a soundless scream sat exactly in the centre of the parasols leading edge. The wife's own head now sat nestled between her skinless breasts, her face a perfect picture of relaxed pleasure and contentment.

Floating above the steps the daemon raised it arms and those bloody finger appendages sprang into action. They darted out into the crowd and grabbed people at random. Each was brought within a metre of the daemon where they shared the same fate as Greyhone. Again and again the tentacles struck men, women and children all died, stripped to the bone by that vicious invisible force. Yet despite the terrible slaughter taking place before them the crowd remained utterly still, utterly silent as that energy held them in its grip.

More than a hundred of the crowd had died and the cathedral steps were awash with blood when a sudden tarring sound, like fabric being torn in two split the heavy silence. A shimmering multicoloured streak appeared in the cathedrals doorway. Small at first it grew larger and larger until it eventually filled the cathedral entrance. The very fabric of reality had been torn open to reveal a kaleidoscope of ever shifting colours forming a sheet of utter madness easily capable of boiling away the mind of any mortal foolish enough to look upon it. A portal to the warp had been opened.

It was only as a host of nightmares exploded from the hole in reality that the spell holding the crowd in place finally fell. It unleashed a storm of human screams as fear and panic filled the minds of the crowd as they finally realised their doom was upon them. The arch enemy had come to lay claim to their lives, their souls and their planet.
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Re: A damned union

Postby Gaius Marius » Sat Apr 30, 2011 4:19 pm

Damn Bod, I knew i had a reason for hating weddings.
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Re: A damned union

Postby Colonel Mustard » Sat Apr 30, 2011 4:58 pm

You know, I've been sick to death of this thing for a week before it even started. The perfect medicine, methinks.
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Re: A damned union

Postby Bod the inquisitor » Mon May 02, 2011 8:09 pm

Thanks both.

Would you believe it I'm actually a royalist, well of sorts. Plus I wanted to see if I could turn a purely, domestic, moment into a true 40K grim dark moment.
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Re: A damned union

Postby zAngle » Wed May 11, 2011 3:51 am

Good stuff! Excellent descriptions of slaughter. I felt immersed in all the guts, gore, and intestines strewn about the scene.

One small part - "Four creatures borne out of the darkest depth of the warp stood were moments before four purple columns of fabric had been." after warp you need a comma or it reads a little funny.

Sweet stuff man, chalk one up to the powers of chaos right here.
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